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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. audiohobbit
    That's my question as well, how to get my A8 PRIR into the A16. I think we just have to try this out when we got the A16.
    As for file handling etc. that's basically similar and better solved/easier to use in the A16.
    I would recommend reading the manual.

    You only need the PRIR. HPEQ can be newly generated with the A16.

    I'd say Smyths have different/more important work to do at the moment than care for those few users who have an A8 and an A16.
    They mentioned compatibility with the microphones: The A8 microphones are electrically NOT compatible with the A16. So don't try to use them with the A16! It could be damaged!
  2. sander99
    It is possible and not contradicting the manual that the handling of A8 PRIRs is like described in one of the older documents, I think A16_UI_overview.pdf or something like that: it will be automatically converted to A16 format upon loading according to that document.
    There are A8 PRIRs online for free download aren't there? So anyone who has the A16 now could try...

    Edit: Here they are:
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  3. esimms86
    I know of another owner in the UK who paid full price and has received his unit(the 2U).
  4. dsperber
    Great news! I received an email from James today advising that my A16 (2U, pre-order) will be shipping out to me this week!!!

    In my reply providing confirmed shipping address I also asked three questions:

    (1) not that it really matters, but will this A16-2U be "production #0001"? This is purely for my own personal interest.

    (2) will the A16 come with my personal session 2018 CanJam SoCal PRIR (created in April 2018 from the Dolby Atmos setup in the show room) pre-installed for use on the A16, if that's possible?

    (3) in the current absence of an explicit section in the published online A16 PDF manual to provide current A8 users with a "migration path" to the A16 for their existing PRIR/HPEQ files, could he provide a brief summary of any special considerations we need to be aware of or steps we need to take? Or do we merely need to place the files on a microSD card and use them directly, and the A16 will automatically recognize that they are from an A8 and transform them appropriately and automatically?
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  5. audiohobbit
    By the way: If you change the volume of headphones or line out you can see in the videos that the volume level is displayd in large letters. This was my proposal on kickstarter and they implemented it. Nice.
  6. teacher1000
    I'm happy for you! I am actually looking forward to you getting your A16 as you have been one of the most articulate users, even going back to the old A8 thread.
    Might I ask was this the generic email as below? Or did James actually state it was shipping this week?
    "Great news, we are finally ready to ship your A16 unit :)
    Can you confirm the following information:
    1) Shipping address?
    2) Contact telephone number?
  7. dsperber
    I suppose it was a recent small variation on your generic formulation:

    Great news, we will be shipping out your unit this week.
    Can you confirm your shipping address and contact telephone number?

    But it came as a reply from him to my most recent reply email to him (with subject changed), which was my reply to his August 12 "August 2019 update" broadcast. My email's text was quoted in today's email from him, so obviously he is looking at and keeping track of everything he receives even if the email text itself was boilerplate. Today's email from him today provided no answer regarding the #0001 question which I'd actually posed a few weeks back in my August 12 email, so I suspect this correspondence may perhaps be being handled by an underling assistant.
  8. valleynomad
    How does your center speaker sound? IMHO, this is the most challenging one in speaker virtualization. Its image will be accurate only when the PRIR (including HTRF) is captured correctly. Otherwise, the image will be somewhat "muddy" and even suffer so called front/back reversal.
  9. MichaelJames99
    For anyone that has recieved their unit, can you tell us what your order DATE was?
  10. Got the Shakes
    The center sounds pretty good to me. The setup I captured had the center below the tv so it does sound like the sound is coming from a lower location. I did I think 3 captures of that 5.1 setup and it got better each time as I had more experience with the process.

    I’ve never heard of front/back reversal, but I assume that’s exactly what it sounds like, where the brain thinks that the sound from the front is coming from the rear? The first capture I did I felt like this happened when I first listened to it, but it hasn’t been a problem since. Not sure if it went away because if a better measurement or if it was just my brain finally training itself to deal with actual surround coming from headphones and not speakers that were mounted somewhere.
  11. valleynomad
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  12. audiohobbit
    With the Realiser you got the unique chance to put the center directly in front of your TV (and at same height as the front L+R) when creating the PRIR, so the sound seems to come directly out of the TV rather than from below! You should try this!

    I always hated this ( I call this "talking feet"...). As I have a projector and a screen I could use a perforated screen but this has some disadvantages. So I put the center in the middle of the screen (actually I removed the screen completely to prevent reflections) and now the sound over the Realiser comes out of the screen (like in real cinema) without having to use a perforated screen!
  13. Fox1977
    I'm curious to read reviews of the A16 from professionals... I suppose it should come in the forthcoming weeks...
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  14. Got the Shakes
    You know, I never really thought about this, but I could easily move it from below the tv next time I feel like measuring the room again. Wish I would have thought about it before. I’m probably not going to mess with measuring again until I either get access to a different room with a better setup or once the ability to do an asynchronous measurement is available. I really don’t want to mess with the unplugging and replugging that I need to do to measure again and the current PRIR is so much better than any surround solution I’ve listened to that I’ll probably be fine for awhile.
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