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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. joseph69
    I use a MBP so no drivers to install, but why don't you just leaving your SU-1 on 24/7?
    EDIT: I'm using macOS High Sierra 10.13.4
    Macs using anything OSX 10.6 and above don't require driver downloads.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2018
  2. Excellence 5
    What is it? Please, tell me.

  3. joseph69
    What is what?
  4. Excellence 5
    What do you mean by MBP? How can Windows 10 recognize an external drive, like the SU-1, without installing a specific driver?
  5. joseph69
    MacBook Pro (MBP). I've edited my previous post saying Mac's using OSX 10.6 and beyond don't require driver downloads. I'm using macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 so no driver downloads to deal with.
  6. BlueDL
    Amen to that!
    I use the sonicorbiter OS (Linux), upsample to DSD512 in Roon and don’t have the faff of Windows 10 drivers and HQ Player. Been there, done that, got frustrated and saw the light. Yes, it could be argued that HQ Player is better sounding, but is it really worth the hassle - and the need for a high spec ‘gaming PC’ to do DSD512 properly?? Good luck to those who do this, but parenthood, time and budget put the brakes on for me!
    joseph69 likes this.
  7. taxman2
    I've never ever had any problems with that. I am on WS 2016 core.
  8. Thenewguy007
    I think Rob Watts from Chord said Windows 10 is superior to the driverless iOS, Android or Linux systems as they do not guarantee bit perfect data at the DAC when connecting with the USB cable.
  9. Triplefun
    If you want to try something really simple with guaranteed support of DSD512 upsampling without the need to install drivers then try Daphile (www.daphile.com). Daphile is a headless self contained Linux based music player which builds on the Logitech Media Server (LMS) and can be loaded on top of an existing OS without destroying any of the content, from a USB stick. IF you like what you hear then there is the option to be permanently installed. And of course it is FREE.
    BlueDL likes this.
  10. BlueDL
    Yes, I noted that and I admit that it did get me thinking. But I like the ‘low maintenance’ side of Linux and the user experience of Roon browsed with an iPad. Also, to my (48 year old) ears, my system doesn’t sound at all broken - far from it in fact.
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  11. Maquis22
    Ok I have no idea what's going on, at first I got a message from Windows that the USB device had malfunctioned. Now when I reinstall the drivers the driver window doesn't even show up in the taskbar. Should I reinstall Windows?
  12. taxman2
    Which driver are you trying to install?
  13. Maquis22
  14. taxman2
    Install the new one 4.36
  15. taxman2
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