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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. sahmen
    The link does not seem to work..., which seems to provide an ironic answer to the question you're asking:)
  2. sander99
    Yes it is possible to personalise a BRIR (someone else's PRIR) with a PRIR (that you made personally for example with only a tweeter) BUT the result wil not be as good as a personal made PRIR, but could sound better than a personal made PRIR in a less good room with less good speakers. This "merging" is done on the realiser exchange site for a fee, how much is yet unknown. The PRIR must contain all the same lookangles that the BRIR has.
    A8 PRIR is automatically converted to A16 when loaded into the A16, of course it will not have elevation tracking, only azimuth.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
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  3. raband

    The file is made up of "personal data" and "room data"

    The "personal data" can be removed and replaced with your own.

    Won't be as good as a file you made yourself in that room but will be very interesting to try.
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  4. Lamerhouse
    link is work ... if it does not work directly .. copy and paste on the browser bar
  5. J.Villain
    The A-8 files will be compatabletible with the A-16. Whether they need any kind of conversion first I don't know. For best results your going to have to do a personal PRIR. Will it be possible to take aspects of some one elses PRIR and add it to yours? I believe that is some thing the exchange will make possible. But the info still pretty sketchy around that. A BRIR is basically a PRIR using a known dummy head. What kind of mileage will you get from trying to use some one else's PRIR to improve your own? I doubt much but I can't say for sure. Besides given the choice between trying a BRIR from say the Skywalker Ranch studio or Bobs randon PRIR which are you going to put effort into?
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  6. sander99
    In the document "A16 UI overview.pdf" http://www.smyth-research.com/downloads/A16 UI overview.pdf last page:
    "The screen on the right is an example file information window for PRIR files. In this case this is the first file of 26, found on the external micro SD card. This particular file is from the old A8 Realiser model and will be automatically converted to the A16 format when copied into the A16 internalstorage."
    From the Smyth website http://smyth-research.com/vaxchange.html
    "For clarity, the term PRIR means a measurement file made using the member’s own head. A BRIR means a measurement file made using some other head."
    From which I infer that a BRIR can be a PRIR made from a dummy head, or from the head of some other person. In other words: a PRIR of mine is a BRIR of yours.
    That is a valid question. But maybe Bob is an audiophile high ender with a top system who doesn't mind to give away his PRIR for free, and if the Skywalker Ranch BRIR costs a few hundred dollars...
    Also depends of course on what the price or personalising a BRIR with a PRIR will be.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
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  7. sander99
    (I pushed the post reply button too early by accident, I elaborate on here)
    It seems you where thinking in the direction of the following proposal on the kickstarter comments page:
  8. J.Villain
    Damn it, I need my A-16!!! Then I could build a PRIR try mixing it with a BRIR and finally know if this is all marketing jazz, whether it works for some and not for others, whether is has a real chance at allowing you to combine with some one elses PRIR etc. RaaaaaahRRRRRR!!!!

    Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.
  9. costas23
    Thanks for the info guys, good to know the BRIRs from the dropbox-link can be utilised somehow, however as sander99 stated.....

    .... the utilisation will be very difficult to get right, as the lookangles and positions of the loudspeakers of the BRIRs are unknown, thus not possible to personalise correctly.... But... I guess here is where the exchange forum will come handy, however the fees are still not known and of course it will depend on them if the service is interesting.

    Another question maybe to those guys who have an A8 ... I was lucky to be at the Realiser demo in Munich this year where I got a true believer of this thing (it was really really awesome!) and got a PRIR done on the Yamaha surround system provided by Smyth at the show. However, I noticed that the sounds on my left ear were a bit shifted and I noticed a small difference to the speakers (the right one was spot on). I know the mistake happened when I inserted the small microphone in my left ear. It didn't sit well and I somehow knew it wasn't perfect from the start. So be careful and take your time with the mics if you get the chance to demo the realiser!
    So question is... can I adjust the sound of the left side somehow or shift it and make my PRIR perfect or is the thing f***ed up?
  10. illram
    Re: calibration of look angles, if I remember the documentation correctly the calibration process uses the head tracker and notifies you via audio cues when you have the right look angles with your head. (Hopefully I'm remembering that right, I read this stuff a long time ago.) So, in theory every BRIR/PRIR should have the same look angles assuming the user didn't screw it up.
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  11. Fox1977
    With my A16, i will have two PRIRs, one that i made and one that my nephew made at the same time. So, if both PRIRs are compared, since the room and speakers are the same, the differences between the two files will be our HRTF.
  12. sander99
    I don't think so. It will be the difference between your two Hrtf's. And maybe, if the idea of this Rene is correct, it could be used to personalise a PRIR of one of you for the other (but again only for the same lookangles, as someone's hrtf is different for all directions)
    [Edit: I add this to avoid misinterpretations: this is just a theoretical and speculative idea, not a planned service from Smyth or something like that]
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
  13. jgazal
    Perhaps this thread must be limited to what Smyth expressly and clearly states, but if you want to speculate on that question in the science forum this is a very speculative excerpt on such question on that forum:

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
  14. jgazal
    AFAIK, the answer is currently no in the Realiser A16 unit itself:

    It might be possible at the Exchange site.

    You may want to calibrate just the faulty speaker again:

    Then the personalization procedure may be done to only that speaker using someone else BRIR that measured such system in that day in that room.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
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  15. sander99
    Maybe I have set people on the wrong foot by using the word lookangles. In fact I meant lookangles in the broader meaning of the word: not only the five different positions needed for the A16 to do his interpolation countering headmovements, but also the different directions to all the speakers. (And in the case of the one-speaker-in-one-fixed-position measurement method for creating a multi-channel PRIR: all the different head-to-speaker orientations). Smyth states the following requirement for the "merging" process (http://smyth-research.com/vaxchange.html):
    Btw: "similar" can be interpreted as "about the same, but not necessarily exactly the same"(?). At the same time I would think: the better the match, the better the result of the merging process. And maybe the distance to the loudpeakers should also match?
    Now in a real speaker system the speakers won't always be exactly in the same positions. Some have the fronts 22° out of center, some 30°, some maybe even 45° or more, whatever. Similar differences for the other speakers.
    So not all BRIRs and PRIRs are based on the same loudpeaker positions.
    About the pilote system: I suspect it will be like this: the "pilote system" can be instructed somehow with a list of lookangles (or head-to-tweeter orientations as Smyth calls them in the context of the tweeter-only PRIR measurement). But you would have to know which ones you need!
    Btw: in the A16 FAQ of Smyth (http://smyth-research.com/A16Q&A.html) is stated:
    So apparently even the lookangles in this more limited meaning of the word are not completely standard.

    This leads to the following advice/request: whenever someone measures a high quality PRIR and intends to donate or sell it to others (for whom this would be a BRIR) for the purpose of personalising it: please carefully document the exact loudspeaker positions and the 5 point angles used!
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