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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. Baten
    Just installed my ghent Singxer-DC-Kit for Singxer SU-1 in Canare 4S6G(OFC). The Gotham was a little too pricy for me..
    I already had a kitsune dc kit but this one is so much better quality the kitsune is just a joke in comparison, the dc cable part especially.

    The fit was a little tight since the canare is rather thick, but in 15 minutes all was done and now listening. Sounds really great; great kit from Ghent. Recommended for owners :)
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  2. NNewman
    Hello. Does anybody here have heard the Sotm upgraded Su-1? It costs a huge amount... Is there any other upgrade possibility to get an input for an externat clock? I have an expensive extrrnal AbbasAudio tube clock that I want to use.
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  3. elan120
    I have one for almost a year. If you already have a SOtM device with two un-used clock output ports from sCLK-EX board such as tX-USBUltra, you can have them do the modification on SU-1 with cost to program clock outputs, labor, and cable/parts, but if you plan to get a new sCLK-EX board installed inside the SU-1, then the cost is, as you stated, quite high. I am not aware of other clock upgrades that will accept an external reference clock.
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  4. NNewman
    Does this increses the sound quality so greatly?
  5. NNewman
    Does anybody can tell me the pinout of the "VDC" on the board?
  6. Baten
    Honestly though, now that the SU-6 is out with several upgrades why spend so much on the su-1 seems a little pointless. Used su-1 on budget or otherwise newest su-6 version makes most sense imo
  7. NNewman
    Thanks. The Sotm upgrade is already available for the SU-6?
  8. Baten
    No that it isn't, I don't think there's any SU-6 mods out unfortunately.

    On the other hand, the su-6 has better clocks with temperature management ('oven' controlled). I think the point of the SU-6 is that it doesn't need any upgrades, it also has an external PSU rather than internal to allow for people to use LPS. All around better than SU-1, few reviews so far though so not sure how audible this all is. It might still be better on budget to capacitor/power mod an SU-1, but the Sotm upgrade is VERY expensive lol.
  9. elan120
    The improvement is quite nice, meanwhile, I have done all the mods I can think of on my SU-1, including the SOtM clocks, there were two different clocks I have used, as well as all 5 voltage regulators, caps...etc. I will likely not try SU-6, not for the cost, but feel the improvement likely not worth the effort even having SOtM to mod the clocks. If you already have an SU-1, you could consider the mod or change it with an SU-6, but if you don't already have an SU-1, going with SU-6 might be more logical.

    On to a tangent...I have been working on front end of my system for a short while, started from dual PC to single PC back to dual PC setup. In between, I have SOtM clock mod done on my serve Mobo, SOtM USB card, as well as JCAT Femto Net card, yet the most improvement from a single change was the second time dual PC setup, that my new endpoint is now a SOtM clock modded Intel NUC (NUC7i7DNHE) running latest AL as OS, and second to that were both the SOtM clock modded server as well as the Ethernet switch, where SOtM modded SU-1 come after these. So why talk about these front end system/devices? There are plenty of greater improvements can be had before signal gets into SU-1/SU-6, so consider reviewing improvement steps from the entire system, you might find some weaker links in your system to upgrade besides SU-1.

    Hope this helps somewhat.

    Not sure what you mean here, could you elaborate?
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  10. NNewman
    Hello. Thanks. That was really helpful.
    6 pin holes above "VDC" sign...
  11. Ricardo007
    What is the result of your capacitor shootout?
  12. NNewman
    At last I'm testing my "double case" version of the SU-1. IMG_20190731_091023347.jpg IMG_20190731_091048588.jpg
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  13. Ricardo007
    Does adding a reclocking device before su1 makes a difference? Iso regen or txusb ultra?
  14. teeraash
    Need help. I've Holo Audio Spring 2 feeded by SU-1 via I2S. Sound so sweet but left - right channels are reversed! I've tried 2.00 firmware as well as 2.20 firmware with the latest driver. AES plays left-right channel correctly only i2s that got it reverse. All dip switches are set to off (as stated in the manual). What should I do. Thanks in advance.
  15. comzee
    It's not a firmware issue, it is the "dip switches" you referenced. One of those switched specifically swaps Left and Right channel for i2s.
    The manual is poorly written and hard the understand, so I'm not sure which specific switch it is (they are numbered 1 thru 8).
    The easiest solution is to play this youtube video start testing which dip switch it is. Flip each switch off/on until you find the on that fixes Right/Left channel.
    Yes you can flip those switches while the SU-1 is on and playing audio, it's safe.
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