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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Quadfather
    Damn! I thought my 1800 hours was a whole bunch.
  2. nc8000 Contributor
    I’m over 3000 hours but gerelmex is over 7000
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  3. Quadfather
    I love my black Sony but I really have to get the gold one. Unfortunately, I cannot bring myself to sell my LPG because it sounds so good with jazz. I find myself listening to my Sony probably 90% of the time
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
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  4. gerelmx1986
    Haja ja genau. Over 7000 :D
    Tough, the display show 6895, with early fw it tended to crash and i lost some 700 hours
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
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  5. hamhamhamsta
    I'm curious how it sounds like after almost 7000 hours compared to new 1A
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  6. gerelmx1986
    I adquired a NW-A55 for commute as my tra el bag got heavy. How curious i cant hear no burn-in effe t on this little bugger
    Sound hasn't changed
  7. gerelmx1986
    Any one knows whether the sony DAPs have a limit where it comes to number of tracks. I have calculated if i get the 1TB micro SD maybe i will carry between 48.000 and 51.000 tracks
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    Don’t know. I have about 39.000 tracks on my 1TB card
  9. Lookout57
    Amazon has the WM-1A for $998.00 and the SanDisk 1TB Extreme MicroSDXC for $249.99 for Cyber Monday.
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  10. purk Contributor
    Want to follow up on my return situation. Thankfully Amazon did honor the return and transaction is now marked "Return Completed" and they have the fake card in hand. The 1TB Sandisk that I bought on the Black Friday is now here and seem to be legit. Got it for $199....so super happy with this purchase.
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  11. Skullar
    2.0 or 3.01? Whats more musical you think? Which one you prefer in terms or sound sig?
    Im on 2.0 now and loving it. Miles better the 3.02. going to try 3.01 soon.
  12. ltanasom
    glad to hear. I am waiting for mine. hope it is legit like yours.
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  13. spanky310
    Hi all I'm not sure if this is a well known fact but I thought I would post it just in case there are someone here that like me did not know about this.

    The other day I did a factory reset using the 'Restore to Factory Configuration' option and noticed today (didn't think to check until now) that the 'Audio Played' timer was also reset by the factory reset process. Not a big deal since I know I had roughly 30 hours of play time on it but still it came as a surprise because I thought I read somewhere on this thread that factory reset will NOT touch the timer.

    BTW, I did the factory reset after updating the firmware to 3.02.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  14. Ameerzs
  15. Redcarmoose
    Getting to love a firmware has a lot to do with just what IEMs you have and what tone personality you like. It’s personal and there is no right or wrong. For me 2.0 is nice and was used a bunch. It’s more stable than 3.0 and maybe sounds better. Though 3.01 added stability and bass with the 1A. 3.01 was also great with the 1Z but for many, including myself 3.02 is where I stay with the 1Z. Normally it’s a slow progression because at times change can be perceived as wrong when it’s not really that bad.....just different. So now I use 3.01 firmware on the 1A and 3.02 on the 1Z. 3.02 was just too bass-lite on the 1A?

    I only have 1000 hours on the 1Z, maybe a little more due to doing a full reset a while back. Also maybe only 500 hours on the 1A.
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