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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Stephen George
    would be interested to know which card too

    my 512 (kingston canvas) only shows 466.12 total
  2. lmfboy01
    It came with an all copper earphone cable i purchased from Null Audio. IDK if all there cables come with this case but they fit nicely with my WM1A, good luck!
  3. nc8000 Contributor
    Most of it is my own cd’s that I have ripped to flac (about 2.000 cd’s), the rest is my hires purchases that I have down sampled to flac 16/44 so there is about 2.500 albums
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  4. nc8000 Contributor
    The card is a 512GB Samsung
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  5. Stephen George
    nice, 10gb more!
    they were non existent in the US a few weeks back...they were giving them as a bonus to note9 buyers (first 1TB phone), a lot of them were selling them instead, but still 10GB is worth the extra $100 over the kingston...

    anybody get the PNY? would be nice to know the total size of that one
  6. nc8000 Contributor
    Seems strange that there should be a difference 512GB should be 512GB. Only reason I can think of is if they are not formatted to the same file system.
  7. gazzington
    Was going to swap wm1a for dx200 but changed my mind. I think the Sony sounds better
  8. duaned
    Please explain?
  9. gazzington
    I think if I invest a lot of money into dx200 with amp8 etc I can probably surpass my wm1a but equally the wm1a sounds amazing with all iems and headphones I use on it. And that is without me having to tinker.
  10. aisalen
    Good decision. Beside of the sq of the 1A, the battery life is a plus. I do have 2 other DAP alternating each day as the battery last for only max of 8 hours.
  11. Stephen George
    even the samsung ssds are slightly bigger...the kingston reads:

    exFat 500497907712 466GB

    it also has a small 32MB partition "unallocated" (first partition)

    it came that way

    these are pretty fast cards for the price
  12. nc8000 Contributor
    Mine’s exFAT as well. Don’t know about the speed, I loaded it once from the card reader in my laptop and will hardly ever write to it again except when I occasionally get new music
  13. Duncan Moderator
    Not happy that LDAC usage doesn’t count toward this, seeing that nearly 2/3rds of my time is listening over LDAC, regardless, I’ll finally collect my 200hr badge!

  14. Redcarmoose
    Also in the dock, you clock in extra hours but the capacitors don’t. Just the opposite. Lol
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  15. bflat
    You may want to contact Kingston. If you are seeing 466 GB formatted, that would indicate the raw size as 500 GB and not 512. 10 GB means about 60 more full lossless CDs.

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