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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. gazzington
    Im planning on getting amp 8 at some point for the ibasso which is suposed to make the sound amazing. I would love a lotoo paw gold touch but im completely priced out!
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  2. Redcarmoose
    Yes, but 3.01 and 3.0 sound the same....right? It was noticeable how 3.0 changed the 1Z for the better, getting a slightly different sound from 2.0.

    Am I missing something is 3.01 a sound quality change over 3.0?
  3. duaned
    Oddly, it sounds like there is a reduction to brightness on 3.01.
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  4. Quadfather
    I am saving... Not sure if it will be Sony NW - WM1Z or Lotoo Paw Touch...
  5. Redcarmoose
    When people suggest things like this I then hear it. Lol

    But has anyone thought that 3.01 changed the 1A.....I wonder?
  6. siruspan
    I've installed 3.01 only today straight from 2.0 because I didn't like the 3.0 which was to clean and lacked warmth which 2.0 posseses. To me 3.01 sound almost exactly the same as 2.0, maybe and that's a big MAYBE a little bit cleaner up top but with warmth still in place. 3.0 sounded off immediately but 3.01 looks like a winner so far.

    Considering Sony fixed just about everything and left the sound as it was there is no way that someone from their team is not reading this thread :wink:
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  7. blazinblazin
    Yes, there's a slight reduce of brightness. I felt it on 1A.
    Not sure is it me or I heard slightly more detailed sound.
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  8. frost15
    No you are not, yet the stability added with 3.01 was determinant in my opinion. I did not notice the supposed brightness reduction in 3.01 in the WM1Z.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
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  9. Duncan Moderator
    I’ve found 3.01 more listenable today compared to 3.0 yesterday on the 1A, but that could be due to many factors - right now I’m not fully prepared to say it is FW difference, unless it is consistent over a few days (i.e. I’m not the difference!)
  10. gannjunior
    Hi guys
    What about the volume of wm1z?
    Going crazy to test this player.
    The headphones in my sign.
    Of course I'm using the Xelento ( later I will try with pathos aurium external amp)
    What I want to say is that I'm using it at 120 , tried both single end and balanced but it is low so I'm not able to appreciate its sound quality...
    No problem with Dx200 or my LG G7 ....
  11. bflat
    I am using AK's version of Xelento (T8IE MK II) and listen on normal gain balanced at 60/120 volume and I estimate is around 85 dB. If you are at 120/120 then your 1z is not functioning properly or your recordings are flawed.
  12. gannjunior
    Of course my recordings are ok. As I told you is the first time I encounter this problem with my chain
  13. bflat
    What cable are you using to test balanced? If you are using an adapter that could also be the problem. One important suggestion - don't set the volume to more than 70 when trying the Xelento's. If you have it at 120 and somehow "fix" the issue while listening, it will damage your ear drums.
  14. gannjunior
    Fiio bl44 adapter
    But I have the same result using the standard single end output
    The other cable are high quality hand maded that with every combination of the materials you can see in my sign perform very good.
    The Xelento is the only one is able to let me ear something combined with the ALO amp (in sign)
    Setting to 70 I hear low sound...
  15. nc8000 Contributor
    I assume you are using high gain on the Sony ?

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