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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. mko71

    I have a Singxer coming and I'm thinking of pulling out the stock power supply and putting it in a custom enclosure along with a set of Bybee Music Rails. That should work pretty well. I was also thinking, you could get some thin copper sheets and build a "enclosure within an enclosure" right inside the stock Singxer box.

    You could pull the PS out, cover three sides with copper sheet, build a copper divider and I bet that also would help big league. Thoughts?
  2. rafabro
    You can also follow my idea with adhesive copper foil. Is easy to implement. Just put many layers to rich desired thickness.
  3. Tboooe
    The Bybee music rail looks interesting. My original idea was to buy an Uptone Audio LPS-1 power supply. I wonder if the Bybee would be better/cheapest?

    This looks like something easy I can try in the SU-1 as well as my server PC. How thick should the copper layer be? Would this achieve the same result as the emi/rfi sheets like this:

  4. chauphuong
    Could you pls provide a link to your idea of using copper foil? Just can't find it. Thanks
  5. rafabro
    Buy this:
    To make this:

    To be honest, I never tried EMI absorbers. As I heard it's turns RFI to heat?
    Copper foil works as a shield. Has to be connected with ground. 
    It has 0.065mm thickness so you need at least few layers.
  6. chauphuong
    I need a link to the foil in the picture. Thanks
  7. oneguy

  8. rafabro
    You can find them everywhere...
  9. ZGojira
    I am thinking of getting a Singxer SU-1, and I have a Holo Spring DAC.
    I am wondering if there are any SQ differences between the outputs of the SU-1?
    i.e. Does using coax out of the SU-1 sound different than using the I2S out? or similarly with AES?
    I gather that this would have something to do with how different inputs are process on the spring, but is the idea that because the I2S communicates directly to DAC section (thus bypassing most of the input processing) which makes it sound better?
  10. oneguy

    I believe that is a correct assessment about I2S.
  11. Energy
    AES and S/PDIF if i recall use the same type of transmitter chip. The main reason why AES/EBU is better is due to it's differential balance design which at higher speed signals help with jitter. The impedance on XLR is also more stable than with RCA i believe.

    Compared to BNC however for short lengths, they should sound very similar if not the same (even to well made RCA cables). Once the length gets longer, AES/EBU should pull ahead.

    I2S is the native language of the DAC thus skips the receiving end (input) as it then goes either through a digital isolator or the DAC itself. i2S wasn't designed for cable runs as it was suppose to be from a PCB board to board implementation. Later on they utilized better shielded cables for out of chassis hookups such as CAT and COAXIAL that divided the data and clocks, soon followed BY improving transmission with balanced designs such HDMI that kept signal fidelity unhindered.

    This is why HDMI i2S can be slightly longer however I wouldn't recommend going past 0.5M, even if you use an expensive cable like the WireWorld Platinum Starlight.
  12. rafabro
    I was testing with 1m cable. Didn't notice any difference between 0.6m version of same cable. Maybe over that length..
  13. joseph69
    Just received shipping notice for my SU1 "KTE".
    Should be here in 3 days!
  14. pam1950
    hi, has there been any comparison between the Singxer and mutec mc3+ USB?
    mko71 likes this.
  15. T Bone
    I have done testing with and without the SU-1 in my system and I recently compared the I2S and AES inputs on the Spring HERE
    I found the I2S to have an edge over AES in terms of fine detail.  
    Adding the SU-1 to your system and using the I2S input will really make a difference.  I feel like it's a worthwhile upgrade to the Holo.  
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