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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. moedawg140 Contributor
    It’s not very difficult at all. :grin:
  2. lesale08
    i tried using the shure ios cable connected to an iphone with spotify and they sound heavenly already. What more to a high end dap.
  3. spark plugs.
    I find myself constantly switching trying to find "just right"
    The dragonfly red: too bright and I get fatigued very quickly
    The Shure lighting cable: too dull
    The iPhone dongle dac: surprisingly better to me than the previous two, but no separation
    The Chord Mojo: awesome sound, too bulky and really restricts screen access when I have the bands on

    Why can't someone make the perfect dac??
  4. Slim1970
    I enjoyed my SE846's with the Oppo HA2-SE when I had it. I thought they faired very well together. It's slim and not bulky at all. It might be something you could tryout.
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  5. lesale08
    I have an incoming litz cable stock from campfire iem offerings, not sure if the pairing will be good.
  6. FactoryStock
    An S7E Exynos with E17K as a yuuge dongle, blue filters, olives. And I shelved up treble to +2.

    I've been living a dongle life for so long before fruit phones have no hp jack, that I struggle to understand all that fuss.
  7. Varekai
    Hi all, so just got my first pair of high end iems. My first decent pair was my Sony MDR-EX600, and I just recently purchased some 1more quad drivers. Well due to crap going on in my life I made a bit of a panic purchase and bought some shure se846 after hours upon hours of review reading. It was between these and sennheiser ie 800s. I couldn't find much review of those vs these, but plenty of the older ie800 vs these and most people said the immediately returned the IE800 because they weren't as fun or bass wasn't as good. Now maybe it's just me or the fact that I'm only using these headphones on a galaxy S8 with poweramp , but I hardly notice a difference between the $899 846s and my $150 1more quads. Highs like symbol hits seem more like I'm in the concert on the 1mores and I don't even notice more bass on the 846s which most reviews said the bass on the quads suck. Should I buy a good mp3 player or if I enjoy the highs on the quads would the ie800s be more enjoyable? I don't have the kind of money to keep buying other headphones just to try out unfortunately.

    I should add one of the reasons I went with the 846s is I work overnight with my headphones, and the more over the ear design seemed more beneficial because my work is physically very active and the only chord tends to get yanked easily. Also I'm not good with fancy terms like brightness and highs rolling off and all that, like wine tastings I never understood the fancy lingo, it either tasted good or it didn't . Like headphones, they either sound good or not as good. Maybe my ears are just used to my ancient Sonys .
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  8. joshnor713
    The 846 aren't a good choice to play out of a smartphone. Its low impedance causes a significant mismatch, because smartphones aren't really looking to be awesome audio players. The 846 are a pickier earphone than the IE 800 unfortunately. You need to get a good player or external DAC to really hear them, preferably one with a <1 ohm output impedance.
  9. FactoryStock
    I'm assuming you're in that region that gets Snapdragons for Galaxies?
    If yes, please, please do not use snapdragon galaxies with these. iPhone 6s, 6s+ are OK, Exynos galaxies are OK. Both have low out impedance. Around 0.3 ohms for iPhones, 0.7-0.8 for S8 Exynos.

    These are what many would say 'good enough' sources, but if you want 'better', 'best', or 'ZOMGamazeballs' quality, well...
    These horses will appreciate better fuels that will allow them to stretch their legs. Let them run if you have money to spare. If not, well, 'good enough' sources won't kill you, ya know.
  10. Varekai
    See one of the reasons I went with these is I remembered reading a review saying these are good to use without just a smartphone because they didn't require a lot of power to drive them. Oh well.

    Yeah mine is a snapdragon of course. Wanted an exynos but not an option at the time on Verizon.

    So, good player option that isn't gigantic and I can slip into my back pocket ? I was eyeballing the Sony nw-zx300 because I've always liked Sony stuff, plus it seemed to have good reviews and it's nice and slim, but I did read a few reviews that it didn't pair well with the 846s for some reason. So open to suggestions now
  11. joshnor713
    They were probably just considering volume. But having such a low impedance introduces sensitivity not just any player can accommodate.

    Just make sure to check for a low output impedance in any DAP you buy. In the external DAC route, both the Mojo and iDSD BL pair nicely with the SE846.
  12. msp
    I also have the Mojo, but are a little annoyed by the hissing, it sounds good, but the hissing bugs me. I also have a Dragonfly Black, it is worse in the hissing department. I have a Cozoy Rei on order, some report that it is a better match for the SE846... and it have the big advantage that you do not need to charge it, it annoys me that the Mojo needs to be charged...
  13. FactoryStock
    Say...have you considered using velcro coins instead? I paste the cloth side on my phone's case, the teethed side on my DAC/amp' backside. Although, I totally get it if you're averse to pasting 'stickers' on an expensive DAC.

    (Sorry, using my colleague's budget phone camera :confounded:)
    IMG-20180308-WA0001.jpg IMG-20180308-WA0002.jpg
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  14. AndrewH13
    Not sure where you read most people returned ie800! That’s certainly not true. Maybe a few % of any choice but over 50% returns, you can’t be serious? I read loads of reviews for months before listening to both and buying 846. A month later I bought ie800 as while different, they are both superb iems. Mind you, I wouldn’t personally spend this amount of money to play out of a phone, when a £300 DAP or better still £400 Mojo, takes them to a different level.
  15. Varekai
    Okay, so the MOJO and cozoy, those are amps, so those are just for listening through the cell phone to make it better, right? Could I just get a j nice mp3 player with a dac like the Sony I listed, or one of those astell and kern or fiio players that usually get good reviews? I just want something small that I can listen to while Stocking at work. Or are there any good iems on the level of these or the sennheiser that I don't need some crazy setup to sound good?

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