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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. Varekai
    I'm getting incredibly impatient on the rei. Damn overseas shipping. Now I'm looking at the fiio q5 for now. Same price as the cayin and I can get it prime. Thoughts?
  2. moedawg140
    I would continue to be patient. You’ll be fine.
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  3. Varekai
    you don't know me very well. I guess I'm continue to lay on the floor in a fetal position
  4. moedawg140
    You do not know me very well. Trust me, you will be fine.
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  5. csglinux
    @moedawg140 is right. Hang in there in the fetal position.
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  6. Varekai
    Okay, last question before I make you guys completely hate me. What about a used ak120ii for 550 or Sony zx2 uncapped (whatever that means) for 475. I couldn't find many reviews on the ak120ii for whatever reason.
  7. moedawg140





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  8. Varekai
  9. Stranger Than Fiction
    Now who was it who mentioned they’re a fan of the Fabric series? (You’ll notice the inspiration in my avatar). I’m sure it was in this thread. Trying to find it and not having any luck as this thread has been quite active lately.

    On the topic of driving my 846s I was quite happy with the results ex-iPhone and iPad. A boost was needed but I couldn’t find an amp that had the right X factor. Amps unfortunately do change overall sound sigs and it has to be said I found the 846s to be very source pernickety.

    The right boost I got from a Ted Allen HeadphoneLounge copper litz cable.

    Indeed for recordings like Dave Clarke @ ADE (as recorded by the BBC’s Essential Mix) the SE846 is what you want. The bass slam and impact will have you banging your head with glee from go to whoah. And if I may offer a comparison between them and the K10s there is less bass slam / impact on the latter up front but bass does go deep and super textured. And more can be heard of what Clarke is doing “in the mix” as well. But that feeling of being there is lost...

    (By the way it’s good to mention these things not only for the present conversation but a techno fan in future may Google search for discussions such as this one. To them I’d say if you listen to techno almost exclusively the SE846 is what you want).
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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  10. ZappaMan
    What tips are you using ?
  11. Stranger Than Fiction
    Shure SE846: Spinfit XL
    K10s: Spiral Dot XL
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  12. FactoryStock
    So, anyone got recomendations for "dirty" and "clean" songs or albums for me to check out? I'd like to check on these 8's versatility.

    Is RHCP's BSSM considered raw? I love the way they sound on these. RATM self-titled as well. Unadulterated, pure. Like they're in my tiny room.

    I'm considering testing cables as well to embiggen my room. :L3000:
  13. moedawg140
    Dirty: Friday by Rebecca Black

    Clean: How Far I’ll Go by Auli’i Cravalho and/or Alessia Cara

    Red Hot Chili PeppersBlood Sugar Sex Magik album and Rage Against The Machine may possibly be interpreted as “polarizing”, but it comes down to your inherent individual preferences with regards to both.
  14. Rlin987
    UMs are much better.
    SE846 is comparable at most with a 500 USD MSRP IEM. Don't expect them too much. Its MSRP in US is crazily high for unknown reason. I think Polaris can even beat them easily.
  15. csglinux
    It depends what you're looking for. How many IEMs do you know of that have:

    1) Amazing quantity and quality of sub-bass that doesn't bleed into the mids.
    2) No vents => therefore great isolation.
    3) Relatively small, ergonomically-shaped buds that will comfortably fit in most people's ears.
    4) Long, thin nozzles, giving better comfort, isolation and a wide choice of third party eartips.
    5) Availability of custom shells to turn your UIEMs into a CIEM.
    6) Huge range of filter options to tune the FR.
    7) Easily replaceable cables with standard MMCX connectors.

    I still only know of one of IEM that ticks all these boxes.

    IEMs were originally designed to be sound-isolating for use as stage monitors. Item 4) is a particular issue for me in that regard. It's easy to improve the treble extension by widening the nozzle, but that comes at a price of all sorts of fit and isolation issues, which (for me) defeats the whole purpose of an in-ear monitor. To each his own. Better = better for you. Not for me. Subjective != objective.
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