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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. enigmus12
    Hello there,
    I'm always checking on schenzenaudio Singxer Su1 page to see if the new firmware will be posted (It didn't) and there is an user that ask a question :
    and the answer from schenzenaudio :
    What does that mean ? Are some users here aware of this "problem" ?
    Thanks !
  2. Energy
    THANK YOU ALEX C. (@superdad)

    Your detailed answer is highly appreciated. I will on it a couple more times over to burn into memory and so I can spread the information to further onlookers. :cool:

    Been further testing the Singxer SU-1 with the Apollo AV Lighting V2 and will say that they both do their job spectacularly. Cheapest yet best performing cable I have ever bought in my entire life. For i2S, it is wonderful.

    I have been using the two with my modified Metrum Pavane which now takes i2S input (more on the Pavane thread). It sounded better than the Holo Audio Spring before, but now with i2S it's at least a mile ahead. Didn't think this was possible as when I owned the Spring I was so sure it'd be my end game DAC. Things keep getting better and better, at an expense of course :frowning2:

    To me when comparing i2S to AES/EBU or COAXIAL, it doesn't really bring out microdetails, layering, or texture in music, but instead it offers something more organic and lifelike. Music that no longer sounds thumpy or restricted and a sound stage that is wider to a noticeable degree. It's biggest achievement is offering a greater sense of realism to every note or sound produced. Music just comes at you rather than being forced to enter your ear canal, you simply just absorb it all in if you wish. It reminds me of the vinyl days. Such richness and ease in presentation of the music being played. Airy or lifting of a veil can be another way to describe it. It however doesn't just induce air, but removes a veil at the same time. This alone helps with long listening sessions and ear fatigue. It slightly improves the sense of depth, but nothing like if you were to listen to the Focal Utopia for example. The instant recognition of depth on those is sheer brilliant.

    For a long time I felt the Focal Utopia was perfect but it was a little closed in. If it only had a little bit more space like the HD800S's sound stage then it would be perfect. I2S really does it for me. There's no longer this boxed in feeling. I tried i2S on the Holo Audio Spring and although it did give me improved realism, it didn't really improve the sound stage or make what I heard from other inputs sound veiled or lacking. It did slightly more opposite andimproved on the sonic detailing and textures.

    If anyone with a Singxer SU-1 isn't using i2S with their DAC, I highly recommend it.
    Each DAC seems to improve on different things when using this port.


    I hope I have room behind the Singxer SU-1 to fit an UPTONE USPCB adapter (soon to be released) which is suppose to be better than using a USB cable as it offers line corrections and impedance matching that will keep signal integrity ideal whereas a cable will degrade the signal. Can't wait!
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  3. ksalno
    There are two problems being discussed on the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2SE forum.
    1. One is the one you mention which is that the SU-1 will not play PCM over the i2s output to the W4S DAC2. W4S has investigated and fixed one customer's SU-1 by placing a capacitor on the word clock input as you describe. W4S has offered to fix other customers SU-1 for a charge of $125/hour plus the shipping costs. I have been in touch with Tim at Kitstune which is where I purchased my SU-1. I have provided him all of the detail and pictures from the W4S forum. He is working with the factory but I haven't gotten any response. Their initial excuse was there are no standards for i2s and then claimed that W4S is using a "non-standard" implementation of i2s, which is clearly illogical. If there is no standard, then how can someone be non-standard? I also pointed out that my Hydra-Z works just fine using i2s into the W4S DAC and that the "fix" to the problem is made in the Singxer, not in the W4S DAC. The fix has been confirmed to work by the @Frantic who was the original W4S customer who reported the issue.
    2. A second problem has more recently been discovered where the SU-1 is apparently 180 degree out of phase with some DACs, including the W4S DAC2. I don't believe there is a fix for this yet. 
    Personally, I'm ready to dump the SU-1 and stick with my Hydra-Z which has neither of these issues.
  4. jgwtriode
    Has anyone tried the LKS USB-100 using the Amanero chipset?  I am thinking of getting a Gustard X20 Pro in the next couple of weeks and running it I2S!
    Theoretically, at least according to Shenzen Audio, the USB-100 will run DSD 512.  Its not a huge deal but it is also less money than the Singersux.  Any thoughts or comparisons?
  5. bluesaint
    Found a cheap Aluminium rack that can help better stack the SU-1 and other things.  $29 at Walmart.com  It's length is adjustable and so are the alum plates.  Makes connecting things easier too.
  6. fzman Contributor
    how about a link?
  7. bluesaint
    Seville Classics Expandable Sink Shelf with Perforated Panels

  8. enigmus12

    Thanks for the summary of those problems, it could be really usefull for people having a W4S DAC. I found that strange that the word clock should be fixed only for this DAC with an additive capacitor but I'm not a technician by any mean.
  9. Superdad
    Out of phase or channels reversed?  Very different things.  When playing DSD into some DACs the channels do reverse (cured by loading firmware 2-00 instead of 2-02).
  10. bluesaint
    Other problem I'm running into is the USB handshake.  Sometimes I have to pull the USB cable out and re-plug it for it to find the device.  This is on Windows 10.
  11. ksalno
    What's been reported is out of phase with DSD material. I have not personally experienced this but others on the W4S forum have reported it. I did have channels are reversed when using the PS Audio DSD DAC but I corrected this by placing Singxer switch 6 on. 
  12. captblaze

    ​had the same issue with a Burson Conductor Air. stereo channels swapped. firmware corrected it. my guess is it has to do with the XMOS processor. that is the only common denominator I can think of with the SU-1
  13. Superdad

    Well maybe things are getting lost in translation, because the SU-1 manual refers to switch position 6 as being for phase and not for channel assignment.  And it took my loading the 2-00 firmware to get playback of DSD to have channels in correct Left-Right position.
    Here is the page from the manual (clearly they could help with their translations):
  14. captblaze
    I understand you can change the pin setting, but that is on one output. As I stated prior, my suspicion centers around the XMOS processor of which a totally different device is experiencing a similar anomaly. the only thing they have in common is the XMOS processor. a firmware flash fixed both my Conductor Air and the SU-1 (or at least Kitsune Hifi has the new firmware for the SU-1).
    take it for what its worth, I was just trying to connect some dots
  15. ksalno
    Yeah, I saw that too. All I can tell you is that when I listened to a specific test track that I use for demoing the channels were swapped L->R. Sax was clearly in the left channel the drums in the right. The bass was dead center, which is where it is supposed to be, which makes me think that the phase is ok. When I flipped switch 6 to on, the sax moved to the correct right channel and the drums went to the left. The bass stayed in the center and the image remained focus, so there was no apparent phase shift. This is on DSD content. I haven't been able to test PCM due to the compatibility issues between the Singxer and the W4S.
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