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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. joshnor713
    Yes, I second that the X7 II is a great option for the SE846, if you're willing to go balanced. A great all-arounder (sound performance, function, and price).
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  2. csglinux
    I love the X7ii and don't want to beat it down in anyway. It's just that there was the issue of cost - and in that regard it's worth considering the original X7. I'll quote verbatim from something I wrote recently in the V30 thread...

    That [X7 first gen] has to be the absolute bargain DAP right now, considering you can find a used X7 for less than a new X5iii.
    There are a few more features in the X7ii, but if you can manage with a single 400 Gb microSD card and if you never use TOSLINK, the X7 has several advantages over the X7ii beyond just the price. It has an accelerometer (which was dumped in the X7ii), potentially longer battery life, and in terms of audio specs, it surprisingly beats the X7ii in most categories. For example: lower z-out, higher dynamic range, support for higher sample rates and bit depths, lower THD+N and higher output power. Check out the following comparisons from FiiO's own website:

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  3. joshnor713
    I had the original X7 as well and to my ears it had a sterile sound. Good detail definitely, but it didn't move me much. The X7 II is a different story. Fiio did some significant tuning (and reinforced the internals against EMI noise). But you're right, everything comes down to cost. I'm just saying that the Mark II wasn't a light update.
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  4. Varekai
    Okay so been doing research with all this new information. Just can't decide. If I do just a dac it will be the cozoy rei or fiio q5. I like how slim the rei is and if the MOJO has hissing which I'm very sensitive to then no Bueno. As far as just getting a stand alone player I'm between the Sony nw-zx300, fiio x7 ii, AK 70 mkii, onkyo dp x1a, and lastly pioneer xdp-300r. I know that's quite a lot to choose from but ima horribly indecisive person. The Sony is more than I'd like to spend, but I love Sony and it gets outstanding battery life.
  5. csglinux
    I thought cost was a concern. If not, I'd go with the X7ii. It has a better DAC and, as Josh said, better RFI shielding. Personally, I would avoid weird proprietary balanced connections (i.e. Sony).
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  6. Varekai
    It is, but you now what that say but once cry once. One of the things that intrigued me about the sony was it was the only one the said it up scaled lower quality songs, and most of my 200gbs of music is just. Mp3. Granted a lot is 320kbps its still nothing fancy.
  7. Varekai
    I can just get a 3.5mm to balanced adapter right? Or do I need to buy a whole new set of cables for a couple hundred bucks? Does balanced make that big of a deal?
  8. joshnor713
    FYI, I've had the Onkyo DP X1. Like the X7 II, it really benefits from the balanced output. It seems like these companies tune the DAPs to that. I prefer the SQ of the X7 II a bit better.

    I've heard good things from Sony (I'm a Sony fan too). Haven't gotten a chance to try out their audio equipment :frowning2:
  9. joshnor713
    No, you have to buy a balanced cable. Sorry man, lol. But you can do Balanced to 3.5mm with an adapter, for times you need 3.5mm
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  10. Varekai
    Who knew listening to music was going to be this complicated. So, if I don't want to deal with this cable crap I'm guessing just an dac is better? One of the lengthy reviews I read ln the cozoy rei was one of the genres of music that it was great for was techni/dance/edm which is 1/2 of my music collection. Rest goes between orchestra/jazz/rock/metal, essentially anything that's not rap or country.
  11. csglinux
    That's marketing BS aimed at the ignorant and the gullible. Remember the X-ray specs they used to advertise in kids' comic books? Audio up-scaling works about as well as those.
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  12. csglinux
    You don't have to use the balanced outputs on these DAPs - it will just sound marginally better if you do (mainly in terms of channel separation). The main effect of the balanced output is usually just more power.
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  13. tbritton
    Well, you certainly busted my bubble. I only finally ordered those x-ray specs 6 weeks ago from a comic book, and expected them to arrive any day now! :frowning2:

    Awwww, shucks!

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  14. joshnor713
    Princess IEM. Not for the faint of heart. Unfortunately, most reviewers don't address these things.
  15. Varekai
    Hey now, don't go knocking my cracker jack box prizes

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