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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. T Bone
    The Singxer SU-1 digital-to-digital converter has numerous devotees here on Head-Fi.  I thought it might be a good idea to create a dedicated thread for SU-1 knowledge sharing. 
    To kick things off I thought I would post a basic description of the SU-1 and a few beauty shots.
    The SU-1 is a “digital-to-digital” converter.  USB input is converted to three different types of signal – AES/EBU, SPDIF (BNC & RCA) or I2S. 
    The SU-1 is powered by the latest generation of XMOS chips, the xCORE 200.  Which is supposed to double the performance of the previous generation’s U8 chips. 
    Business Up Front
    Party In The Rear
    Selfie Stick View
    Tindr Profile Pix
    P.S. Let's keep it civil.  I really don't want to see this thread "death-spiral” like the XMOS XU208 thread. 
  2. Energy
    Thank you for creating it's own personal thread.
  3. T Bone
    One of the first things prospective SU-1 owners should know is that the SU-1 doesn't ship with a power cord. I suppose that makes life easier for the Singxer so they don't have to maintain different SKU's for different countries.  Of course most of us suffering from audiophilia are likely to ditch the stock power cable for something different anyway.  
    I didn't want to use a power cord from an old PC, so I picked up a reasonably priced Pangea AC-14SE from Audio Advisor.  
    ....nothing nuts.    
    If you're going to buy a Singxer - be sure to check your cable inventory for a decent power cord of an appropriate length.
  4. joseph69
    Good move!
    As I mentioned in a previous post I'm going to re-visit the SU1.
    I felt I may have jumped to my conclusion about the pairing. I spoke with Tim this afternoon, and I just need to wait a few weeks because I ordered the "KTE" this time around, so Tim needs to do the upgrades. This time I'll give the SU1 plenty of listening time before drawing any conclusions.
    I also have the microRendu, but I'm still waiting for the LPS-1 to arrive, so I haven't tried it yet. I tend to try both together/separate in my chain.
  5. T Bone
    HDMI Length
    Singxer recommends that you keep the I2S connection (HDMI cable) as short as possible.  
    Their recommendation is that you don't exceed 0.5M.  
    I was caught off guard by this recommendation because it's not listed on the Singxer website.  I suppose it was "common knowledge" to everyone but me that I2S should be super short.  ...now I know [​IMG] and so do you! 
    If you can't get your Singxer close to your DAC, the AES/EBU connection might be a better option for you.
    You will need a 110Ω digital cable with XLR terminations.  These cables can get stupid pricey fast.   
    Benchmark makes a quality cable that's reasonably priced.  link
  6. winders
    I am in the process of trying to get a Singxer SU-1 with a DC input and no internal power supply. The included power supply puts out 7 VDC but  the unit runs fine on 5 VDC.
    Why, you may ask, do I want that? Well, I plan on using a computer to DAC chain that looks like this:
    MacBook Pro (USB Out) → ISO Regen (USB Out) → Singxer SU-1 (AES Out) → Yggdrasil 
    The new UpTone Audio ISO Regen will be powered by an UpTone Audio LPS-1. The LPS-1 has enough power to supply both the SU-1 and the ISO Regen. Using the LPS-1 insures that only low noise power with no AC leakage is fed to the SU-1. This gets the best signal possible into the Yggdrasil.
    I could buy an SU-1, remove the power supply, and fabricate the rest of the parts to get what I want. But I hope I can get it made by Singxer and have it cost a little less at the same time.
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  7. joseph69
    I have a nice credit with The Cable Company and was going to look into the Starlight 7 HDMI which seems to only come in 0.25 sq. mm which is just under 10". I keep the SU1 on top of my ACE-515 which is about 4" above the Spring.  
  8. Energy
    Those are nicely priced AES/EBU cables from Benchmark. They feature the blue Canare cable which is high quality stuff.
    If anyone is looking for a higher quality cable, I'd recommend the DH Labs Silver Sonic D-110. It features ohno continuous cast silver plated copper center wires insulated in teflon (PTFE) and their Silver Sonic Ultimate XLR connectors. The connectors pins are made from pure copper which is rare to find as it's not easily malleable. Even higher end ones nowadays are rhodium or thick gold plating over tellerium copper. The DH Labs cable and connector abides 110 ohm and is near 100% IACS of conductivity.
    I've noticed these AES cables only have a single mylar aluminum foil shielding over them to keep their low capacitance rating which seems important in both AES & I2S transfers. I feel like RCA & BNC allows for thicker shields (eg. copper braid) due to its center wire being isolated and further away from the jacket, thus not as easily affected by capacitance.

