Sony NWZ-ZX1 - 35th Walkman Anniversary model
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Nov 27, 2007
Let's talk about this upcoming player from Sony to be released in 2014.

More info here:

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Let's hope it sounds as good as it looks 

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More news here:

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A golden age of a high-end portable audio listening indeed!  Saving up for this now!
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I like the focus on audio quality, that's quite rare for such a large company, I hope it won't be a japan only release, importing is expensive.

I never understood why Apple never did more to separate the IPhone from the IPod line. There's no reason to get an IPod Touch when the second hand market is flooded with IPhones that offer the same if not more. The only reason to buy an iPod would be for the capacity of the Classic. In my opinion, Apple created and established a great brand with the IPod, but lost it's way once the IPhone was introduced. Apple should have released the IPod with a better Dac than the Iphone, better amp section etc etc. I'm so pleased that someone, finally, from a large consumer corporation has decided to do something which should have been done years back. A lot of people still buy MP3 players due to battery life; smartphones can barely last a day nowadays. When it comes to audio, less is more; Sony understand this and therefore will strip all the junk which is not required for the Sony NWZ-ZX1 such as radio, wifi, accelerometer etc and give us direct circuitry, shortened signal paths for the best audio performance, along with good battery life. Only Sony can screw this one up now.....
.....and I can also go on about Sony; why on earth did they abandon the X series design from a few years back? I've not been impressed with the F and Z series from a design standpoint to be honest. But tactile buttons help I guess....
Cannot wait 'till 2014, with this and the Beyer Custom One Tesla coming out....!
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In my opinion a *complete* audio device must also have radio, bluetooth and wifi because there are many situations in which you might need them, for example connecting your device in a car or simply listening to music from youtube, soundcloud etc.
I agree 100% that accelerometer, android and so on are useless.

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