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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Sordel
    In a hobby where one is always lusting after the next piece of exotic kit I have this to say about my Oppo BDP: it'll do me until it breaks down, and when it breaks down I'll unhesitatingly buy another one.
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  2. raband
    Great to hear :)
  3. raband
    Anyone have any experience/knowledge on the Illusionic upmixing?

    How much of a "bonus" is it?
  4. emptymt
    Haha, i'm not the headbanging type, so it's all good ^_^

    Some metal music has problems with the mastering and is not as well recorded, i'm interested to know what would happen in the end after the modification to the sound to emulate speakers (whatever the realizer is doing here), and how it will sound and feel in the end, etc.

    btw, we don't need to have speakers to use this right?
    from what i understand is that we use pc->smyth A16 and then optionally to DAC->AMP
    so i think the modification is happening digitally to the audio file?
    please correct me if I'm wrong, thx.

    Very interesting technology btw.
  5. raband
    Need at least 1 speaker for initial setup/readings.

    If the music sounds good through speakers (headphones can make bad mastering hurt) then it'll sound good with the A16
  6. sander99
    Pc is just one of many possible sources (and could be connected in various ways, including USB). Anything with HDMI, spdif (optical or coaxial), or analog (up to 16 channels) outputs can be connected.
    The modification is happening digitally, yes, but strictly speaking to the audio input stream, not to the audio file. But maybe you didn't mean that very literally.
  7. emptymt
    lol, i don't have speakers at all right now, so I guess the Smyth relizer wouldn't work for me, at least not straight away.
  8. castleofargh Contributor
    you create a calibration for some headphone and also for some speakers+room with the microphones in your ears to capture the sound as you really get it in both situations. the A16 needs both to create the proper signal "translation" and give you the sound of a room while using your headphone. but this is a matter of setting up the device, after that you don't have to care about speakers anymore. so you can just invite yourself at some friends or family house and do the calibration on their cool and expensive speakers:imp:.
  9. pcfi
    I'm hopeful the local hifi store will let me calibrate in their Atmos demo room. Ultimately if technology like the A16 takes off, doing PRIR measurements could become a side business for them.
  10. raband
    Am in the same boat (S.E suburbs Melbourne Australia) and am tipping the local HiFi shops are so far up their own arses that you need to be buying a system (correction - a component) that costs more than the lease on the MX-5 (Miata) in the carpark before the hairdresser patrolling the floor would even be bothered trying to understand what you want to do. (unless you look naive and have no idea what they can upsell you on)

    Strike that - every person I've met that works in or owns those places do so due to their love of audio

    Am going to have to approach them on a "hey, we haven't met. but can I use your TOTL room for an hour to dial in my gadget that will save me ever having to spend a cent here?"
  11. sander99
    The A16 will have a number of non-personalised settings, that might or might not work well for you,. So you always have something to use straight out of the box.
    Also you can do a special measurement with only a tweeter, the result of that measurement can be "merged" with a non-personalised one on the Realiser Exchange Website (for a charge, not yet decided on how much).
    Or maybe you can borrow a speaker plus amplifier from a friend?
    One warning I once read somewhere: maybe it takes a few tries to get a proper measurement the first time. So don't take just one measurement and before checking it bring the speaker away, to discover later that it didn't go right.
  12. pcfi
    I'm banking on my A16 being the first they have seen or heard of and they'll want to try it themselves too.
  13. raband
    That'll be my way of getting a foot in the door :wink:
  14. raband
    Any old speaker found on the nature strip will do in a pinch

    If you've got hardware to feed the unit with, and cans to listen to it on, not having a speaker to calibrate it with wouldn't be the cock blocker lol
  15. costas23
    one very nice guy posted a dropbox-link in this thread with many awesome PRIRs some time ago (sorry can't quote the post and thank the guy directly, as I only copied the link a while ago)..... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wipepbk9pbcpyeu/4O-sO6ivtM
    Thanks a lot for that, its awesome!
    My question is, is it possible to take those (someone else's) PRIRs and personalise them to my head and make my own PRIR with the room of the SVS-file?
    And I assume those are Realiser A8 SVS-files, so will they be 100% compatible with the A16?
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