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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Fox1977
    I think it's still possible to use A8 PRIR files, but one would have to necessarily go through the Realiser Exchange website to install it. It would then be converted/encrypted in the A16 format.
    It will still be possible to exchange PRIR files for free but it will still have to go through the Realiser Exchange interface.
  2. sander99
    This is an interisting idea, but it is not how Smyth described it: an A8 PRIR would be automatically converted to A16 format upon loading it into the A16. (And, by the way, not the other way around, A16 PRIRs can not be used on the A8).
    "Members can buy PRIR or BRIRs from the virtual audio store but these PRIR/BRIRs will only play on the purchaser’s Realiser." This sentence doesn't say how it is with other PRIR/BRIRs but to me it suggests that other PRIR/BRIRs, for example measured by yourself, will work on every A16. But I don't know for sure of course.
    I have a lot more thoughts and some questions on this subject but I think I might as wel just wait and see how it all will be.
  3. Dixter
    If you do find A8 files desirable per the operation manual : ( There are two main versions of the A8 Hardware, Non HDMI and HDMI capable )

    The following from the latest A8 manual ... so when it refers to Realiser it is for the A8 versions... we don't know how the A16 will handle the Non-HDMI/HDMI version files
    yet... but they are saying the files will play with the A16...

    Earlier file format ( A8 Files )
    Files created with firmware prior to the 21 July 2011 version are saved to the SD card with names
    PRIR00XX.SVS and HPEQ00XX.SVS and saving presets to cards was not possible. The current
    firmware creates PRIR20XX.SVS, HPEQ20XX.SVS and PRES20XX.SVS files.
    The 00XX files are loadable and readable with all firmware. However, the 20XX files are not usable
    with earlier firmware.
    Note that if you load an 00XX file into a Realiser with current firmware and then write it to an SD
    card, it will be written in the 20XX format. Therefore if you are in a situation where you need file
    compatibility with Realisers running earlier firmware, you should archive the 00XX files for that
    purpose. A better solution, of course, would be to make sure that all Realisers are running the latest
    firmware, in which case all files are usable.
  4. sander99
    For clarity: Undoubtetly what they mean here (and at that point in time) is that if all A8's are running the latest A8 firmware, then all A8 files are usable. [Edit: usable by all A8's]
  5. Dixter
    yep... I only posted this as if and when you want to use the older A8 files that a indicator of the age of the files could be identified if you get one that is named 00XX file name versus the newer ( HDMI ) 20XX format.

    and of course if the file is the older version 00XX but gets loaded into the newer version of the A8 then you might not know if its the older or the newer Realiser that created the original... because the newer A8 will rename the files when saved...
  6. Fox1977
    Final chance to preorder the "portable subwoofer" BassMe on KickStarter ! The campaign closes in less than 23h ! After 11:59am (GMT) on Friday, 14th it will not be possible anymore...
    The campaign is a success, the initial funding goal was a modest 10,000€ and it reached nearly 64,000€
    According to the company, shipping should happen way before November.
  7. Sanctuary
    I know this is the A16 thread, but it's somewhat relevant. My A8 arrived on Tuesday, and it was pretty well known that to get the best experience, you must have your own PRIR done. Some people's files will work well enough for others if they have similar physical characteristics, but it's still not going to be as good as having your own measurements done. That being said, I won't be able to do my own for a few weeks, and I am also waiting on some replacement foam pads to arrive as well. However, one thing instantly stands out to be true for me, and someone at Smyth even said as much: out of the box (or using someone else's PRIR), it blows away other well known virtualization algorithms. I've been going through the few dozen 5.1 and 7.1 files that others have uploaded, and right now it sounds nothing like Dolby Headphone (other than both simulate surround out of your head). The crappy reverb is no longer present, even when all channels are active, and on top of that, it doesn't mush some of the channels together into this muffled blob of sound. They each sound distinct, and very clear. Haven't found a file yet that really tricks me into believing there are any sounds coming directly behind me at all times with the rear channels, but there are a few that at least at times sound that way, and I still have a bunch more to go through. Being able to shut off all the channels you don't want on at any given time to test spatial awareness is a great feature too.

