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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. archangel22
    Thanks for the feedback everyone. So the x7 is better than the x5 got it. Also good thing found a place that has the x7 on sale at the moment for AUD$500. Been looking into the amp modules its a shame not many of the sellers sell it with an additional amp but I assume the amp x5 is the best of them all to use to attach to the x7? Can see it sells for around AUD$150
  2. Varekai
    Well the rei finally came in. I didn't mention it on here but I also bought a used ak240 for a price I couldn't pass up from a member on here, so I got to compare the two tonight. I love the rei, sounds great. Ak240 definitely sounds a bit better, more detail and Soundstage in the songs, but what I like about the rei is I have an easier time controlling the sound through poweramp, so I can get some super strong bass by turning up the bass knob on poweramp, I can't seem to do it or figure out how to do it on the ak240. I asked from some help with the equalizer on the 240 page but haven't gotten anything back yet. May just not be able to. The rei is definitely great for work and travel, as the ak240 isn't leaving the house. I'm still not wowed by these headphones tho, I think I was just expecting too much. Massdrop has alerted me of an upcoming noble kaiser 10 custom drop for $1250, and currently they have the universal version of the k10 for the same price I paid for the SE846, and I've heard amazing things about those iems. If I can get them in time and really like them I may still have time to return the SE846s. Not too shure (haha at me) what i want to do.
  3. Varekai
    Well I joined the massdrop for the universal k10. Can't justify the extra 500 for customs that I won't be able to return without getting a big hit if I don't care for them compared to the SE846, plus the additional 3 month wait time.
  4. csglinux
    And even more fun with a Vibro Veritas coupler:


    It seems hardly a week goes by without somebody jumping on this thread to bash the SE846 for its lack of treble extension. So, we should get this out of the way first... Yes, the SE846's treble does roll-off a bit sooner than one might like. This is, I feel, the one legitimate criticism of the SE846. However, there are things you can do to help here by swapping filters and eartips. Beyond the stock Shure filters, you have the option of installing Knowles' dampers, thanks to @Jamnperry's ingenious little trick with cotton-swab tubing:


    In my experience, the Knowles' dampers increase the lower treble by accentuating the ~8kHz peak, but they also slightly lower the extension past 10 kHz. (There are measurements showing this in @Jamnperry's thread, linked above.)

    Tips play a surprisingly huge role, with SpinFits or Symbios giving the most extension at/beyond beyond 10 kHz:


    In the measurements in the figure above, I compared the stock blue, trishd mod on the blue filter (shoving all the foam down to the damper-end of the filter) and the modded blue and modded black (all foam removed from the filter tubes). Some thoughts/observations:

    1) Modded blue and modded black are almost the same, but not quite :wink: There's a tiny bit more amplitude at those resonance peaks with the modded blue filter.
    2) The modded blue, modded black and trishd mod all have more energy at ~10 kHz (about +5 dB) relative to that of the stock blue filter.
    3) If you don't think the SE846 has enough treble extension, try these filter mods with silicone tips like Symbio, SpinFit, or Westone Star.

    Now for those other IEMs out there that are "better" than the SE846... :wink: For sure, better treble extension does exist. I like the KSE1500, the FLC8S and the Xelentos. But better treble extension isn't the only consideration. You'll also need to sacrifice some isolation or carry an electrostatic amp (for the KSE1500). As for those Noble IEMs, I'm not sure what's happening to Noble these days. I hope they're doing ok. Their CanJam presence has been very light this year (only SG) and it's unusual to see these low prices from a relatively new flagship on Massdrop. The Kaiser Encore isn't a bad-sounding headphone, but it doesn't isolate all that well, has a huge chunky body with huge chunky nozzles and in terms of treble extension, it also starts rolling off around 8 kHz - pretty much the same as the SE846 with the above mods.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
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  5. tbritton
    Some posts just get popped into my Evernote faster than lightning! This was one of those posts, @csglinux! :)

  6. csglinux
  7. fritz1234
    One thing i've discovered is that the source impedance has a DRAMATIC effect on the sound. It goes from boomy, muddy, bass, to normal sounding (the way they should sound).
    I find this somewhat amusing, as i've never seen this before. I mean, this is not a subtle thing. Something about these IEMs. You just have to be careful. I'll bet a lot of people aren't aware of this and have use them incorrectly because of this. A costly error, me thinks :D
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
  8. ZappaMan
    Could you elaborate?
    I have a mojo, a laptop and an iPhone.
    If I find the one with the lowest impedance, then the bass will sound best on it?
    Any reasons why to help me learn a little about such matters?
  9. fritz1234
    Just try them, with knowing that at least one of the devices you try has very low impedance.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
  10. phthora
    Take a look at this post:

    The TLDR version is that the higher the output impedance of the source, the more it skews frequency response. In the case of the 846, with higher impedance you will begin to hear a dip in decibels centering around 5-6khz. This change will make the sound signature of the 846 sound more v-shaped at the very least. Higher impedance also tends to blur the sound and wash out small sonic details.

    Ideally, you want the impedance of the 'phones to be 8 times that of the output impedance of the source. This is to ensure proper damping and so that there will be zero change to the FR of the 'phones. The 846 has an impedance of 4-16 ohm (it varies with the frequency), so you would want no more than a 0.5ohm output impedance at the source. Even that high has a slight effect of the FR.
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  11. ZappaMan
    Thank you - that’s really interesting :)
  12. Tranman409
  13. fritz1234
  14. archangel22
    Also got them from eglobal few weeks ago for AUD$800 also a good price if anyone wants them, can pick your colour too
  15. Oscar-HiFi
    Does anyone know if there is serial number on the capsules anywhere?

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