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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. Tboooe

    Was the oyaide cable a special order? I didn't realize it was even for sale.
  2. bluesaint

    It's the one that he sells with the JS-2. You can buy that.
  3. leeg
    No worries Tboooe, I just appreciated hearing your opinion and expectations.  I have a LPS powering my MRendu now and love Uptone's products too myself.  ****, after seeing you guys rewire your SU-1's to use a LPS-1 is SO Cool!  And what's kind of funny, doing this for 'only' $400 is about the same price, if not cheaper, than the power cord I'm using to power the SU-1.  And I bet it sounds better.   Great thread guys....though I'm not using it now for lack of native 512.  Will reintroduce back into system when the firmware update becomes available.
  4. Tboooe

    Thank you. Supposedly Uptone is going to offer a 2.1mm short version of this cable some time after the IsoRegen launches. I am very curious to know if a better DC cable makes a difference.
  5. thyname
    Anybody had any experience with SMSL P1 Linear PSU?

    How does it compare with LPS-1?
  6. uncola
    This is like asking if anyone has compared a 1982 Yugo to a 2017 Bugatti Veyron :wink:
  7. thyname

    So, which one of the two is Yugo? :wink:
  8. kazsud
    I shouldn't of gotten rid of my SU-1 :/
  9. mko71

    I returned my su-1 and bought a mutec mc3+USB.
  10. Tboooe

    I used to own the Mutec. It's a great device. To my ears the Mutec and SU-1 present music differently.
  11. winders

    What is the difference? Which do you generally prefer? 
  12. Tboooe
    I would say the biggest difference is that Su-1 has more energy and dynamics.  In comparison, the Mutec sounded very smooth and mellow.  I think the differences were further accentuated because my system is already on the warm side of neutral.  That being said, the main reason why I sold the Mutec was because it did not support DSD output.  I knew that I was moving towards using HQP to convert everything to DSD256 or 512.  Thus far, the combo of SU-1 and Holo Level 3 DAC has proven to make my system sound better than it ever has.  It is to the point where I am afraid to try any more tweaks, and that has never happened before.
  13. hkfootie
    I have been using Singxer SU-1 for almost 2 months now and I am thinking of whether to get a highend PC such like 
    Kubala-Sosna Elation PC or modify the power circuit to use LPS. The main reason is that I can reuse the PC if I change DAC.  Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. LarryMagoo
    I run a Mac mini that has been modified to run on 12 volts DC.   Powering it with LPS.  But I have ordered a HD-Plex LPS that will power three of my digital components with the 4 output rails....check them out...I wanted to get a Singxer until I read about the different hook up issues.  Will be putting in a Hydra Z instead....They are built to run on 5 volts DC 
    What do you mean by this actually?  There is no compatibility issue with SU-1.
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