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Sony NWZ-ZX1 - 35th Walkman Anniversary model

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by alpha10, Sep 9, 2013.
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  1. McCol

    I could do that in a few weeks but my discount is only valid for 2 weeks.
  2. OK-Guy

    not sure of the impedance but the ZX1 will power most IEM's with ease.
  3. mannp
    I've just cancelled my ZX1 order and reordered with the discount; happy days! [​IMG] (hoping they dont screw up the order)
    I've spent a day reading only half of the this thread so far and overall it seems impressions are good of the ZX1, so I'd ordered already, but with the discount it was a no brainer for me last night.
    Just hoping they get the stock in sooner than they say!
    Sorry I can't comment on your particular dilemma, but had to post due to my sheer excitement at the thought of my first quality DAP with a discount.
  4. AndrewH13
    Not able to share the discount code are you?[​IMG]     Nearly caved in and ordered the 886 today as I want UK ZX1 now!
    Bought IEM's Friday after a visit and demo at Head Audio, Enfield (recommended by Fortis).
  5. newdm
    A <1 Ohm output would be very useful for multi-driver IEMs.
  6. McCol

    Don't think so but if you know anybody with a Sony phone they should have a code. I got it through the Sony experia lounge on my phone. They send me different offers every month.
  7. Tony1110

    Sony ought to list these specifications. It's no good releasing a DAP aimed squarely at the audiophile sector of the market if you're not going to divulge the figures that audiophiles are fanatical about :)

    There must be loads of people who are interested in the ZX1 who are hoping that it doesn't come with a 10 ohm+ output impedance. I might well be placing my order right now if this information were readily available.
  8. kkcc

    I wouldn't be too worried about the OI. For me, my 1plus2 don't sound the best with zx1 not due to OI nor power but more about the way sound is presented. IMO the zx1 is best paired with mid forward and darker sounding IEM that doesn't has a wide staging. My TG334 pairs better (and its a sensitive multi-BA). More neutral IEM without a lush/thick mid like er4s or UM miracle or even jh13 can sound really brittle and dry. Haven't tried the 846 with it but it should be one of the better pairing given its characteristics.
    I'd like to apologize in advance if this has been asked many times but it doesn't look like the zx1 will support DSD playback.
    I like the player due to it's design but if it doesn't play DSD that's 2 strikes.
    1. 10 Ohm Impedance
    2. no DSD playback (can someone please confirm?)
    Thanks much!
  10. Holdmyown83
    I love this thing more and more everyday but Can someone explain what the Senseme Channels are for?
  11. Holdmyown83
    No DSD on the ZX1 (whatever that is) buy I believe the pha-2 will. The other question I'm not at all qualified to answer
  12. shch13
    SenseMe Channels have been in Walkmans since years ago, basically it scans tempo and melody of the song and determine its "mood". 
    It then divides them into different channels like Morning,Daytime, Sunset, Night, Midnight, Dance, Emotional, Lounge etc. Think of them as like Smart Playlists.
    I like the feature and use it quite a bit on my E and Z series.
    FYI for Australian Head-Fiers
    Sony Australia just listed the ZX1 as coming soon to Australia for 699.
  13. OK-Guy
    out of interest how many DSD albums do you have?
  14. Music225

    Wonder if this order covers the bag strap (is it its name? http://www.vannuys.co.jp/n_component/image/va195.jpg) , or I have to buy it individually .
    Lol , not that I have any money at all right now to care but just going through hundred pages makes me google for days for zx1's information , reviews , accessories , a pair of iems that matchs its design ,also to some extent its sound quality , then drool all over all kinds of zx1 pictures available on the internet and fantasize as if I were about to make these big purchases right fre*king now :)) Damn zx1 , this is the most good looking piece of technology that I have ever seen , IMHO !
    Seriously though , if I can pass the university entrance exam this year , i can get some "fund" ... hopefully ! In fact , this is my most impactful (what is the right word for this?) inspiration to date .
  15. OK-Guy
    have to agree it is a sexy bit of kit... and those tactile buttons, did I ever mention that they're a master-class in design?
    I truly wish you well on your endeavours, a good education or apprenticeship sets you up for life... we look forward to another Walkman member... [​IMG]  
    Music225 likes this.
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