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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. phile1
    Hi bflat,
    Like you I didn't dare to mod the SU-1 by myself, so I ordered from Magna Hifi (NL) its modded version of the SU-1 (the MagnaFied version), on which I ask Magna Hifi (contact Jos to get info) to replace the 24.572MHz Crystek clock by a NewClassD Neutron Star 2.
    I'm currently at the beginning the the 200h required burning, but SQ is already very very nice : it's all about 3D, low crosstalk, damn nice presence, and much richer harmonics.
    A bit more pricey than the stock version of the SU-1, of course, but it worths it as the SU-1 is key in my setup (see signature).

    Here on the French hifi forum, I've put my 1st feedback about this device (use Google if translation is needed) : http://forum-hifi.fr/thread-974-post-156937.html#pid156937
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  2. elan120
    Hello @phile1 ,

    Very nice looking SU-1 mod. Just out of my curiosity, is there any reason why you only have the stock Crystek 24.576 MHz oscillator replaced but leaving the 22.5792MHz oscillator stock?

    I normally using HQPlayer to up-sample most of my music files to DSD512, but sometimes I will just up-sample DSD files to DSD512, and up-sample PCM files to either 352.8KHz or 384KHz pending original music file format, so when I make the oscillator mod, I replaced both Crystek 22.5792MHz and 24.576MHz oscillators since I need to use both.

    Thank you for your inputs.
  3. Thenewguy007
    How much did all that set you back for?
  4. phile1
    Hello Elan120,
    as I said briefly in the link to the FR forum, I upsample to 24/192 because my amps are digital amps (Full Digital Amplifier, FDA, based on PWM amplification), and they resample at the chip level everything they receive in 24/192.
    I did the test, and it works : when I send 24/192 version of any file, it sounds "nicer", Thus I already upsample everything at 24/192 on server side (thanks to Minimserver on the NAS).
    So, when I ordered that "personnal" modded SU-1, my idea was :
    - I do not intent to change my amps
    - I guessed this modded SU-1 would be good enough to last for a long time
    - if I would have ask a tweak with both 22 & 24Mhz, price would have been higher (too much), and above all because the 22MHz would have remained unsued (I would have paid for "nothing") ; and it would have been very difficult to fit 2 Neutron Star 2 even in an "extented" enclosure as Magna Hfi manage to do nicely with only one.
    - the weak point of that tweak is that "if" I want to sell it... it might be tricky :) But the goal is not there, and the SQt seems to be in line with what I guessed & wanted it (it's already quite stunning...)

    Did you notice SQ diffrence when you up-sample to 352 or 384kHz ?

    My amps do not accept DSD... so it may be a future upgrade :wink:
    In the meantime, I already run active correction using EqualizerAPO on my PC thru convolution file. It "pumps" 1%CPU, far enough since it is my "only & do everything" computer :)
  5. phile1
    the trick I don't have DAC, because I have cheap FDAs
    and my "drive" part is rather good & cheap because is only a USB fiber cable (Corning 3.Optical) that I power with a $20 5V power bank, and a ifi Purifier (cf. signature).
    All tweaks I've made in the past showed that the amps were not the bottleneck of my setup, but source & especially the USB>spdif DDC was key.
    Above that, I couldn't have done that mod by myself. Thus I paid a bit more than 3 times the SU-1 price for this modded one.
    Cheap or expensive ? if you can't do the tweak on the SU-1 & add the NeutronStar2, that's a very fairly price when you listen to it.

    ok, the clock is not broken in yet but it's already very promising
  6. elan120
    Hello @phile1 ,

    I too, plan on keeping my modded SU-1 for a while. Thank you for the information why only one oscillator was replaced, and now I can see the logic very well.

    When I did the mod for my SU-1, I also replaced the 24.000MHz oscillator on the USB input side, and that also helped to improve the SQ as well.

    When up-sample using HQPlayer to either 352 or 384, in my system, I noticed a slight improvement, it is a little on the subtle side, but enough for me to use them.

    Happy listening...
  7. rafabro
    I finally did the same. I replaced 24.000 with Abracon ASVMB on separate pcb and own voltage regulator. It does make SQ difference.
  8. elan120
    That is great to hear. :relaxed:

    Other than I used a different clock for mine, the result is same - an uplift in SQ after the clock replacement. Quite happy with the result.
  9. Maquis22
  10. Excellence 5
    The driver by Holo works better for me, too (good sound and no clicks, no pops), but I still need to turn on the SU-1 at least once a day if I want it to continue to be recognized by Windows 10. If I don’t do that, I need to reinstall the driver whatever it is.

    Not sure if my trouble can be caused by a multi-adapter for USB that I’m using to connect mouse and keyboard.
    Last edited: May 1, 2018
  11. taxman2
    What is your OS?
  12. taxman2
    It looks to me as a power problem. What power plan have you chosen? You must disable usb selective suspend. And go to device manager and uncheck power save on all usb controllers. They must be awake all the time. If they become sleepy - the system will not recognize what is connected to them.
  13. Excellence 5
    I was wrong: it doesn’t solve anything: after another start up Windows 10 didn’t recognize the SU-1…

    Now I pulled out the USB multi-adapter mentioned above, I’m optimistically convinced that it was causing the mess. I’ll keep you informed.
  14. denti
    I have the Gustard X20 and am running DSD256 from J.River and it sounds great. What would I be getting by adding the Singxer and outputting DSD512?
    Last edited: May 9, 2018
  15. BlueDL
    I read that the leap from DSD256 to DSD512 was massive, so I embarked on a system revamp that ultimately allowed me to upsample redbook to DSD512 fed into a Holo Spring DAC.
    Gotta say that the improvement is subtle and far from the giant leap I’d expected.
    However, it will depend how revealing the downstream system is and you may reach a totally different conclusion to me!
    Also, it depends on your personal sound preferences, as I find I actually prefer PCM384 or PCM352 for it’s brighter and clearer sound. DSD512 seems smoother sounding to my ears.
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