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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. rgutierr
    Thanks so much for the cable suggestions guys. Ive checked some reviews and pricing and yeah....looks like il be increasing my budget substantially :beyersmile:
  2. rgutierr
    yeah. ive realised it will be better to buy something good now, rather than cheap out, and just buy the good thing later.

    I have upped my budget to 500-600USD.

    Oh well money comes money goes right :)

    Edit: i will still go to my local hifi shop and listen to copper/silver med/high end to see what sounds better with my music
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
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  3. lesale08
    I’ve seen a lot of 1z/1a units with dings already. Even if you have a case, you are most likely to get it dinged once it falls to the ground because of the weight specially the 1z.
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  4. auronthas
    My 1A is with Benk TPU case and I always keep them in Pelican case. No problem so far. :ksc75smile:
  5. nc8000 Contributor
    That is essentially how I have mine as well. No damage after nearly 3 years, but then I have never dropped mine
  6. lesale08
    Good for you mate. These things require a lot of TLC. Lol.
  7. auronthas
    If I were you, I would slowly observe the change of sound, as 1A will need time to burn in for 200 plus hours. Upgrade the cable thereafer.

    Enjoy the music as primary; gadget as secondary. IMHO
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    Going from single ended to balanced makes a very noticable improvement for most phones but how much varies from phone to phone. In general I find that cables can make a meaningful final change to the total sound of a rig but to me it has always been fine tuning, never night and day. Plus getting the right length and look and feel which to me also matters
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
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  9. Quadfather

    It has been two years and it's still perfect.
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  10. phonomat
    Just a word of unsolicited advice: Take it easy, take your time and do compare extensively and repeatedly before you spend any money on a cable, let alone such a crazy amount. I have no skin in this game, but sometimes it's downright scary what people invest based on "recommendations" that may be completely useless to you if you don't hear any favorable difference yourself. And even if you do, don't make any hasty decisions and always wait at least until the next morning. Then think about what you heard and how much, if anything, the difference is really worth to you. There's an incredible amount of voodoo and snake oil out there, especially when it comes to cables.
    Oh, and please report back. I'm very curious about your findings, since I've never heard any difference between cables. Doesn't mean there aren't any, of course, so I'm always looking for input.
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    7061F80B-4DE7-455B-A26E-2670F61C0727.jpeg I’m surprised as to how long the battery life lasts on this thing considering how heavy it is. I listen nearly everyday for an hour or so and haven’t charged it for at least 2 months.

    The song playing is from 1993. One of the first dance songs I listened to back when I was in my 20s. IDed it almost 20 years later not knowing the track name.
    Don’t let the cover fool you if you love trancey
  12. nc8000 Contributor
    That should mean around 60 hours on a charge, that sounds unrealistic and way over what Sony specs. I get 20-25 hours on a charge with battery saver on and no sound effects activated with flac 16/44 on balanced low gain but then I never turn mine off and charge about once a week
  13. ruthieandjohn
    I am very fond of the Sony “SensMe” channels that the 1A/1Z players offer, which both creates playlists based on mood (Energetic, Dance, Evening,..) and, with Sony software, playlists that match the mood of a chosen song.

    Performing the necessary “12 Tone” processing on the music library to support this requires the MediaGo software once offered by Sony. They have since replaced it by something called PC Music Center, which I have not tried but have heard it has problems (and Sony shows it as doing less than MediaGo).

    The desire for SensMe processing keeps me from simply copying music from my PC into my 1A, but instead requires me to go through MediaGo.

    But with MediaGo, I have to manually partition which portion of my library I put on 1A internal storage and which on the SD card. Furthermore, after copying, it claims that a whole bunch of random songs have NOT been copied....it claims I only have 576 songs in my 1A, while they 1A says I have over 5,000, more consistent with what I thought I put in.

    Anyone have a good way to process music for SensMe channels, insert it into the 1A/1Z, with accurate portrayal of what got in? Thanks!
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  14. gazzington
    Do the Solaris iems sound good with a wm1a or should I look at something else? I like a warm sound with a bit of bass
  15. rgutierr

    Thank you this advice means a lot to me. Im very careful with the so called "placebo effect" where you think its better, because it costs more, but its not (if that makes sense) which is why i always demo things first. Before i bought the WM1A i tested it a lot compared to my ZX2 and i tested a few other players. I actually came close to getting the AK SR15 because i loved the sound! Maybe a bit more than the wm1a! So yes i am very careful of buying without trying. Thankfully the store here lets you linger for hours like a bad smell trying things as much as you like. Ill let you know how i go with what i test over the weekend with my music :)
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