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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Lol! Enjoy your setup! I certainly am. [​IMG]
  2. Tboooe
    Definitely looking forward to your thoughts!
  3. fzman Contributor
    Just subbed my new Audioquest .6m Diamond HDMI for a 1m AQ Vodka HDMI.  Obvious improvement in every respect.  It's burning in now..... (or not, if you don;t believe in that stuff).  Aurender X100L feeding SU-1 into Directstream DAC via I2S.
  4. Tboooe
    I need to try out these AQ cables.  I am really loving my Wireworld Ultraviolet though.  
  5. T Bone
    I spent some time listening to Amy Winehouse's remastered Frank album over the Apollo and then switching back to the the Supra. I felt that the Supra had a little more clarity on the top end and a little more space.   It was a pretty subtle difference.  Certainly smaller than the difference between AES and I2S.   To my ears, the Supra had the edge.  The Apollo is certainly a good option, especially at $25.
    It bears repeating that the Apollo had a rather loose connection to the Holo.  Did that audibly affect performance?  I don't know.  The Supra had a nice solid connection to both the Holo and Spring.  
    For those interested in the Supra cables, here's a link to the 0.5M HDMI cable on their website.  I believe I paid < $70 with shipping.  
    The USA distributor of these Swedish cables (Sjöfn HiFi) can be reached on ebay - LINK.  I had to contact them directly to request the 0.5M cable.  
  6. rafabro
    I am just testing again AQ Coffee, my friend was so nice that lend me for longer period of time.
    My AQ carbon are great but no daubs, Coffee is superior. I am curious about Diamond... :wink:
  7. Energy


    Right now it's best to have an Intona Isolator + UpTone Regen right before the Singxer SU-1.

    However since the UpTone ISO REGEN performs better in improving signal integrity and NOW offers galvanic isolation, it's better to wait and get that instead.

    Personally I am getting the iFi iGalvanic 3.0 ($299) as it offers the similar improvements (reclocking, rebalance, regeneration, galvanic isolation, ultra low power noise). Due to it utilizing the incoming 5V USB power, there is no additional need for a separate power supply such as the UpTone LPS-1. The outputted noise from the iFi iGalvanic 3.0 is 0.5uV thanks to it's galvanic isolation implementation. That diminishingly low noise heading into the Singer SU-1 will no doubt improve the unit (since it draws 5V from the USB input for it's XMOS among other things).

    The only reason I can see why the LPS-1 would be a good additional is if you used it to power the ISO REGEN and to replace the stock power supply within the Singer SU-1 at the same time.

    BUT AGAIN, the same performance in improving the stock power supply can be had for cheaper if you bought an iFi iPower 5V instead. In my opinion, I like this method more because it fits cleaner into the SU-1 and can be hooked up directly to the IEC Inlet. The power cord can then be soldered where it normally would to perform clean 5V to the reclocking board. There is no need for drilling holes or removal of the IEC inlet. iFi iPower also offers dynamic noise supression circuitry on it's input and output so there's limited bleeding noise back into your devices or mains power line.

    Just giving you guys cheaper options for similar performance. I'm sure they're all good units and it's entirely up to you how you want to configure your setup. One thing I would heavily recommend is not using a second USB cable after the iGalvanic 3.0 or ISO REGEN, but instead, use the super short USPCB adapter offered by UpTone Audio. This adapter performs better than any USB cable regardless of how short your cable is, as it offers internal impedance and signal integrity corrections. The only issue with this adapter is that you might not be able to fit it behind your Singxer SU- if your HDMI or power cable is too big.

    My question to Alex (UpTone Audio) is if your adapter can be made in rotation?

    As in, instead of requiring both units to sit horizontally, can you rotate the TYPE-A connector on the adapter so that the iGalvanic or ISO REGEN can be mounted vertically? This way space doesn't becoming a problem. It may look stupid, but if it works, is it really stupid? :rolleyes:

    For those confused: The TYPE-B that plugs into the Singxer SU-1 can remain the same, but once the TYPE-A that is plugged into the REGEN gets rotated, the whole device needs to be rotated.
  8. Tboooe
    There will be a version of the USPCB with a rotated head. This will allow the IsoRegen to be oriented vertically and thus fit behind the SU-1.
  9. Energy
    This is awesome news. Thank you!
  10. leeg
    Tboooe, so you swapped using the LPS-1 powering the Microrendu to hardwiring it to the SU-1?  What's powering the MRendu/NAA?
    And why I'm curious, makes you and Energy so sure the upcoming/unheard IsoRegen will be able to replace the Intona?  I kind of feel products that do one task, does a better job than a product trying to due multiple tasks.  I've read the specs of this product, but sometimes you just don't know if it translates into performance.
  11. Energy

    Because the Intona was not made for audio.

    There are way more things that goes on in the digital domain than the Intona can single handedly solve. If you looked closely to my post a few spaces above, It does not deal with signal correction among many things.

    The ISO Regen and iGalvanic was created with a collaboration of circuitry to address these issues. They more so effectively solve the galvanic isolation problem in more optimized route, especially for audio reproduction.

    Every gear and ear is different. If these multifarious devices do not yield a benefit, or not enough of it, well then, you've just saved yourself some money there :]

    Right now the Intona is great for galvanic isolation. The Regen, good for signal recovery and optimization. Once the ISO Regen arrives not only does one gain an improved galvanic isolation stage, but advancements made on the existing Regen that at one point should have been it's own product (Uber Regen).
  12. leeg

    Thank you Energy for the clear answer.  Sounds like this upcoming ISO Regen might not only sound better, but also to clear up all these devices we are using on the USB signal.
  13. Tboooe

    Chris, I apologise for not being more clear. I do not have a microrendu. I use a low powered i3 CPU based PC as my NAA. I did try a microrendu and it sounded better than my pc but at the time, the microrendu could not do native DSD with the SU-1. I believe the sms-200 does now support the SU-1 so I may go this route though I wonder if the IsoRegen would level the playing field between a dedicated NAA like the sms-200 and a generic PC like I am using.

    I am using the 12v output from my HDplex linear power supply for the NAA.

    Regarding the IsoRegen I have no idea if it will sound better than an Intona. I just have faith in Alex and John at Uptone that they know what they are doing.
  14. Superdad
    It is less than ideal to introduce an SMPS to the SU-1.  Even the iPower has plenty of AC leakage current going over its DC cable, and using that for the SU-1 after galvanic isolation will just reintroduce another leakage loop--this one between the SU-1 and whatever DAC you are connected to.
  15. bluesaint
    LPS-1 to SU-1 DIY.  SQ?  Wonderful! JvRPdyPvzvMrFpqo40tpmJTRDhswZRzBNBSuPB5FZIApX92IB.jpg
    @Superdad thanks for the shipping the oyaide cable and LPS-1 so quickly!
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