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Sony NWZ-ZX1 - 35th Walkman Anniversary model

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by alpha10, Sep 9, 2013.
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  1. Music225
    I have already been ! Currently a proud owner of the last of all walkman phones - the W995  [​IMG] 
    (quite lame that I cant post images since I just signed up[​IMG] after stalking the forum for quite a while)

    Can't say I'm satisfied with it in this day and age at all but I'm willing to live with all its flaw and skip all this smartphone trend to spend all money instead on an outstanding Sony flagship player . After all , having a phone to call , a dedicated classy, excellent walkman to truly enjoy music is enough to make my day complete ; movies and games I got a PC for that .
  2. Vect

    You're all forgetting the PHA-2, which basically is a DAC-AMP with all the goodies in sound of a walkman, but you still can plug it to a phone (most but not all support it). I own the F886 and I must say it packs quite the sound, the PHA-2 just improves that with more defined bass (and I'm guessing that so does the ZX1) my only complain might be the small screen, but again is a DAP of excellent quality and features.
  3. Music225
    Well if only I got that amount of money : ))
    Going with pha2 and phone probly limits portabity significantly
    Picking both pha2 & zx1 is out of my budget
    But frankly just ... just look at it , that design alone tells me if I ever got any dollars to spend , I have to spend on zx1 first

    Personally, before knowing its existence I have always think of a smartphone or player that look ... well lack of vocabulary here : )) let just say a look anywhere near this classy metal.., would definitely have me sold.. And then out of google ZX1 appear ... I read a lot about hi tech/luxury gadget before, but this ... THIS ... IS ..... MADNESS !!! THIS ... IS .. ZX1!!!!111!1one11abc It's like meeting the girl/man of your dream , like love struck , make u wonder is this the real life ? is this just fantasy ? make u feel the urge to go creeping around gather as much info as possible ,just so eventually disregard all of it and all that matters is you have to get the love of your own.

    wow I get super cheesy there : )) but you get the point.
  4. mpawluk91
    WOW LOL damn I think you deserve a zx1.

    Somebody send this man a zx1 immediately before he gets a broken heart.

    Listen just don't end up like the guy on that movie "her" if you are going to impregnate your future zx1 just make sure it's with music
  5. Vect

    I just have to say one thing on this: It's a SONY. The reason because I have so many recent gadgets from them and my wallet is crying (QX100, F886, PHA-2, Xperia Ultra, XBA-H3, PSVita) it's because this is the sony I used to know in the late 90s, when they were doing things that looked so elegant/industrial/serious whilst at the same time being extremely functional and did things beyond the expected. Whatever is happening at sony they are at the moment on a roll
  6. newdm
    Is the impedance with 10 ohm confirmed?
  7. Tony1110

    No. That was just me speculating on the basis of their PHA-1 having a 10ohm output impedance.
  8. Ilkyway
    It is not easy keeping up with you guys! I did not whant to post again until I red everything till the last post... had some reading to do.
    I got a mail today from Sony Germany with my bill (ordered mid february) and the information, that the player is on its way. It is suposed to be here in the next two days. Guss what: I am out of town the next two days. Lucky me.
    But when I get back home (and the player is here for real) I am going to test it with my psb M4U 2. I do not know how to test the volume. I mean if the volume is much restricted due to beeing soled in EU. I think comparing it to the J3 is a possibility? Has anybody both and can tell which one is louder?
    What else should I look for in comparison to not EU ones?
  9. reginalb
    I am in possession of a ZX1, just ordered a dummy load off of Amazon. Will report output impedance findings. 
  10. newdm

    Okay. I hope, the ZX1 will do better than the PHA-1.
  11. Tony1110
    I'm just gonna buy one regardless of the output impedance. I plan to use it with the Shure se846. I'm sure it'll sound fantastic.
  12. EveTan
    What is this that magical "DSEE HX upscaling" they have on the product page? Is it just a marketing gimick?
  13. cn11
    I like DSEE on as I think it helps add a touch of top end sparkle. If I go back to it off, the highs just seem a touch more dead. I find the effect very, very subtle which is good, unlike most of the other ones on the player. 
  14. Jess70

    Since you can amp your headphones, I doubt loudness will be an issue.

    Please report back on the synergy between your PSB's and the ZX-1. I have the PSB's and had settled on the X-5, but if there is good synergy with the ZX-1 I will go for that with the superior UI. I was concerned that the combo might be too bright and fatiguing.
  15. JACONE
    Hey OK-Guy -
    I don't have too many ( maybe about 10) but given that DSD is becoming more available on various sites like store.acousticsounds.com, DSD is a requirement for my next high rez DAP since I plan on getting more music is this format. I know this might not be important to some but is to me. The 10ohm if confirmed is more of an annoyance.
    I read a post somewhere that there might be a phase 2 that could possibly have DSD native playback.
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