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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. moedawg140


  2. Rlin987
    Partially agree, but what I am saying with in this price range, there are so many other better choices that fit those criteria. 846 is good 3 years ago because there were no so many competitors.
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  3. FactoryStock
    Very funny, dude. Very funny...
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  4. moedawg140
  5. csglinux
    But what you're saying is incorrect. In this price range (or in any price range, if you like) which other IEMs tick all 7 of the items on my wish list?
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  6. moedawg140
    I agree - I can’t/don’t see any other IEM that ticks all 7 of the items on your wish list....
  7. csglinux
    I could probably live with just items 1 through 4, but even then I can't think of another IEM at any price...
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  8. moedawg140
    5-7, in my opinion, makes the SE846 truly special and one-of-a-kind.
  9. Rlin987
    But the criteria given are not the criteria for a good IEM. It's your wish list I can't say anything, but your wishlist only says 846 is one-of-a-kind, not necessary good.
  10. Varekai
    I know I'm opening a whole new can of worms here, but now I'm finding out not only can you change the cables to get better sound , but different ear tips as well. As was previously mentioned, I started looking into the spin fits. I am more of a silicone tip person I tried the conplys that came with the shures, and they were kind if annoying in my ears. I read a review on another site that said the yellow foam tips thought they gave the best sound because they didn't muddy anything up, but the yellows degrade after time. I haven't tried those yet, waiting on my dac (which has yet to ship still) before I start comparing sound qualities. Since I prefer silicone wonder if it's beneficial to look into those spinfits.
  11. csglinux
    Let me make it as simple as I possibly can then. Good sound quality with Etymotic-like isolation. Which other IEM has that?
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  12. kino lau
    I've tried many different types and the Spin Fit's are my favorite tips with the 846's. If not those then just the stock gray silicon tips work best for me.
  13. msp
    My wote to spinfit CP 240, they are brilliant, can use them for hrs, and newer breaks seal.

    They ship to my country for 11usd, I can’t even send a parcel for 11 USD so I think they are a bargin

    Br Morten
  14. moedawg140
    @csglinux ‘s wishlist does not say “good” (sidenote - it may very well be), I was the one that said “one-of-a-kind”. I don’t think the SE846 is good; the SE846 is great. I’ve owned the SE846 going on four years now, and it does tick most of the boxes for me. It has stood the test of time with all of the smorgasbord of available Flavors of the Month, comparatively.

    There isn’t an IEM with custom-like possibilities, plethora of filter options to change frequency response, and pair-able customizable cables to your liking that meld as well as the SE846. If so, I would love to read and learn.

    If you don’t like the SE846, then you’re more than free to choose any other IEM that you enjoy more, for any price.
  15. Pepito
    That was me! That's the Apollonia cover correct? I had the pleasure of seeing them open for Sven Vath in Brisbane. I think I might've posted in the Noble thread which is why you can't find my comment.

    Most head-fier's don't listen to techno: "Nobody listens to techno" as Eminem would say... Future techno heads looking up this thread definitely get the 846's, or the Vega's, they do phenomenal with that genre. I've had the pleasure of living in Montreal where the famed Stereo nightclub is located, if you've ever heard that sound system you'll know what I'm talking about. There's no other system like it, non fatiguing highs, mids aren't terribly forward (you can actual talk at normal conversation decibels in the club and hear your friend perfectly fine) and the basssssss. Words won't do that system justice, many DJ's and producers that have played all over the world say it's one of the best (I opened for Ben Klock at Stereo 5 years ago, I too think it's the best but I'm biased). The 846's are about as close as you're get to having that system in IEM form.

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