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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. Superdad

    Well just to be clear, phase, polarity, and of course channel assignment are 3 different things.
    Absolute phase--or inversion of such--is a somewhat subtle thing, and it is not uncommon for equipment to invert it.  Plus most recordings do not maintain absolute phase throughout.  While many people would prefer to get it right, it will vary from recording to recording.
    Polarity--between between left and right channels--is wrong when one channel is wired out-of-phase with the other (as in one speaker is hooked up to the amp opposite to the other).  That is easiest to hear by putting your preamp in mono--there will be obvious bass cancellation.  Getting 2 channels out of phase with each other (polarity reversal of one channel) is terrible and must always be corrected.  I am not aware of this happing or being adjustable with any gear.
    And of course Left-Right channel assignment is self-explanatory.
  2. ksalno
    What was reported on the W4S forum is the issue you call polarity with DSD material. People reported that this out-of-phase condition resulted in a diffuse image and lack of sound stage. Personally, I have not heard this in my system.
    What I did clearly hear with the PS Audio DAC was the L-R channel swap and it was cured with switch 6, which is described in the manual as absolute phase swap. So something is definitely being lost in translation.
  3. uncola
    this is all just conspiracy theories created by the usb converter companies that compete with singxer :wink:  Mine came with 2.02 firmware and that was correct for dsd l/r with my ps audio dac.  so I had nothing to do with the jumpers etc when I got it.  I'm using it with aes and my vinshine audio soekris dac now though..  sounds great!  I never shut off my su-1 so the clocks are always toasty and ready to go
  4. Tboooe
    Just a heads up...I have been using a Teknet battery to supply 5v to the SU-1 and incoming VBUS.  This offered a nice little improvement over the AC power.  Yesterday I replaced the battery with the Uptone LPS-1 and got a huge improvement!  The overall realism and soundstaging has never sounded better!  
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  5. Joong
    Is Uptone REGEN helping SU-1 that much?
  6. winders

    Tboooe said "Uptone LPS-1".......
  7. Joong
    The LPS is powering REGEN?
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  8. Tboooe
    The LPS-1 is powering the SU-1 and the incoming VBUS.  I do not have a Regen (yet).
  9. Joong
    Thanks for clarification.
    Are you going to get the REGEN?
    They said Regen is the most upstream device after USB host.
  10. LarryMagoo
    Try HD Plex for an unbelievable LPS unit.....it can power up to 4 different devices...
    Crazy good quality and if not happy you can return it for full refund up to a year later!!!  m How can you lose?
  11. elan120
    I did the same last Friday as well by using Uptone LPS-1 to power SU-1, and feel the improvement is huge as well.  The only thing I felt bad was not done this earlier.  I am planning to try using a low noise voltage regulator on the main board to see if that will improve the result even further this weekend, and in the meantime, compare between using LPS-1 and updated original SU-1 power supply to see if there will be any differences. 
  12. Tboooe
    I actually own the 300W ATX linear supply from HD Plex. I use it to power my PC Server, NAA, and wireless bridge.
    Nice to hear! I am beginning to wonder if its worth it to get a better DC cable like these:
  13. elan120
    Thank you for the link!  I am going to see by using a low noise regular on the main board will help first, and if it does help, I might just get one of this DC cable to try too.
  14. bluesaint
    I ordered the thick Oyaide 2.5mm to 2.1mm power connector for my LPS-1 from  https://uptoneaudio.com/products/js-2-linear-power-supply
  15. thyname
    Really? A power supply that costs just as much as Singxer SU-1 itself ?!
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