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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. Joong
    Singxer gets in signal stream from USB host asynchronously, and sends a better stream (jitter free or clean) to a Dac through I2S isochronously?
  2. uncola
    audiobean are you using the dip switch settings for gustard?
    the kitsune hifi page shows all the settings.  looks like you just need to flip 3 and 6 from off to on.  and use the 2.02 firmware.  the driver icon in the task tray will display what firmware you're on
    for the sample rate, make sure your player software is actually set up correctly, wasapi or asio and not directsound which just lets the windows mixer change everything to 44.1khz or whatever you have windows set to.
  3. WNBC
    Mac > Intona > SU-1 > I2S > Spring DAC
    I'm pretty impressed thus far.  At some point someone suggested to me putting a iFi Micro USB3.0 after the Intona to feed the SU-1 to squeeze out that last bit of performance, but by no measure a high priority.  One of those low priority tweaks.
    Apologize in advance for not being up to speed on Intona problems, but are you suggesting dumping the Intona once ISO REGEN and iGalvanic 3.0 are available?  I haven't necessarily noticed bandwidth or latency issues with the Intona.  Everything sounds pretty good, but this is as good I've ever heard a system so I might not have the proper perspective.  
  4. audiobean
    Oooooh gotcha. I do have the 3rd and 6th pins switched on. I guess it is the player. I am using Itunes from a macbook laptop. I am not sure how to set the itunes player to switch the kHz automatically but I will start to look around. Now I know where to start. Thanks for all the help.
  5. T Bone
    That's exactly what I've done.  I just sold my Intona with plans to try Uptone's ISO Regen when they become available.  
    @WNBC - I don't know if the iFi Micro USB3.0 after your Intona is going to make a $400 difference.  I am kind of skeptical.
    I'm going to try the ISO Regen (when available) as an Intona replacement and see how it fairs.  Assuming that it works as well, or better than the Intona it replaces, will try powering it with an Uptone LPS to see if there's a significant performance improvement.  
    ....if that test goes, well then I guess I'll consider modifying the Singxer SU1 to accept power from the LPS as well.  
    I am going to make these changes one at a time to ensure that each step is yielding an audible benefit.  
  6. winders
    That's not going to fly. The ISO Regen is going to need more than 5 vdc and the Singxer SU-1 needs exactly 5 vdc.
  7. Tboooe
    Actually, i had Alex verify that the LPS-1 can power both the SU-1 and IsoRegen. He said the VBUS draw is so low with the the SU-1 that setting the LPS-1 at 5V results in 4.95V being seen by the SU-1 and it works fine.
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  8. T Bone
    My Apollo "flat" 0.5M HDMI finally arrived today.  Above is the Supra HDMI linking the I2S ports on the Singxer & Holo.  ...and below is the Apollo.
    My first impression is that the Apollo doesn't fit anywhere near as snug as the Supra into the back of the Holo.  The fit on the Singxer is just fine, but a bit too loose on the Holo for my tastes.  I prefer my cables to have a nice snug fit.  
    F0F13543-1DAE-4840-A4D5-BEF8281E593A_zpsa66gpyfa.jpg   9D7E5A3B-B4B7-4B18-AA81-4B878E228826_zpsy1muhabb.jpg
    For $25 it's a nice cable.  Listening tests coming up next.
  9. WNBC
    Gotcha, I guess I can wait for your results before selling the Intona :wink:
    I have a GS-X and Apollo HDMI coming.  Very close to your setup minus the LCD-3.
  10. LarryMagoo
    This LPS will power up to 4 different DC voltages out of one box....
    At least it's cheaper than the Uptone LPS....and they will let you try it for a year with full refund...
  11. winders
    That's good news!
  12. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Pffft...copy cat. [​IMG]
    Just kidding...great setup! You will love the KTE L3 Spring DAC --> GS-X Mk2. I'm sitting back tonight with my HD800S and absolutely loving what I'm hearing! I'd suggest you consider the KTE SU-1, just takes the already very good USB from the Spring DAC to the next level.
  13. WNBC
    I'm pumped. PS1K coming too. Nice trio: PS1K, HD800S, and Z1R. I typed Utopia by accident for Z1R. Freudian. Corrected that quickly :wink:

    MacedonianHero likes this.
  14. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Lol, I hate to tell you, but the Utopias are absolutely STUNNING in this setup! [​IMG]
  15. WNBC
    Maybe in 2018 or I need a side hustle to support this hobby :wink:

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