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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. trishd
    Ooops - I made a mistake - cglinux, you suggested I buy the Fiio x7ii NOT the i !!! I find the item on amazon for $650 - is this the correct model ? tyia
    Other Sellers on Amazon
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    • [​IMG]
    FiiO X7 Mark II Smart Hi-Res Lossless Music Player 64GBThe X7 Mark II ushers in a new era for lossless music players with its completely redesigned internals and updated exterior.
    • Shipping with the X7 Mark II is our new AM3A amplifier module, an all new design with both single-ended and balanced headphone output.
    • Forming the foundation of the X7 Mark II's audio prowess is the 8-channel ESS ES9028PRO DAC
    • Three separate crystal isolators: one each for multiples of 44.1kHz and 48kHz sampling rates, as well as a dedicated oscillator for 384kHz
    • 64GB built-in flash storage and two micro SD card slots each capable of supporting 256GB cards

    New (8) from $649.99
  2. csglinux
    Yup. This is the one I'd buy!
  3. Mr Makarov
    Hi! Glad to hear you´re enjoying your SE846´s!
    It is always a nice feeling when you hear the boost in audio quality. SE846 can sound pretty different depending on the source (plus all the variations of filters+ear tips). FiiO X1 is a very good value for the price and it sounds good (but will not bring all of the SE846 potential). Just heard all the songs you posted. Indeed, Jeremy´s songs had the lowest quality, "Heartbeat" sounded much better. Some well mastered songs sound amazing with the SE846.
    I see you will jump directly for FiiO X7 which is a good choice. I personally wouldn't recommend X3 and X5 because the difference is not that big (X1 vs X5 is easy to hear the difference but it is not worth it). X1 sounds muddy and congested compared to X7 (heard it once but never liked it with SE846) so I´m pretty sure you will be very happy coming from X1.
    As for value for the money (as a side-note), I recommend checking AudioQuest Dragonfly Black (1.5). It´s a USB DAC/AMP but will work with almost any smartphone. It costs just 98 dollars and in my personal opinion it outclasses all the FiiO´s (not so sure about X7 tbh) in sound quality (specially in clarity, soundstage and reproduction of highs) and it brings SE846 to a new level of clarity and soundstage (specially compared to X1 and X5), SE846 are good match for X1, but the good news is that SE846 can sound much better! One of the biggest changes I experienced was with DFB (DragonFly Black) and Astell & Kern Jr (SE846 sounds BIG with it). Most detailed was a Walkman that sounded very very intimate/personal and extremely detailed, but with a narrow soundstage (something to consider if you care about vocals the most). I had a FiiO X5 for almost two years and...that brick cant even touch the 2nd gen DragonFly (1.2) in SQ department, and while being better (more clear, bigger soundstage, much better mids) than X1, it lacks something...there is some "hollowness/"raw-ness" to the sound that is hard to explain (but it bothers me a lot). I Liked it with SE535 and SE846 at first, but then it was just so unrefined compared to DF 1.2 and A&K Jr and more so compared to DFB...(and I paid for it more than I paid for AK Jr!!!).
    Just my personal opinion.

    Thank You for sharing songs you enjoy listening to with your SE846. Now if I may I will share some tracks that I enjoy with SE846:

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  4. DeeKay10
    Edit (23/10/2017): DO NOT BUY the Shanling M1. Transport functionality sounds like **** - audio clips on loud tracks and appears to go through the DAC anyways.

    There. Found my peace and done with the shopping (another audiophile case in which the accessories exceed the transducers in price...):

    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  5. Stranger Than Fiction
    I will donate as soon as I can! I remember a lot of moedawg's posts (I used to be called Black Label btw but lost my login details due to a change of email address).

    I was recently listening to my brother's pair of Campfire Audio Jupiters. I went in thinking I wanted for nothing with the Shure SE846 I have had for over three years now (!). I daresay I was wrong.

    I now have a hankering for a bit more soundstage, which is probably the only thing the Jupiters have over the 8's. To that end, what sort of portable amp should I be looking at? I have tried all the FiiOs and don't particularly like either. The Chord Mojo is a thing of a beauty but it falls down in the portability stakes. It would have to be compatible with my iPhone 7, as well as being portable.

    Finally, anyone who is lurking and on the fence about getting a pair of 8's, audition them with FabricLive 91: Mixed by Special Request. There are moments within this mix that absolutely steamroll the skull with sub-bass! In fact these bad boys are great for any genre, however they are absolutely made for electronic music (particularly progressive trance a la John 00 Fleming, techno and drum & bass a la Calibre).
  6. tbritton
    As people are sharing some items that work fantastically with the SE846, here is one I'm addicted to lately:

    Definitely MADE for the 8's!!!

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  7. sha007
    Is the isine 20 better sounding than the se846 without the cipher cable? I heard that without the cipher cable the isine is not very enjoyable. I'm worried about it coz I'm thinking of getting an isine 20 (already have a se846) and want to use it with my desktop setup so have to use the standard cable so its important to know whether the isine 20 sounds better than the se846 with the standard cable or not.
  8. youngarthur
    Please remember, my ears are 77 years old!. The iSINE for me, has a wider soundstage, and more of a concert hall, than a small club sound. Because of my old ears, I don't like to get into the bass/mid/treble debate.The sound with the cipher cable, is easily achievable, with a little EQ, and I now only use the standard cable. In standard form, the cipher cable sounds more forward, more alive, but EQ with the standard cable can produce the same.FOR ME the 846 stood out, with its bass delivery on first listen, but over all I preferred the iSINE 20, so sold the 846.
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  9. why sleep
  10. aliando
    Hi @NiftyNicholas

    I just found myself to have the same problem as yours, its on the right shell. Then I check the left shell and shows some sort of cracking along that joint.

    I've sent an email to Shure Asia, hopefully they comes out with good solution, finger crossed...
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2017
  11. Stranger Than Fiction
    Here's a taster of what I have been listening to lately. These tracks indeed showcase what these bad boys can do (note that sweet sweet piano on the first one):

  12. NiftyNicholas
    Oh my. It's such a common but neglected issue.

    May I ask when did you purchase it?

    I had the cracked sided replaced for free when my warranty was almost ending. After a few months, the same thing happened. Now I'm out of warranty. I am truly disappointed with Shure.

    I'm gonna wait for it to fall apart and do a custom reshell unless Shure is willing to replace it without warranty (which I highly doubt so).
  13. Tranman409

    Recommending the spinfit bi-flange CP240-M eartips. I was a fan of the CP-100m for awhile and didn't realize they made this product recently. I get deep insertion with them and no fatigue/soreness in 30 minutes of owning it. I update again if it gets bad or annoying. I was annoyed with nearly all of the differfent stock eartips provided by shure(triple flange was decent but it would shrivel up and it gets annoying trying to flip them outwards every week with another set). Also it comes with 6 rubber sockets for shure or similar nozzle IEMs

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
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  14. csglinux
    Those are bizarre-looking tips! But I've been a big fan of the regular SpinFits, so I feel duty-bound to check these out. Thanks so much for the link :)
  15. tbritton
    Heh - yes, same here! Just ordered.

    I've been snipping the outer flange off of the tri-flange Shure tips a lot lately, and know for sure I like the duo-flange insertion and isolation, so I really look forward to trying this take on the SpinFits!


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