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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. rgutierr

    Looking now! so youd say the difference would be definitely, instantly noticable, even to someone who does not have a super high trained ear for the veryyyyy small details? For example, i noticed a SUBSTANTIAL difference in basically everything going from the bundled 3.5mm cable with the andromedas to a cheap, $70AUD 4.4 cable (i mainly got it to test how it sounded, scared to pay for something i wouldnt really notice any change in!)
  2. rgutierr

    Haha no not yinyoo (is that a brand? haha) its just the store i frequent, their cheapest 4.4mm FiiO cable.
  3. aminus
    In the case of the Andromeda impedance curves are a major factor towards the sound (that is, cables quite literally objectively change the sound of the Andromeda). Whether or not you’d notice the difference in another IEM, say, a single driver, or one with an otherwise flatter impedance curve, that’s up to you to find out.
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  4. aminus
    I would recommend buying a 4.4mm terminated version of whatever stock cable is supplied with whatever IEM you’re using over a FiiO cable.
  5. Kitechaser
    Yes you'll notice a difference, depending on the state of your budget cable, even a substantial one.
    It can take up to 200 hours for a cable to sound its best, so keep that in mind, but right out of the box you'll hear it.
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  6. rgutierr

    Gotcha. Thanks so much and @Kitechaser for the replies! I will definitely look to an upgrade in the near future. The next upgrade for sure. I will test at the shop. Any specific recommendations? I *CAN* go high budget if it is worth it for sure! I listen to electronic music mainly. Just an examples, here (yes, yuck, youtube i know. Just for example of genre :))

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  7. rgutierr
    Thats amazing. So exciting since i already think my stuff sounds incredible. An increase to what i already hear? ahhhh.
  8. Kitechaser
    Go OCC Copper, itll bring out the low end more, and improve tonality over the stock Silver Plated cable.
    The one I linked is very good quality OCC Copper.
  9. rgutierr
    Ok! do these cables have brands or are they custom hand made by just general public? (not sure if thats the right phrase but i hope i make sense)

    edit: NM! Saw the brand.
  10. Kitechaser
    PW Audio is one of the most highly regarded cable companies. I have their 1960s cable, it retails for a lot more than the one I linked, but they are all very high quality.
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  11. Hyde8767
    How do you like the WA11 amp
  12. Hyde8767
    How do you like the WA11 amp
  13. djricekcn
    I'm not hard core either and if I was to put it in percentage, it would be a 0 because it doesn't change the characters of the ear piece or the player. However, it does give better emphasize on its already existing characters (assuming you get the right cables). Mineral type don't necessarily determine it either but usually I like silver ones.
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  14. auronthas
    What type of cable are you using? Pure copper cable can turn the bright sound to slight warm. I am happy with Campfire Andromeda with pure copper cable. BGVP DM6 is good combo too. Kanas Pro however, can provide you more bass and suit electronic/trance music. Just a suggestion, YMMV
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  15. auronthas
    You may try this CA Copper Litz cable, pure copper OCC 4.4mm MMCX cable too.

    Or if your budget permitted , can go for CA Reference 8 4.4mm MMCX (which I am using now with my Andromeda) - four high purity silver-plated copper (SXC) conductors combined with four OCC copper conductors

    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
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