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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. teeraash
    Thanks. I tried that this morning. Switch 9 swap s PCM channels and probably switch 7 flips DSD channels. So my setting is all switches set to "off" except 7 and 9. My new SU1 comes with 10 switches. Thanks for your suggestion. Appreciated.
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  2. teeraash
    The SU-1 dealer wrote to me....."The manufacturer said that you did not pair the I2S. Please refer to the manual for pairing settings. Generally speaking, the machine is ok.". I'm not sure what he is talking about (besides installing latest driver, correct firmware and dip switches setting for the DAC). Sound like someone is trying to muddle through the problems?
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  3. jimmychan
  4. olivierpe

    I received a brand new su-1 this morning to go with my Audio-gd R8 and in order to have everyhting ok in terms of channels, I needed to :
    - run the 2.20 firmware
    - switch 9 ON
    - switch 10 ON

    The switch 9 solved by itself the inversion for pcm but the DSD sound was crappy (opposed phase I think, while not inverted). Switching on the 10 solved everything. PCM continues to sound nice and DSD is ok as well (thanks to the firmware version regarding the channels and thanks to the switch 10 regarding the side effects of the switch 9 on)

    Apart that, I'm more than satisfied with it, it overcomes my hopes, and is far far far far far better than the integrated Amanero interface! The difference is not subtil, no need to listen for hours, for me it is night and day and I'm not a believer usually :)

    Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
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  5. uncola
    yeah I had the same experience using the su-1 with the ps audio gain cell dac, the i2s input sounded way better than the usb one
  6. olivierpe
    Yes, I'm not sure to have already purchased something more usefull than this wonderful piece of hardware. It has totally changed my experience, like the fact to remove a cap, really impressive.
    Strangely enough though, I own a premium USB cable from Wireworld, pretty expensive, and the one provided by Audio-GD with the R8 is far better. It does't look nice or expensive, it is a cheap one I guess, and it sounds wonderfully, here also, the difference is not subtil.
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  7. teeraash
    I've tested extensively with both PCM and DSD on Holo Spring 2 (also with 2.20 firmware on SU-1 and latest driver 4.67). Can confirm that the correct dip switches for i2s is 7&9 on all others off. Sound great with 120 hrs burning. To my surprise, it is sound better than my Emm Labs XDS1 v1 + Weiss Int202 which is ten folds more expensive!
  8. teeraash
    Finally I got official reply from Singxer. Holo dac 7,9,10 switches ON. See attached pictures for other dacs.
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  9. olivierpe
    Thank you, and yes I confirm that Audio-gd must be addressed with PS Audio settings.

    This stuff is absolutely amazing, but I noticed that the hdmi cable is very important. Again, I'm not a particular believer but here, it's really clear. And the funniest is that I own "premium" hdmi cables (short, sturdy and well made, from Audioquest ) and the best of all is... An Amazon basic cable of 0,9m at... 7$! Without any discussion, the Amazon one brings a lot of space and details that the AQ doesn't...

    When I said that I'm not a believer...:beyersmile:
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
  10. motberg
    Thanks for the tip - :beerchug:
    I will try that Amazon cable (just ordered) as I have always used the 0.3M Wireworld or 0.5M Silversonic with good results, but would be nice to have a little extra length and flexibility sometimes...
  11. olivierpe
    Yeah, at least if you don't like it, it's not a big deal :) on my side I'm surprised of what it brings, and I'm wondering why... Probably a question of conception and not of product quality... Mystery!
  12. olivierpe
    A strange thing : The SU-1 is supposed to be 32 bits but into Mac OS i see it only at 24 bits maximum... How is that possible ? (I run Mojave)
    (Capture in french system, sorry)
  13. comzee
    I wouldn't worry about what the "Audio MIDI Setup" says in MAC OS. I have a lot of difference audio devices it misreads and displays incorrect information.
    The main thing you need to worry about, is running the SU-1 in "exclusive mode". You can do this with an audio player using FLAC, or Tidal has that option if you use that service.
  14. olivierpe
    :)Thank you for your help!
    I'm using roon and hqplayer together and none of them see the Singxer as 32 bits... That's my concern
  15. comzee
    As long as you're using exclusive mode, it picks the bit-depth for you automatically. You don't have to change the bit-depth anywhere, on the OS or program level. Exclusive mode takes over and chooses the bit-depth of whatever track you are playing.
    I'd also assume you don't have any 32bit flac either, as it doesn't even exist. To my knowledge no mastering studio has ever released in 32bit, max is 24bit. If you have any 32bit flac, it's most likely reprocessed to 32bit for "marketing".

    In that sense, all your 16bit and 24bit flac will play fine and correctly, as long as you're using exclusive mode.
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