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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Lookout57
    I had a Fiio X5 2nd gen and there is no comparison. The Sony blows it away.
  2. tonyg1
    Database scan: When I first got my NW-ZX300 it took several minutes to rebuild the database (my understanding is that it rebuilds the database as opposed to just scanning it - a scan wouldn't take very long at all). When I updated to later firmware (it originally had Version 1.7) the database rebuild time came down to around 20-30 seconds (it's about 80Gb/760 albums on a 128Gb card). This has meant that it's now practical to power down completely rather than using standby mode which, as originally stated, does drain the battery.

    Album artwork: My source data files are all MP3s held in my Music database on my Mac. When I first copied the database over to the NW-ZX300 I had several that "lost" the album artwork during the transfer. When I checked the artwork I soon realised that the issue was the embedded artwork file size. Most of the original download embedded artwork files were below 100kb, but I had a fair number that I've ripped from my old CD collection that didn't have embedded album artwork and I'd added album artwork from online sources; many of these are much larger files. As soon as I compressed them they came across fine. I think that Sony'e media transfer software has been improved to overcome this problem, but unfortunately neither that nor their firmware installer software will run on Macs using recent operating systems Mojave or Catalina (and Sony have also said they have no plans to update their software for Apple OS).

    I sync my music files between the Mac and the NW-ZX300 using Bombich CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) and edit tags on the Mac with Amvidia Tag editor.
  3. Love Music
    Anyone know how to revert back to a previous software?
  4. superuser1
    Yes just run it like you would an updated software "exe"
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  5. tonyg1
    Do you have a URL for the download site for legacy firmware versions (as opposed to the URL for the file itself)?
  6. nhk2508
    No, I already searched everywhere else. When you access the link, there will be an automatic downloading of the firmware. The links for downloading the files are:
    V1.10: http://walkman.update.sony.net/fw/pc/ZX300/NW-ZX300_V1_10.exe

    They are safe as being maintained by Sony. I tried to find others on all websites, including Hong Kong or China mainland or Japan but unsucessfully.

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  7. tonyg1
    OK thanks for that.
  8. Joaqu2n
    It is a spectacular DAP, thanks also for the sound quality that it offers as a bluetooth receiver, a function that was activated a few months ago. If you have an Android and any streaming service you enjoy it in surprising quality (almost CD thanks to the LDAC codec) and without cuts.

  9. Joaqu2n
    Don't waste your money on a balanced cable for an IEM. I have the wonderful AKG N40 and they are heard exactly the same for 4.4 (FiiO cable lc-4.4) than for 3.5 with its serial cable. The 3.5mm output of the Sony is excellent for IEM. Balanced output is only necessary for more demanding headphones.

  10. superuser1
    I beg to differ!
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  11. robulation
    I beg to differ too!!! There’s a huge difference even with my Vegas...
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  12. ailean
    Did the same over a year ago and haven't looked back, certainly an upgrade over the X5 I/II/III. I didn't really use any of the features the ZX300 doesn't have though, battery and stability are a lot better and after the first 20-30 hours of burn in the sound was an improvement too.
  13. Joaqu2n
    With the AKG N40 there is no difference at all. It is a matter of power that the IEM needs. With some more demanding IEMs, surely there is. Maybe I gave my opinion without knowing the IEM of
    @geisterfaust and he will have to spend his money to check it :wink:
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  14. geisterfaust
    I just bought a SHANLING C3 case to house the ZX300 + USB cable + a few IEMs, but I was wondering what kind of case do you guys use for your DAP. I might go with a silicone case since the C3 offers a ton of protection already.

    By the way what is the general consensus on using a screen protector on top of the screen?
  15. dazzerfong
    The SE output is also curiously hissier, which is funny because with all things being equal, it's supposed to be SE which is less hissy than BAL. I mean, both are very good anyway, but in the dead of night, there's an appreciable difference. I think Sony gimped the SE to make the BAL look better.

    That being said, the BAL has gobs more power than SE, so those with power-hungry headphones also benefit from BAL.
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