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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. BlueDL
    Sorry, two things I need to add:

    1. My experience of DSD512 is via Roon on a Linux based server - not JRiver on a Windows OS.

    2. The Singxer probably has a better USB implementation than the X20, so USB-i2s (shortest cable possible to DAC) might give you audible benefits regardless of the sample rate you adopt. Others more knowledgeable on the hardware differences, respective clocks, etc., may wish to chime in and either confirm this or flame me!
  2. Triplefun
    Like you I have the x20 and have a curiosity re dsd512 and the sinxger - assuming an unmodded x20 will work - could someone please verify this. I noticed an improvement in going from dsd128 to dsd256 on the x20.

    I also have dsd512 support on my office system with an smsl m8a dac and noticed improved definition in the bass and mid range and better 3d sound stage. A major issue is the up sampling performance and cooling of your source PC with the ability to efficientky process dsd512.

    Using i2s to the gustard would bypass the gustard USB interface, which is known to have issues. There are supposedly further improvements when the USB board is removed.

    Both my systems run daphile.
    Last edited: May 9, 2018
  3. Contrails
    I have an issue with mine. I downloaded the latest firmware DSD512. V4.36.0 and my channels are reversed. I am using Audiravana up only can upsample to DSD 256. DAC is Holo.
  4. rocky500
    The latest Singxer firmware to use for the Holo Dac is v2.20. The firmware v2.22 will reverse the channels for Holo Dac but ok with PSAudio and Gustard dacs.
  5. punit
    Is this (v2,20) only for Windows or works for Mac & Linux as well ?
  6. rocky500
    Do you know what firmware is on there?
    Previous firmware was v2.00 for use with Holo Dac and v2.02 for some others.
    The only difference that I think I read was there are 2 firmwares each time and the only difference is that the channels are reversed. You use the one to suit your brand Dac.
    I only use windows, so not sure if you can update the firmware with other operating systems.

    Also I think this is only applicable if you are using the i2S connection from the Singxer.
    Last edited: May 12, 2018
  7. joseph69
    No firmware upgrades for Mac.
  8. bmnathe
    Anyone know if a firmware upgrade for Mac is on the horizon? Specifically one to allow for DSD512 upsampling.....
  9. bflat
    Nothing at this time. There is no indication from XMOS or Singxer that they will support Mac OS custom ASIO drivers. A lot of this has to do with the costs and overhead dealing with Apple certification which is a lot tighter and controlled than Windows. It's a better chance that some 3rd party will see an opportunity to create a custom driver, but even then, the low volume of customers mean the selling price of the drivers will be quite high.

    IMHO, it will be a shorter wait for an upgraded SU-1 that supports 768/32-Bit bit rate so it can support DSD512 DoP so that no custom driver is needed.

    You can either live with DSD256 or use Bootcamp and run Windows for DSD512. Those are your only options for a Mac for now.
  10. oneguy
    Or run something like an ultraRendu.
  11. joseph69
    I run a MBP > ultraRendu > KTE SU-1 > KTE Spring DAC and you still can't upsample to DSD512. All of the above are capable of running DSD512 with the exception of the MBP which is why you need Windows. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. bmnathe
    I was not aware that an "upgraded" SU-1 is being developed. That sounds like it could solve my issue..
    DEANO2 likes this.
  13. bflat
    There is no official timeline or features announcements. Bootcamp for Mac is the most practical solution imho if you must have DSD512.
  14. oneguy
    If I let it buffer, I can run DSD512 on my 2013 MacBook Air for about a minute before it stutters. Functionally, it works. It just doesn’t work well.
    joseph69 likes this.
  15. BlueDL
    What playback software are you using and is this straight playback of a file or are you upsampling from a lower resolution? Cheers.
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