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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. fritz1234
    Whatever it is, the Shure line is very good, and others are often compared to them. I have a few including this, and it's a pretty good, neutral IEM.

    It IS horribly dependent on the source though. But thats ok, you just deal with it. Dealing with that is probably useful in other ways, so it's not a downside, particularly (of course i'm rationalizing What :D )
  2. m4rkw

    are you seriously saying Shure R&D’d ELECTROSTATIC EARPHONES just to sell the SE846?

    Can i have some of whatever you’re smoking? Seriously hook me up!
  3. SubMash
    Not "just", but 1000$ stopped being flagship top price nowadays, so they needed something higher to stay in the "top league".

    But that also helps people rationalize their insanity by saying to themselves "at least I'm not buying electrostatics - it's just good old 846". So, yes, it helps sales of 846, I think.
  4. fritz1234
    Just a heads up (a bit of a curious thing, at least)

    I like the Spiral Dot tips but they only come with large bores. Someone in this thread (sorry can't remember who) Said they cut of the inner part of another silicon and stuck the spiral on.

    Now, I just did this and it's VERY easy, and a perfect jury-rig for any large bore tip. Most of use have silicone tips that they don't use because of size, or whatever. I must admit I wouldn't have thought of this probably. Not only that, but when i read that post I envisioned cutting up foam tips and somehow scraping off the glue and crap.

    No need for that :D

    But really, i'm new to these IEMs. When I got my first pair I was scared to even put on a tip. Actually, I couldn't in some cases. Freaked me out a bit :D.

    Another thing. I seems to me that these tips must have a huge effect on the sound. I have some Westone tips that are huge (like 14mm). There's so much bore after the actual nozzle that the sound must be effected.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
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  5. csglinux
    I think this point is fairly easy disproven, considering 1) more than one thread exists on headfi.org and 2) you apparently like neutral tonality, whereas I don't - I prefer a (slight) v-shaped FR. In any case, my point was not about what type of sound we all prefer, but how we quantify any sound-quality improvements in terms of price/performance ratio. I think we actually agree on this point, because you said: "My opinion is that they worth their money only if such money is insignificant for you." Given people's differing levels of spare cash under the mattress, some will think the improvement worthwhile; others not.

    I'm certain it helps promote the Shure brand, yes. But producing a superior headphone also cannibalizes sales of your cheaper models. It's a little cynical - and not necessarily correct - to attribute Shure's motives to nothing more than wanting to keep pace with top-league pricing. There are plenty of companies that simply add 4 more BA drivers per side, tack another $1000 to the sticker price and voila - a new "top league" product. The KSE1500 is nothing like that - it's a radical change from almost every other IEM and was years in development which, as I'm sure you know, is a risk to any company, because there's no guarantee it will lead anywhere.
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  6. SubMash
    Well, people can always use some sort of EQ to shift sound where they want. But I believe that true reproduction is a primary job of sound hardware. SE846 is far from that. I'm waiting for calibration mic delivery to see how bad (or good) it actually is.

    Upsell can't be called cannibalization. Cannibalization is a loss of sale in favor of own cheaper product. Shure motives are business. If that would not be like that - they would die a long time ago. I admit that KSE1500 is something new, but it's not a new idea by any means - it's just only now people are ready to go out en masse with massive DAP and amps. Before the idea of using high voltage amplifier in mobile headphones was impossible for the market.

    Let me be clear - Shure is not doing anything shady or shameful by using those business strategies, but I want to warn people for whom 1K$ IEM is hard to buy - there are plenty of 100$ IEM that sound even better. I suspect that 535 could sound better. 1more triple is probably truer.
    If you expect any miracles from it and it's a significant money for you - don't buy it - it's 90% hype imho.
  7. m4rkw
    Do tell please what $100 IEMs sound better than both the 535 and 846?
  8. fritz1234
    All of the people in this thread (SE846 owners...surprise :D ) really don't want to be told they were ripped off. Now don't go saying you're not saying this, as you are. :D

    The Shure's are a safe bet. No miracles (obviously). But the VAST majority, give them thumbs up. Now are they worth 1k? Of course not. No IEM is. The reason I bought them, is that if figured that ten thousand positive reviews carry more weight then a couple Headfi posters. Just the math there.
    Maybe i'm wrong? But my choices are logical. It's a lot of money.

    It's also worth mentioning, that the danger is listening to posters such as yourself, who may trash an item like Shure, and plug some relatively obscure item. This is were hype can go wrong, financially.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  9. SubMash
    If you like them - you did a good purchase. I never said it's a rip-off.

    But, if somebody didn't buy them and short on cash now - I suggest not to struggle much.
    At around 100$ retail price IMHO it's possible to do good quality IEM without much compromise and anything beyond that would be a pure matter of taste.

    I made an example - 1more triple sounds not bad. Can't say it's better. But I'm sure that a lot of $100 IEM with good comments would be same and some could be better.
    You can check golden ears measurements and tests, for instance. Whether they would sound as you like - this is a question. But then, again, you can use EQ to adjust it to your liking.

    I like what Shure did with a community that some of their products are worshipped. So I bought it, checked it. I'm not an expert listener, but as I've thought - no miracles and this typical "hi-end" treble cut with a crazily uncomfortable impedance curve that with an average mobile amp OI and cable dips down 5kHz even further. High price and good marketing made it sound better for many people then it actually is. It's just an OK product which requires a lot of work to sound close to the truth sound. It's not on the level of technical excellence of HD650 for example. It's not even made with such purpose in mind, I believe. It was made as a flagship with compromises to insert 4 armatures just to have it as a feature.

    I don't regret the purchase, I just want some folks to save money they might need for something else and they shouldn't feel like they lose anything if such amount they could regret.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  10. fritz1234
    Ok that's a good answer. I can't be sure about any of this, but just try to make an informed buy as I just need a good IEM. I would try something like the Andromeda, but ya know, THAT's were I see a lot of potential hype, more than Shure. Then again, they are probably really good. Who knows

    Being paranoid about hype in this forum, might be a good idea though. :D
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  11. m4rkw
    No detachable cable on the 1more so that ruins them for me. Also not sure if custom sleeves are available, my ears don’t like regular tips.
  12. SubMash
    You already have 535 and according to IF measurements, they are just better than 846.
    FR is more flat, THD is lower, a square wave is much closer to reality.
  13. m4rkw
    Wanna swap? :p
  14. SubMash
    535 has a lower resell value. Bad deal. :wink:
  15. m4rkw
    I listen to a lot of bassnectar so i think 846 would be better for me anyway

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