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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. moedawg140
    I haven’t seen a fake Shure iOS cable - as Lightning would either work or not, in my opinion.
  2. lesale08
    And it really took a lot of force removing that cable from the earpiece...
    Wow you know those words. :)
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2018
    moedawg140 likes this.
  3. lesale08
    All the buttons are working perfectly fine on my iphone. Have not tried the mic yet though.
  4. moedawg140
    I’m going to assume the mic works, especially since you aren’t receiving Lightning incompatibility messages whilst plugging into your iDevice.
  5. lesale08
    Hopefully yes. But can anyone from here share the quality of sound of A fake one? Or has anyone experience it before?

    I just love the bass and mids on this thing. I woudn't think this is fake unless I do a side by side with another legit 846 with the same set up then they sounded differently.
  6. moedawg140
    I’m not sure of anyone who owns a fake Shure iOS cable, as a fake would more than likely not be MFI certified, which would/should immediately give you incompatibility messages when plugging the cable into an iDevice.

    I would compare and use the same color filters that are in the legit SE846 with the new/used Blue SE846 and critically comparatively listen.
  7. lesale08

    I was checking this thread before buying them. The metal sound tube looks different so that's one relief for me.

    The sound description as well from the ts made reference that the fake 846 he got has no bass. This is a 2nd relief for me.

    But that thread was in 2016 so there could be changes now on how they fake the 846.

    I just hope to do a comparo asap to confirm whether my unit is legit or not.
  8. lesale08
    Can someone compare from their unit the metal sound tube on the first image to see if it's different from yours?
  9. Slim1970
    Something about your blue SE846’s look off. For one I don’t see the name or the model number on them. Then the color is not matching the color in the photo. Take a look at the picture below:

  10. spark plugs.
    if you got an SE846 for $100, congrats on the steal!
  11. nico_g
    your SE846 seems to be real : looking at tubes or engraving, but you will have to make some more tests like unmounting tubes in order to extract acoustics filters and see the inside of the Shure.
  12. csglinux
    They look legit to me, but I agree there's been some stealing going on. I'd put money on them having been stolen.
  13. Slim1970
    After a closer look, I do see the Shure logo. So yeah they do look real and like a legit pair. You got a bargain my friend :ok_hand:
  14. Stranger Than Fiction
    @moedawg140: Looking at your sig I’m wondering if you have taken the Noble Audio Kaiser K10 or Encore for a spin? It was fellow Shure SE846er wazzup who got me on to these and they are I daresay the K10s are the antidote to the 846s treble roll off.

    Admittedly I miss the 846s’ bass slam and sub bass quantity.
  15. lesale08
    For some reason it looks a bit violet in the picture but it is blue in person. It also has the shure logo on the faceplate while the se846 marking (L and R) at the back plate if that's the right term for it.

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