    Anywho, my Metrum Pavane only has AES/EBU as it's best input. Exchanging emails with them, they told me they offered I2S input if i swap out the USB input board, but the problem is... the I2S connector they mentioned was RJ49/RJ45 which is an Ethernet port with only 8 pins. 
    Pin 1 = SDATA
    Pin 2 = GND
    Pin 3 = LRCK
    Pin 4 = GND
    Pin 5 = SCLK
    Pin 6 = GND
    Pin 7 = MCLK
    Pin 8 = GND
    I'm going to go on the edge and make my own HDMI to RJ45 cable that connects the Singxer SU-1 to the upgraded Metrum Pavane. Hopefully it works and those needing the same will find it helpful (since not all DAC's have HDMI as it's I2S connector). What I'm more hopeful about is that the sound quality gained will be more than just a mild improvement. The I2S input board is going to run me over $100. For that much maybe I'll get more of an improvement by purchasing an Intona Isolator... decisions decisions. Maybe do both? **** this hobby.

    Waiting on my BNC anti-dust caps. [​IMG] 
  9. winders
    Before you buy an Intona Isolator, you might want to wait and see how the UpTone Audio ISO Regen ends up performing when it is released. It is supposed to combine the Intona Isolator and the current Regen in a single box. I have heard good things about it. 
  10. Tboooe
    @winders I am in the process of doing exactly what you mentioned, powering the SU-1 with clean DC power.  It took me a while to figure out the right connector needed for the SU-1 board but I was finally able to get it.  I will be placing an order for an LPS-1 by the end of this month.  The mod should be very easy (as long as I dont reverse the polarity!).  I also intend to use the LPS-1 to supply clean 5V for the incoming USB signal from my PC.  I also plan to compare the LPS-1 powering the SU-1 and USB lines against my current HDPlex 300W linear. I'll report back shortly.
  11. T Bone
    WOW!  That is an interesting project.  I did not know that I2S used different connects.  It makes sense though.
    For what its worth, you might want to call up Moon Audio and ask about a custom cable.  Making your own is certainly cheaper, but Moon's expertise in this area and their support of the Head-Fi community is strong.  
    I am very interested to see the finished product now matter how you get there.
    A $100 in this hobby is a drop in the bucket. lol. 
  12. Energy
    Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to seeing how well it performs.
    There is no standard connector for I2S and the pinout ranges from DAC to DAC.
    Here is a database from Sonore: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h5PMUBkldkpt1rCnAR4ZHYGZNeCe-vwIFyKWYMZWsX0/edit#gid=0
    There's HDMI, RJ45, DIN, D-Sub, BNC, and many others.
    Thanks for the recommendation, however I am a cables manufacturer myself. Just never done anything I2S related until now.
    No matter how I get there as long as it's legal or has the possibility of winning in court huh? haha.
    After getting my Metrum Pavane I was suppose to end this hobby but the march continues... *cries*
  13. T Bone
    aww hell; If I had known that maybe you could have saved me some $$ and frustration!
  14. inthere
    Because the Singxer cleans up so well, i'm not so sure the Isolator will make a radical difference that i'm seeking, so I just went with the Audioquest Jitterbug+Singxer, the combo seems to be working spectacularly so far
  15. WNBC
    Thanks, I have this cable and the Audioquest and NRG-X3.  Usually the NRG-X3 is paired with the SU-1.  Those are really the only aftermarket ones I have owned aside from Shunyata Venom.  
    Good tip on the Benchmark XLR cable.  I haven't rolled many of these.  I'm currently using Wireworld Equinox 7.  Been using these since the start so I cannot say how they compare against stock cable. 
    For HDMI cable I'm using the stock one on Kitsune Hifi.  https://kitsunehifi.com/product/generic-i2s-hdmi-cable-0-3m/ .  If people have a recommendation based on comparisons let me know.  Lets keep it under a $100 :)
    The SU-1 + Intona was recommended to me by Tim at Kitsune to squeak out the best performance out of the Spring DAC.  And he was right.  Pretty amazing setup.  I'm using a Macbook.  
    Also using the SU-1 + Intona with coaxial input into Sony TA-ZH1ES.  Also a great combo.  This DDC has really opened my eyes to how to get best SQ out of my computer.  Not sure I'll be able to do the mods to the SU-1, but sounds a modded one is coming out of Kitsune. 
    For Mac users, we're limited to DSD64 and DSD128, correct?  Unless we get something like the MicroRendu.  
    The SU-1 as purchased by Kitsune is already configured for Spring DAC.  For other DACs, like TA-ZH1ES is it true we need to change/toggle the switches underneath the SU-1 for DSD playback?
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