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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Lookout57
    Also DSD native playback is only available from the balanced port.
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  2. nhk2508
    I really don't know why folks do not try previous fw if they seriously care about sq. It is obviously that v1.10 file is bigger regardless of less fuctions than newer versions. And bigger for what if not for sq. Times when careless programmer made mistakes passed long ago.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  3. Hinomotocho
    I bought my Z5 secondhand and when swapping from the stock cable with the locking notches I experienced the odd cut out on the left side. I was using the non-Kimber Sony balanced cable which was actually quite a loose fit - I remedied this by putting a small bit of tape around the bottom plastic outer part of the connector and never had an issue.
    A factor to consider is fit, they are quite a heavy design. I frequently had issues getting them to sit in my ears (over-ear) and not move. As much as I loved the sound and would've been happy to stick with them, I just had to let them go as there is nothing more frustrating than having to constantly readjust. I tried the M7 and M9 when I was in Japan but as pleasant as they sounded and as comfortable as they were (really comfortable solid fit) I was missing the dynamic driver sound of the hybrid Z5 - I ended up with another brand.
    Because I missed the Sony hybrid sound I saw a good secondhand price on an N3 so I use these as my carry around iems - they sound very nice, have a better fit than the Z5 in my opinion. I haven't used them balanced as they are for a quick listen with my phone or for movies with my tablet.
    Feel free to pm me about any other Z5, N3 opinions.
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  4. dmusicd
    Thanks mate, that helped.

    Looks like the Z5 is out of contention for out-n-about then.

    Will check EE Bravado or N3 (or this BLON BL03 I've been hearin about)
  5. dmusicd
    Hmmm...I don't think people spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars, if they're not serious about sq. If they weren't, you'd find people here with a modern phone and off the shelf earphones. They're good enough for non-serious folks.

    People aren't going back to old because they're happy with the present sound? Or they trust the Sony engineers to update the firmware for the better. Or because it's too much hassle and there's that risk of bricking a device or voiding any warranty claims (Sony clearly states, After updating, the firmware cannot be reverted to an earlier version) Or all of the above.

    nhk2508, post:It is obviously that v1.10 file is bigger regardless of less fuctions than newer versions. And bigger for what if not for sq.

    Unless you can decode that fw, we're just speculating here.

    Just like the fw 2.02 which is 113mb and only:
    • Improves the transition between tracks when played back via Bluetooth

    nhk2508, post: Times when careless programmer made mistakes passed long ago.

    You'd be surprised!
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
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  6. dmusicd
    Does anybody know if a firmware released later covers what's already been updated in earlier firmwares?

    Case in point, if someone were to buy a ZX300 that's never been updated, would he need to apply each firmware chronologically? Or would the latest firmware cover all bases?
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  7. RSC08
    You just need to install the newest version.
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  8. dmusicd

  9. dazzerfong
    Bigger is not better. In fact, it's often worse - means there's more bloat, poor compression or coding practises going on.

    Armchair programmers and engineers are my favourite type of people on the net.

    My ZX300 started on v1.10 before upgrading to v2.0. The differences:

    v1.10 kept crashing whenever I played with playlists
    No support for the BT receiver

    When I upgraded to v2.0, I honestly for a second thought that the highs sounded more sparkly. Then I went back to a store with a v1.10 ZX300, then realised I was just imagining things.

    Sure, but if it's dirty voltage, it'll affect a whole lot more than the quality of bass. Usually, when people talk about powerful bass, it's because there's sufficient current or power, not voltage.

    I'm just nitpicking it because I was very surprised at that revelation. The only time I noticed it was in the dead of night in my room, just about to nod off and sleep. Otherwise, I never noticed the hiss. In terms of hissiness, this is much less than the Fiio DAPs, so if you're sensitive about it, just try it out.

    For the record, the IER-M9 only hissed from my computer output (unsurprising). Not even a crappy phone hissed on the M9s.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
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  10. nocturaline
    If you like lots of bass in your music, the Bravado is for you. Mids are slightly recessed (but just slightly), and treble is glorious. But the bass, man, the bass! It's a fun IEM that sounds pricier than it is.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
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  11. superuser1
    Personally i prefer the N3... more open and more details including a very decent low end. Bravado was too much bass for me.
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  12. bloodyf8
    anybody use self-powered usb hub for charging zx300 battery?? how good it is? is it safe??
    been charging zx300 through my notebook usb port till now , but lately i need more usb port to use , i am thinking about buying an usb hub for other stuff also for charging and transfer music my zx300.
    reffer to help guide on sony website about charging there is a note written " Charging from a USB hub is only guaranteed when you use a self-powered USB hub that carries an authorized logo." what is an authorized logo on usb hub? i cant find it on google
    im planning to get ORICO 12 Port with BC 1.2 (P12-U3) http://my.orico.cc/goods.php?id=6397 (self powered usb with 12V/5A power adapter i think its around 12V/2.4A for each usb port) still have no idea does it have an authorized logo or not..
  13. superuser1
    I think it should work as i have tried it with a similar USB (self powered) hub with 4 usb ports.
  14. dazzerfong
    Boy I hope it isn't 12V for each USB port, or you're gonna blow stuff up!

    It's fine - at worst, those things charge slower. At best, there's no difference. Only real concern is when you're copying files over a USB hub - the crappier ones tend to copy much slower.
  15. bloodyf8
    i hope so , i couldn't find any voltage spec for each usb on their official website , i tried to contact them on facebook and they said "60W (12V/5A) it provides 1.5A charging current while transmitting data , up to 2.4A without connect to the computers" so i think its supossed to fast charging , but i have no idea it will be okay to use or not
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