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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Lookout57
    Yes it is a very good match, warm and a bit of bass.
  2. gazzington
    I noticed you have a wm1a and wm1z. Is the wm1z worth the double price and more?
  3. Lookout57
    I post a quick comparison a page or two back.

    To recap the 1A is no slouch but if you want the best and can afford it the 1Z is my choice.
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  4. gerelmx1986
    Hi there, had anyone here used with their wm1A a fiio FA1 or FA7? how they sound? Which of the two would pair best with classical music? Or better asked question which of the two approximates a IER-Z1R sound signature?
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  5. Mal Waldron
    Today I have hired Tidal Masters and I have been testing it with the WM1A from my Android phone. I imagine that some SQ should be lost but I would like to know to what extent. In principle I wanted to use Tidal only with the phone, but it is so practical, especially for listening to new albums...
  6. Leetransform25
    How are you able to use that thing for over 2 months without it dying on you? Just like NC800 said that's about 60 hours which is extremely long even by Sony standards, not to mention the battery power lost while it is on idle. Just sounds very unrealistic to me.
  7. meomap
    Like that person said: listening to about 1 hour per day.
    That’s what I don’t getI haven’t charged it definitely this month(July) and half of last month (June) at most I remember. Definitely never listened on Sat. & Sun.
    I listen every weekday max 1 hour or less.
    Maybe the hot climate is preserving the battery lol
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
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  9. Leetransform25
    I know that, and everything I said applies. One hour every day for 2 months equates to 60 hours, which is longer than the rated battery life the 1Z was given, and if the 1Z is anything like the ZX300 the unit is prone to losing some of its charge when in idle for long periods of time
  10. endlesswaves
    I used my 1A around 1 hour per day and 6 days per week excluding Sundays. Will need to charge around every 9 or 10 days. Listens to flacs and wavs mostly with occasionnal DSDs.
  11. LeFaucon
    @phonomat : I agree with 95% of what you wrote
    But... I went in a mini meeting post London Can Jam here in Paris on last wednesday evening with the two Effect Audio founders and there was an orgy and rain of all their cables and I do assure you and assume there’s a - large - difference in sounds with each of the cables !
    Listened with my WM1A and my own music


    @gerelmx1986 : As long as I keep reading at this post... I doubt myself about my own brain and neurones about some asking !!!???
    And some questions... well... questions me !?

    Try the KB100 also... or Tin Audio T2 or T3 ?
    Sure you will find a lot of budget iems sounding close to the Sony IER-Z1R and « approximate their Sound signature » !

    There’s even a specialised site for this :


    And you also missed to ask about which output it would go the best : balanced or SE ?
    (I do it for you...)
    But I guess the 4.4 will...

    Just put ALL things in perspective...

    In summary and as I said before... equal for headphones, IEMs or cables... : your OWN ears and your OWN tastes !!!
    And as good advices can be (and I know some people need, me at first..!) : it will NEVER replace it, NEVER !

    That’s it : my two cents...
    (P.S. I’m NOT « agressive » : just doubting and wondering about relationship between what I read and what I - my brain - really understand ???)
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
  12. gerelmx1986
    I mein using it on 4.4, budget iem for the subway, street
  13. phonomat
    Cool, I'll be in Paris at the end of the month! Don't suppose there are any mini-meets going on then, but I was hoping to be able to hear the IER-Z1R and/or the DMP-1Z at Cobra. As it looks, however, they're selling both, but don't have them ready for demo at the shop (2-3 weeks delivery time). Pity because I'd absolutely have to demo before I drop that amount of cash, and the IER-Z1R's fit is supposed to be very finicky, so no idea if I can cope with that. Do you have any recommendation for other places to demo Sony stuff in Paris? Perhaps I'll check some cables as well. :wink:
  14. LeFaucon
    Hey Phonomat !

    Welcome to Paris (the most beautiful place in the world of course !) my friend !

    I am on a little french « Head-Fi » site named Tellement Nomade (so nomad) with a good and friendly community and from time to time big (once a year) or mini meeting as this one are organised and it’s really cool to meet « real » people as well...

    For your request, alas, since virtual stores grew up and up we have no more physical store as we used and yes Cobra is one of it and Son-Video another one and... that’s all !
    Maybe Illel if still exists in the 15e quarter ?
    But you are right : not sure if any has one to try ?
    I checked for you on the web and found nothing but I can also call them to know about?
    It’s a big shot in term of price here also ! (9000€)
    And for the cables... definitely yes : you should have been there last wednesday and for sure you went with a good expensive one ! Leonidas or Horus or... for a good reduced price !
    Have a nice time and take care

    Edit : so my friend... I just called these two stores for you and no one as one for demo, sorry !
    And Son-Video even told me they sold about this item... ... ... ... ZERO piece in France !!! LOL
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
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  15. gerelmx1986
    Seems like the wm1A and wm1z will be the last high-end walkman (together with the DMP-Z1) to have no wifi
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