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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. joseph69
     Looks like I'll have the SU1 in my chain tonight!
    My shipping date has been updated to today rather than tomorrow.
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  2. mko71

    Anyone figure out if the word clock output can be used with your DAC that has a wc input? I use a Tascam Da3k as my DAC and it has wc input. And yes... I'm interested in that comparison also!
  3. Tboooe
    Thank you so much for this!  Seems you are spending more time on the toilet??  :) Would you say the AV sounds as good as the Sewell or better?  If you had not sold the Sewell would you still recommend this?  I am expecting an S6 cable soon and am wondering if I should get the AV as well to compare.
  4. LarryMagoo
    My new Yggy has been running less than 72 hours out of my SSD Mac mini.   Nothing but an AQ jitterbug between the two.  Really checking out that Singxer SU-1 though.   Does it need to be ordered with anything different to work with the Yggy?   Of course they are selling them on Amazon ...and they have a $180 option to get tech assistance.   I can't think it would be that tough seeing as how the MAC recognizes it without the need for extra drivers....
    My MAC has a outboard LPS and delivers inky black silence when HP listening.   Would I benefit from having an outboard PS for the Singxer?
    Really don't want to modify the converter box if I don't have to...I want to run the AES connection into the Yggy...
    Love that there is a separate thread for the popular model!
  5. Tboooe
    I am bypassing the AC input and running the Singxer and the VBUS from a 5V battery.  I wouldnt say the difference is night and day but definitely am improvement nonetheless.  I am waiting on an LPS-1 to see if I can improve on the sound versus the simple battery.  That being said, I think the SU-1 power supply is pretty good as is.  I would happy with it as is but of course, being an audiophile I am obligated to tweak and spends ridiculous amounts of money to get tiny improvements.
  6. rafabro
    Well said! :D
    I ordered voltage regulator and I'm gonna replace next week.
    My set of capacitors is different then Kitsune version. I didn't like sound when all of them are Nichicon Fine Gold. And also not all should be 470uF. I found my way of "perfect sound". But still experimenting with caps nearby xmos cheap. I have favorite but maybe there is better one..
  7. LarryMagoo

    Holy Smokes Tboooe,
    It's bad enough going down USB converter boxes rabbit hole...now you are talking about modding the SU-!'s PS?   Can you buy them set up that way?   If I had the smarts of a circuit design, because of my involvement in Flying RC electric airplanes, I think a Lithium Battery Linear PS would wrk great because they are so reliable and easily charged.
  8. joseph69
    Someone did this on the microRendu thread.
  9. Tboooe
    HA HA!  Rabbit hole indeed.  Bypassing the internal SU-1 power supply is actually very easy.  I am not that smart!  The hardest part was sourcing the right connector for the SU-1 circuit board.  I finally found it on ebay.  Once I made sure the polarity was correct and I am supplying 5vdc, it was easy.  I ended up using a Teknet mobile phone battery charger.  
  10. Energy

    The Sewell Silverback S6 in 0.5FT should perform as good as any longer high end cable due to its sheer super short length benefit.

    However if you compare the two in the same longer length, the Sewell S6 won't be as good as its only a conventional design.

    However if you want a cable that fits properly in your setup at a longer length, the Apollo Lightning V2 is the one to get.
  11. Tboooe

    Is the Apollo not a conventional design? Also what do you mean by conventional?
  12. Energy

    No hehe. The Apollo AV Lightning V2 and WireWorld utilize a flat design. It core wires (data & clocks) are better separated, isolated, and shielded. It's not close to other bundled wires as with conventional design, so suffers less from issues that normally can affect the jitter within the cable (crosstalk, impedance, signal attentuation, etc).


    For i2S you'll want a flat design. The only reason why I recommended the Sewell Silverback S6 so much was because it's a decent conventional design in 0.5FT, which works good for i2S as the shorter the length the better. But for those who doesn't want their Singxer SU-1 directly sitting on top of their DAC, then for longer lengths I recommend the higher quality Apollo AV Lightning V2. To me, even at long lengths, due to its better build design, it still manages to perform as well as a 0.5FT good conventional design cable.

    If you want the best of the best you'll want a 0.5FT WireWorld or Apollo AV, but too bad the shortest length available is 0.3M (from WireWorld). But after my many listening A/B test's, it's only 'better' in terms of theoretical and technical specification, but sound wise, under 1 meter they all sound the same.
  13. rafabro
    Wireworld HDMI sounds to sharp in direct comparison to AQ - no matter is flat or not. AQ sounds smoother.
  14. LoryWiv
    This post from another forum is giving me pause as to how to get the most from SU-1....any thoughts?
  15. Energy

    Congrats! Hope it works well in your chain!

    All capacitors should be replaced with same capacitance value otherwise they'll go through a prolonged charging state. I doubt an insignificant amount can affect this circuit though, but it can affect some. This is why I always keep my capacitance the same and only increase voltage rating.

    I'm very surprised you can hear sound quality differences from capacitor change in a digital circuit.

    I've never been able to unless there were many caps with low enough capacitances that can be replaced with film or if it's an analog circuit.

    You're replacing the stock voltage regulator? With what?

    Flat design is better for i2S because the wire groups that carry signal data (DATA) and clock (BCLK, WCLK, and MCLK) is separated horizontally. This makes the main wire groups only affected from crosstalk by themselves. However, even then they're properly shielded from one another in both low frequency (tinned copper braid) and high frequency (aluminum foil) electromagnetic interference. This should correlate to less jitter.

    Because of this reason, I seem to understand how you find AudioQuest to be more smooth considering their design. It's made with 5 twisted pairs, one extra for audio and ethernet, but is only optimized for HDMI TV. It's not the best in terms of crosstalk, however I can't argue against what another person hears may it be placebo or not.

    I will have to praise AudioQuest on one advancement and it's their field termination design. It works better at keeping 100 ohm impedance compared to traditional cables crimp and solder designs that needs the wire's insulation removed prior to workability. This impedance improvement may be what you're hearing.
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