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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. moedawg140 Contributor
  2. archangel22
    What is a good digital player for lossless files for these buds? looking to buy some by tomo for the new work week to get ready for it. Going to the below shop these are the options I have what is a good player to get, if possible can someone say the cheapest you would spend and which one you would go for? And if willing to spend abit more then which one so I can see if it may be worth spending more. I want this to be my only player away from my ipod until it breaks

  3. The Jojo
    You're making an excellent point! Also, if you notice that they ARE properly sealed, but your sound still lacks bass and clarity, make sure to check the rubbery isolation seal is still intact. Like mine, yours may be faulty which results in a dramatic loss of sound quality.
  4. kino lau
    I've got a couple of cables that I previously picked up for my 846's that I could give you a good price on if you were interested. I have a Reference Silver Litz from Headphone Lounge and an 8 Wire Therium from Norne Audio. They just aren't getting used. PM me if you'd like.

    LATE EDIT: Neither of these saw much use since this hobby just kept me buying the next shiny object that caught my eye.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
  5. rawrster
    Are these still a good option? I used to have them so know how they sound however I'm looking at how these compare vs earphones now that are in the 1k and under price range.
  6. moedawg140 Contributor
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  7. cirodts
    è vero che la 846 ha la stessa firma e qualità sonora dell audeze lcd2?
    Sono indeciso fra i 2 che mi consigliate?
  8. rawrster
    Thanks for the quick response. I figured that would be the case but good to have confirmation from people who have heard competitors in this price range.
  9. ropie
    Misschien handiger als we het op Engels houden?
  10. cirodts
    is it true that the 846 has the same signature and sound quality of the audeze lcd2?
    Am I undecided between the 2 that you recommend?
  11. moedawg140 Contributor
    If your reply was specifically directed to me, you’re welcome.
  12. phthora
    I have both, so allow me to weigh in... They do sound fairly similar, close enough to fill the same sonic role in my stable. If pressed, I would say the Shure have noticeably more low-end, especially sub-bass with slightly less control. Neither planars nor multi-BAs are known for bass impact, but while the Audeze has a moderate impact, the Shure hit surprisingly hard. It would be easy to think they were a hybrid with a dynamic driver handling the lows. Both are excellent at mids, but the Audeze has more vocal presence while the Shures have more low-mid presence. Both have excellent separation, layering, and imaging, but the Shures pull ahead here. Neither have very wide soundstage, but the Audeze is, as one would expect, the wider of the two. Treble is more extended in the Audeze and makes the Shure seem lacking in comparison with its polite treble. There is a touch of graininess to the treble in the Audeze that doesn't happen in the Shures. Neither would really suit a treble-head.

    As far as which to choose, I can't really help. They are both so different in their practical use. The Shures are great for a take-anyway set of 'phones, while the Audeze will mostly be for stationary use at home. The Shures are divas when pairing them with a source, while the Audeze are easy-going and will fit with most dedicated amps. It's going to come down to what you need. But, the good news is that you can't go wrong with either. Worst case scenario is that you want a little more treble with the Shures or you wish the Audeze were lighter on the head. Then again, there are ways to help with both those issues.
  13. cirodts
    thank you very much you were very good at describing the 2 headphones, sincerely felt this are more interested in shure because they sound good and are infinitely more comfortable, then as a reader I have a AR M2 without external amplidicatere better shure or audeze?
    a curiosity between lcd2 and 846 who has millet details?
    thank you.
  14. Trippin
    Have any long-time owners noticed any deterioration in sound and is the mmcx connector an issue? Im thinking of buying one second hand which has been used for 2.5 years, so just a niggling concern.
  15. SteveOliver
    That depends on how its been treated, a good external condition will probably indicate its been well treated and you should have no issues whatsoever. Happy listening.

    My 846 is one year old and "like new"

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