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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. joseph69
    Thank you!
    (HERE'S) how it went.
    I was all for the separate SU1 threads, but maybe they should be combined like someone else mentioned?
  2. T Bone
    I really like the "flat" design used by WireWorld and Apollo - it totally makes sense to me.
    Based on my "current" system placement and limited space, I find that I a 0.5M cable fits better.  For illustration purposes - here's a Supra 0.5M HDMI cable (i will be testing soon)
    The WireWorld UltraViolet 7 at 0.3M (1 foot) is just too short for my system in its current placement.
    If I can find an audible difference in the two cables - I would reorg my system to accommodate the shorter WireWorld cable.  
    BTW - the build quality on the WireWorld cable is outstanding!  It's only 1' long, but it is very "stout" for it's size.
    I've long been a fan of WW cables, their build quality and feel never ceases to impress me.  
  3. rafabro
    SPARKO regulator.
    Finally I stayed with 220uF Audio Note close to xmos chip and two Nichicon Fine Gold 220uF at power input. It sound the best for me. Instruments has full, rich sound and the sound stage is most 3 dimentional.
    Audio Note Kaisei could suite someone, very smooth and detailed without harshness but more flat sound stage.
  4. T Bone
    Here are 2x HDMI cables that I will soon be comparing - the 0.3M WireWorld and the 0.5M Supra
    The Supra is considerably longer - which is what I need based on my current configuration.
    With everything stacked, I need a little more length than I can get with the WireWorld.
    If it turns out to be audibly better, I will try rearranging my stack to use the shorter cable.
  5. Superdad
    Hi T-Bone:
    I will be interested in your take on the Supra.  They are among the few companies that actually make their own wire (most of the audiophile firms contract it out--not that there is anything inherently wrong with that, though it does explain Supra's affordable pricing advantage).
    I have a 0.3m WireWorld Chroma 7 arriving on Monday.  But I am now thinking that 0.5m would better suit my rack, allowing me to run the 20cm Curious Cables "USB REGEN Link" I have from my Mac mini to the ISO REGEN>SU-1.
    --Alex C.
  6. Superdad
    P.S.  A little birdy told me that a external PS conversion kit for the SU-1 (metal plate drilled for AC outlet cover with mounted DC jack and wire pair with connector for PCB) will soon be available very cheaply.   I'd make my own but am too busy--so I've been promised one of the first ones.
    Of course you all know what isolated, leakage-blocking, ultra-low-noise LPS I'll be attaching to my SU-1.  [​IMG] 
    T Bone likes this.
  7. uncola
    Nice, the dc input kit will make it super easy to upgrade..  even I have a 5V external lps sitting around doing nothing.  But I have my KTE version which is a nice one box solution :)
  8. LarryMagoo

    From what I have read about the Curious cables is it is supposed to preclude the need for any converter boxes....but you use both....and you hear an improvement in each one or just both?
  9. Superdad

    Hi Larry:
    Well a USB will cable with modify signal integrity and impedance some (that's why people hear any difference between USB cables in the first place), but a cable is not going to perform any of the functions of a USB regenerator/isolator, nor of an external USB>I2S converter that runs from far better clocks than those in the DAC.
    So yes, with the Holo Spring Level 3 I own, both our ISO REGEN and the Singxer SU-1 are terrific contributors to sound quality.
    --Alex C.
  10. Energy

    So you recommend attaching the ISO Regen to the Singxer SU-1 through a Male to Male adapter so that the characteristic impedance doesn't affect signal integrity that much as it's short?

    Also, what is your perspective on the partial galvanic isolation within the Singxer SU-1?

    Since your ISO Regen already offers full galvanic isolation through the use of Silanna ICE08USB chip, wouldn't going through the extra isolation within the Singxer SU-1 add latency among other things such as impedance mis-match, packet noise modulation, frame noise, ground noise, and degrade signal integrity? Wouldn't it be better to bypass this entire area and send the data directly to the clock side of the board?

    My theory is that if true galvanic isolation is present, anything extra will degrade the regenerated signal. Like with the isolation inside the Singxer SU-1 prior to the reclocking phase. Since it uses asynchronous XMOS and vbus power for it's duties, I suspect it's not transparent.

    Because of this sole reason, I figure it would be best to have an ISO Regen (or iGalvanic 3.0) and pair it with a DDC that doesn't offer extra isolation. The problem with this however is that it's hard to find a standalone DDC that offers a good clock like the Crystek CCHD-575.. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Cable Monkey
    Has anyone seen an item designated FUN01 on eBay? It looks very much like a cut down SU-01, it loses a coaxial output, the word clock output and has RJ45 for i2S. But the board layout is clearly very similar. Most importantly it comes without a PSU or with one housed in a different case.
  12. ogodei
    Interesting little knock off design.  Just bought one to compare with my stock SU-01.
  13. Cable Monkey
    I have a populated board on its way. It should be interesting to see if it gets close.
  14. chauphuong
    Please provide the link on eBay. I just couldn't find it. Thanks
  15. Cable Monkey
    Try this.

    Edit links to eBay seem not to work but if you Google or search FUN01 XU208
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