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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. buduba0604
    I decided to downgrade my firmware back to 2.0
    The insanely long database rebuilding every time I unplug from the computer is kind of driving me nuts.
    I am also noticing a bit more drainage on my battery life. It might just be in my head, but it feels like my battery doesn't last as long as it did before 3.0 update.
    I do really like the vinyl processor though!
  2. XP_98
    WM1Z output sound quality : when connecting to an external amp, is there a difference in pure sound quality (power doesn't matter) between the unbalanced 3.5 mm output and the balanced 4.4 mm output of the WM1Z ?
    I'm having the same experience with my refurbed 1A on balanced. The temporary solution for me is go to settings and press Direct Source option until the sound balances out between the left and right. Sometimes it takes one press or multiple presses but it always works.
  4. endlesswaves
    Just twisting the connector clockwise solved this problem for me. Funny thing is this only happens when I am using Effect Audio's Thor II and never with Sony MUC-M12SB1.
    Whats interesting when I first got the 1A I tried burning in with Andromeda and a cheap 8-wire balanced cable. Came back from work and took a listen and had no sound on the left side. Single Ended with adapter works perfectly every time. Balanced and single end with the ZX300 no imbalances. Now I'm using EA Ares II 8-wire with the Lyra II and only get occasional imbalance after pausing. Kinda nervous to use Andromeda balanced with the 1A since burn in experience.
  6. endlesswaves
    Totally no sound? Did that problem ever occurs again? Kinda serious. I am wondering if it's the EA 4.4mm plug's problem. Just a wild guess.
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    I haven't had the no sound on the left side problem, but I've been exclusively using the Lyra II and same EA cable with the 1A. I have 2 more EA cables coming later this month. I'll test them with a different iem.
  8. ttt123
    This is one of the symptoms of an oxidized connector. The surface looks clean, but there is an invisible oxide layer that results in a bad contact. Twisting it scrapes the surfaces, and cuts through the oxide temporarily. Another way is to insert and remove the plug a couple of times, which also has the same result of scraping/cleaning the contact surfaces. Oxide is not easily removed, though. I highly recommend Caig Deoxit, which is the only effective oxide remover I have found, aside from the first product I used, called Cramolin, from Germany, which is no longer manufactured. It is also something that is worthwhile to have around, as it is useful for cleaning any metal to metal contact surface. RCA jacks, speaker lugs, Sim/memory card contacts, etc. I find it an indispensable cleaner to have around.

    Trying an oxide cleaner is the easiest and simplest thing to try first, before going deeper into possible bad plug contacts/ defective female socket, etc.
  9. ryaneagon
    I’ve been loving the sound signature with 3.0 using 846’s and Focal Elear, really the analog VU meters, (especially on media that has great DR) also digging the vinyl processor and the Bluetooth receiver.

    My question: I use the Bluetooth receiver with my Nivida Shield, using Kodi app for media, using LDAC. I’ve noticed about a 3-5 millisecond delay in audio...thankfully Kodi has a audio sync option to line up audio. Has anybody else noticed this? Obviously just listening to music isn’t a problem.

    I haven’t done much troubleshooting, using the 1Z with other devices, etc.

    BTW LDAC is pretty amazing, I can’t tell much difference between Bluetooth and wired. Cheers!
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  10. nc8000 Contributor

    512GB card inserted and I now have my entire music collection of about 2.700 albums in flac 16/44 on my 1Z with a little room left
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  11. ruthieandjohn
    I have heard no difference in quality between the 4.4mm balanced and the 3.5mm single ended for my balanced headphones and IEMs, which include the Grado PS2000e, Grado GS200e, Sony MDRZ7, Fostex TH900, and FiiO FH5. I had hoped to (that’s why I spend the extra $270 to get the two Grados balanced, plus another $300 to render the Fostex and the Sony balanced), but I haven’t heard a difference. Also, I am stuck with the bulky XLR connectors on my two balanced Grados.
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  12. octobeard
    Pretty impressed the sound this gives to the HD650 on the SE out.
  13. jcdreamer
    I have the problem when using both the EA Eros II and the Ares 8 wires. Tried using the Caig oxide cleaner. Twisting and removing the connector occasionally worked. One time I put the 1Z down a bit hard on the table out of frustration and the sound was balanced again. I've been whacking the back of the dap since.

    I never have any problem on the SE side and with another non EA balanced cable.
  14. ltanasom
    Thank you
  15. ttt123
    Well, trying the Caig eliminates one possible cause for you. The internal connections, the output components, would be the next suspect area, as the balance shifting is not a normally seen symptom. One thought would be to try another player with the same cables, or swap cables with somebody with the same set up. This may be difficult/impossible to do, though.

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