    Still learning the main functionality, but I hope the A16 at least allows you to edit previously saved PRIRs (without needing the web functionality) so that you can iterate on a baseline. Have a 7.0 that you think sounds perfect, then later make a copy adding the virtual sub, then make another copy adding height if the recordings need to be broken up over time, or you just want different versions of the same recording. I know the A8 allows you to use even a single speaker for all eight channels if you wish (this is great for those who only have 5.1 setups), but as far as I can tell, that's only before you finalize your current PRIR, and that you can't actually edit them once you save them.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
  8. Dixter
    I have a lead on a A8 that I am trying to pick up over the weekend... I have my fingers crossed that I can use a Apple TV4K with it over HDMI... I know the A8 won't do Atmos but it should do the rest.. 2.0/5.1/7.1 input/output... hope to find out one way or the other...

    This may sound a bit strange... but the pictures in the manual show how to put the mics in the ear... looks like the foam is just a holder for the mics not to fall out or fall in the ear... I am thinking you could cut a filter off of a un used cigarette and make a hole in the filter with something and then mount the mic in the filter .... not sure what those filters are made of... but they would work and they are clean... might be worth a try at least..
  9. Sanctuary
    I was just now thinking about how I was going to try to see if the A8 could pass 4K video (for HTPC upscaling 1080p content). It for sure does not do HDR, since that was a feature that wasn't even slated to ship on the A16, until they decided to add it somewhat close to the end of the hardware finalization. The A8 might be able to do at least 4K/30fps since that's what HDMI 1.4 can pass (it "can" do HDR, but only 8-bit, so kind of pointless), and I believe that's what the A8 has. If it can pass the video at least, this will be huge for me with my HTPC. Otherwise, I've been just having to rely on my Essence STX, which has been good enough all of these years, but the A8 (and A16) would obviously be better. For now, to watch 1080p content with the audio through the A8 I've just been running it through my Oppo 203, but the picture quality is trash doing it that way compared to using madVR.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
  10. travis-bickle
    a seamless, app-based setup editing with and without test sound playback would be an argument for upgrading. Like adding a speaker and moving it around in the virtual room.
  11. Sanctuary
    Not necessarily. You can't do more than 7.1 on the A8 anyway, so if you were wanting Atmos, I think that's a pretty good argument on its own, as well as support for HDR. I already have an A16 on pre-order, and it allows customizing PRIRs, but that's not exactly what I was talking about. I'm talking about being able to do that in a more convenient manner offline and having it so that your PRIR is not set in stone once you've recorded it. The application based adjustments are a good addition, but all I am really wanting to know is if I can make multiple copies and adjustments to a previous recording.


    1. I'm over at a friend's house, and we record a 5.0 setup. Let's called that PRIR_X.
    2. In the future, I want to be able to take PRIR_X, copy it (PRIR_X2) and add a sub.
    3. Later, I want to take PRIR_X and add rears, so that's now 7.0. This is PRIR_X3
    4. Next, copy that and add the sub, which would make it 7.1 and PRIR_X4
    5. Finally, later on add in height speakers, so now it's 7.1.4x and PRIR_X5.

    I could now have 5.0, 7.0 and 7.1.4x all from that initial PRIR. It would allow for iterative upgrades and save a bit of time on the setup and recording, and it might also help to avoid bad recordings where the mics aren't set properly, or any other issue once you've found you already have some really good ones to begin with.

    I mean, if I can do all of that with the web app, then that's cool, but I'd like to avoid having to have an additional link in the chain of cables and hardware, especially in the event that I couldn't connect to the site for whatever reason, or if in the future it simply no longer exists.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
  12. Fox1977
    If i'm not mistaken, adding a sub to a 5.0 or a 7.0 PRIR is rather pointless because the A8 has the Direct Bass feature (and so will the A16) that is told to be much better than the capture of an actual subwoofer (because the Direct Bass mode is free of the reverb of the room and gives neater bass).
  13. Sanctuary
    One might not strictly be superior at all times, so it would be good to be able to have a PRIR with a captured sub, and the same one without and let the A8/A16 mix it in instead.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
  14. Chillzone21
    Had the for A8 for five years now. I swapped out the foam mic inserts with ear buds from in ear headphones.
  15. SergioPOE
    Any news from anyone? French distributor? Bueller? Bueller?
    The Smyths are taking their radio silence to a new level.
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