Sony Z1R....listening impressions only
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hi, will the leather on the z1r headband and earpads peel off over time?
Probably will age the same as Z7's the top Headband leather is thick so it most probably won't, but but the lower one will start cracking and maybe get flaky with time.
But as the earpads is real leather it won't do the same thing.
So, the risk is only on the lower headband part.
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Ew why use pleather parts on $2000 headphones?
Depends on where you buy it really, search smart and there's a lot of good deals for Z1R way lower than that :wink:
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Why rip the skin so soon? Its not like it start to fall off by itself does it? I usually only do that when it start flaking off, spreading black debris everywhere just by touching/moving it, but other than that, some visible cracks doesn't bother me much.
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Marked portion touches my ear and gives pain after about 45 to 55 min. Last 30 days I tried almost all types of Tips from my collection includng Sony Stock, Jvc spiral, final E type, Spinfit lots off. Yes I got best sound by tip rolling but discomfort existed . Lastly I tried wearing them reverse and it seems problem has gone. May be looking bad but who cares when I can enjoy max my Signature Sound. Sharing if it helps anyone..Thanks...enjoy Sony Signature..

Wrong thread, this is the thread for the full size Z1R
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Shame, I was hoping for new traffic for the Z1R thread :grin:
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Shame, I was hoping for new traffic for the Z1R thread :grin:
New traffic will emerge, but only a trickle at a time. The Z1R is still a very expensive headphone, even used which will keep the audience down to a very small minority who can or are willing to shell out this much for a headphone. Shame, the Z1R deserves more attention, in my view anyway.
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After living with the Z1R for a bit over a month now, my impressions:

  • It takes awhile to get used to the 10K peak. I have a feeling the target demographic for this headphone are older gentlemen who prefer boosted treble to offset age-related hearing loss.
  • I find the sound a bit fatiguing over longer listening sessions, as there is a subtle but present “tension” in the highs. It’s not something one hears per-se, but rather a feeling. Very ambiguous I know.
  • Before fatigue sets in though, the Z1R sounds absolutely fantastic. Very punchy and engaging sound. A blast to listen to.
  • I suspect the fatiguing aspect will slowly disappear as I get older. Something to look forward to!
  • The other head/ear phone I use on a daily basis is the Shure KSE1200, which I can listen to for hours on end.
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an "older gentleman"


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