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Shure SE535: Reviews and First Impressions Thread

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  1. Ernst_Stavro_Blofeld
    Maybe it's time for me to buy a new cable.
  2. zumbito
    Any recommendation about an affordable DAP that will still take advantage of these? I am receiving mine on Monday and will only be able to plug them to my MBpro or a One Plus 3t.
  3. jnorris
    Whatever it is, make sure it has a very low output impedance. The 535's can sound abysmal if it's not low enough - they lose their bass and treble and sound honky and hard.
  4. zumbito
    Low impedance is how much?

    Right now I have used them with my Oneplus 3t, a MB pro and a external DAC SMSL M2. I have to say that with some songs they really shine, but the general impresion y get is muddy sound, like if it lacks brightness. Not sure if those are the right terms, at times I feel like I can't pick instruments apart and some notes I could hear with my cheap 30e headphones are not there anymore, some guitars too. Fore example the intro to Queen's "I want to break free" doesnt sound as good and at this point I am not sure if its the headphones or I am just used to listen to it with other headphones, same for Paco de Lucia's "Entre dos Aguas" some guitar notes I can't hear them and sound muddy.
    It is a bit frustrating, cause I love the product and dont really want to return them. Any advice?
  5. davidcotton
    Probably can't go wrong with the shanling m0. Get it from amazon and you can return it if you don't like it. If you want a bigger mp3 player then the x5III from fiio seems to have had a bit of a price drop and is down to £300 on amazon atm.
  6. jnorris

    I don't know the output impedance of those devices, but if they're over 5 ohms it's too much. If you really want to hear the SE535's, listen to them through for a Schitt Magni 3 - super low output impedance and noise (important for the extremely sensitive Shures).
  7. jnorris
    If the specs reported on Amazon are correct, the Shanling M0 has an output impedance of .16 ohm, which would be good for the SE535. Honestly though, the difference between a high and low-impedance source is dramatic on the Shures.
  8. zumbito
    Isnt se535 impedance 36 ohms? Isnt higher impedance the better?
  9. jnorris

    The general rule is that you want the output impedance of the amp to be at least 1/8th the impedance of the headphone. So at 36 ohms, a good rule of thumb is to go for a device with an output impedance of 4.5 ohms or less.
  10. Spiderman
    Hey Guys I purchased some headphones on the private forum and the sound isn't great compared to my previous pair. I suspect they might not be legit or that the driver(s) are failing since they sound hollow and lacking detail, can anyone confirm if their pairs have numbers in the right and left shell by the nozzle, these two numbers are different and one is upside down, which seemed odd to me?

  11. jnorris
    Those must be the SE535 limited edition. I found this video on YouTube but haven't had a chance to watch it. He does say his fake 535's sound pretty good.

  12. skingg
    The numbers isn't really upside down, you just have to position both in the same direction. I believe I have a genuine pair (got them off Japan) and yes the serial numbers on both the nozzles are different.
  13. Researcher
    @MickeyVee do you still think that campfire cable is solid to buy for 535?
  14. MickeyVee
    Sorry, really can't say anymore. Haven't listened to the 535 in a while since I got my Lyra II. Actually, my Lyra II, 535, Focal Clear and Meze 99 Classics are pretty much semi retired. Back to 2 channel stereo for now :)
    Researcher likes this.
  15. Researcher
    Yeah, i see. I will keep myself not to purchase it then. Love 535 (mids, comfortability etc. ) hate lows and sometimes highs. Just looking for improving them. As far as i see, cable is not option to do this
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