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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Love Music
    Currently im in version 2.01 but i think i prefer 1.10 more as 2.01 seems to be thinner and slightly more metallic sounding and 1.10 is warmer and fuller sounding but still airy.
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  2. nhk2508
    Yes, that is it. More organic and life like than v2.01 upwards. V2.00 is a little bit darker but still full and lovely sound with more functions.

  3. Love Music
    Guess i will stick to 1.10 then.

    But the link above is for hong kong version?
  4. nhk2508
  5. Love Music
  6. watchfisher
    I'm sure this topic has been discussed earlier.

    I'm really enjoying the various nuances in the controls on the ZX300, though I have been using the unbalanced output since I don't have a balanced cable as yet. Could anyone suggest a reasonably priced cable? I don't have IEMs, as I prefer closed backs and the headset I'm using does allow swapping cables.
  7. roadrat

    This is the one I got. I'm not sure if it's better or worse than any others because I have not tried any others
  8. watchfisher
    Thanks. My 'phones have a single input, as in the pic below. It's amazing (for me) to see the incredible range of prices for a length of wire.

  9. superuser1
    You have to name the closed back headphone for people to be able to help you i reckon.
  10. Audiophile2019
    If you really want to enjoy & leverage on yr ZX300's full capabilities, do try Audio-Technica MSR7B headphones.. It has very good mids (especially female vocals), nice "non-ear-piercing" rolled-off treble & the bass is not bad at all.. Its soundstage is wide & it comes with both 3.5mm single-ended & 4.4mm balanced port/cables.. And the good news is it only costs USD250.. But the SQ is as good as headphones at 2-3 times its price on the market..
  11. Joaqu2n
    Better the Sony MDR-1AM2, specially designed for this Sony Walkman. The MSR7b sound great, but they lack bass punch and need equalization.
  12. Audiophile2019
    I own both MDR-1AM2 & ATH-MSR7B headphones.. And they actually complement each other.. If I had to choose only one between them, I'd take the Audio-Technica because it has something the Sony can't replicate through EQ i.e. separation at mids frequency (vocal clarity) and wide soundstage.. The Sony's heavy bass on the hand can easily be amplified from EQ, especially when you are using ZX300 which already has a strong bass or V-shaped sonic signature.. BTW too much bass can ruin the music, making it sound unnatural..
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
  13. Joaqu2n
    Totally agree. I also have both. But I was not talking about sound signature, but that the MSR7b need a little more power than the ZX300 offers by balanced output and therefore suffers at low frequencies and seems a bit flat.

    However, the MDR-1AM2, with its 16 Ohms, do not need more, they combine perfectly with the ZX300.
  14. Audiophile2019
    To make everything more clear, perhaps I'd just summarize the different elements that make up the 2 headphones' overall performance or SQ.. BTW pls also see link at the bottom where this was quoted from..
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
  15. dazzerfong
    MSR7b needs more power?

    Hmmmmmm...............................................................yeah, no it's just bass anemic. That's simply the sound signature it has going for.

    That being said, the MDR-1A (and somewhat the M2) has too much bass IMO.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
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