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Shure SE535: Reviews and First Impressions Thread

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  1. pacman46
    I picked up a pair of se535 cl in Canada about a month ago. It's my third pair lol I got a really good deal I think anyways. Brand new for 325 But there is no warranty but that's ok still a great price up here. They go for around 650.00 here. You know I never liked the cable just to cumbersome. But I've been using them at the gym,(they aren't my go to iem and I got them pretty cheap so I really don't mind using them to workout with) anyways these are really stage monitors among used for personal listening. I've been using them with the cable behind my head instead of in front at the gym and it's working really well. They stay put and really don't have to fiddle with them much to stay in place. So I believe the cable is made long like it is and robusk like it is for using them on stage behind your head. So as the cable sucks using the 535 for personal listening in the front of you it's really quite good behind your head. Anyways I'm rambling lol really enjoying these iems once more!
  2. NaiveSound
    Also reverb, used but why not? If I didn't have a se425 I would get this


    Under 240$...
  3. Gosod
    because it is the past.
  4. headfry
    - just got a used set of amber SE535's for a very good price, replacing a broken set of Grado SR325e's.

    using Chord Mojo/Jitterbug - once I figured out the proper fit and (for my ears at least) that they strongly benefit
    from a bit of bass and treble boost below 300 hz and above 8 kHz - they now sound fantastic, although for best results at somewhat
    higher volumes than the Grado's.

    The sound is smooth, warm and expressive....very nice!

    amazing what eq can do for transducers! I'm discovering that I prefer the sound from my iPod touch 6th gen
    than from my MacBook Pro. Using Captune and Kaisertone apps.

    Listening to Jordan Rudess "Rhythm of Time", really good through these!
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
  5. 0x6170
    had anybody had one of BA drivers inside SE535s die?
    Today I noticed that left earpiece had a diminished bass response. At first I thought I should clean them - I did that, I even removed the white filters inside the nozzles - did not help. Then I though maybe the cable is damaged, tried a couple of different ones - did not help. Changed my source - did not help. Then I thought maybe my ears became asymmetric, tried a couple different earphones - my ears are ok.
    So now I am coming to conclusion that the low frequency balanced-armature driver in my left earpiece of SE535 died or at least something got disconnected.
    Anyone experienced anything similar?
    I am out of warranty.
    Is it worth trying to contact Shure through official channels. Is it possible for them to help me somehow?
  6. moedawg140 Contributor
    I do not own the SE535, however I’ve owned the SE530 since around 2007, and the replacement that Shure gave me due to the failed cable is still going strong. Very good customer service, in my opinion.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Shure helped you out/assisted you (at least in some form or fashion) even if you contacted them now.

    Please let us know the correspondence results!
  7. FortisFlyer75
    Just a couple of quick question really, an old SE530 owner once but thinking about getting these again as loved the newer SE535 when I have heard them at shows again recently but have noticed when looking on eBay there are some SE535s floating around with what looks like the old sqaure box packing so assume it is still the steel box that the old 530 used to be boxed in but also am seeing a lot of SE535 now packaged in just cheaper smaller slim line box with a clear window with them on show... Is it just a packaging change to save cost or did the SE535 actually receive a slight change in sound with what looks like the newer cheaper packaging?

    I know there is the Red edition which does lead me onto if I am happy with the normal SE535 sound how much change is there in that treble with the Red version, is it too bright for some out there that have heard both SE535 normal and RED edition? I take it was just treble that got tweaked on the Red edition?

    Sorry asking all those questions like a newbie there but have seen them at a ok price new but need to order by tomorrow morning to garuantee delivery before holidays!

    thanks in advance also even though I will reply ; )
  8. Gosod
    this topic is moving weakly, a feeling that she is quite dead.
  9. Rizob
    Hey guys. Does anyone have any recommendations for a Balanced cable for the SE535? I have just purchased a Fiio X7ii and I see that they make a Balanced cable for the Shures-


    My only concern is that I really like the feel of the stock Shure cable and the way it 'behaves' when out in cold weather. Also the fact that it doesn't seem to suffer from vibrations travelling through the cable when i'm on the move.

    Has anyone got experience with the Fiio ones, or any alternatives?
  10. Groumpf
    I'm looking for a pair of good IEM, and these seem to be great candidates.
    I own and use daily a pair of Alpha&Delta AD01 (with a Fiio X5II), and I really enjoy their fun personality, a bit bass heavy but detailed, without sibilance. Do you think SE535 would be a fit upgrade?

    On the headphones side, my favorite gear includes a Sennheiser HD598 and a Meze 99 Classics, which I particularly enjoy.
  11. Mr Makarov
    First thing I have to mention is that I do not have and I did not heard Alpha&Delta AD01. However, I heard some IEMs in the USD 100 range (Dunu Titan 1, Sony Xba-10 and Shure SE215) and not a single one comes even remotely close to the clarity, and especially mid-range presentation of SE535. Compared to more expensive IEMs, I like SE535 much more than Shure SE425, Sony XBA-3/30 and XBA-4/40. However, SE535 loses on treble and bass extension when compared to XBA-4/40 but wins easily on overall clarity and vocals are just so good! Furthermore, I would say that I like the SE535 much more than Philips Fidelio X1 and 2 (full-sized open-back cans, both sound muddy in comparison) and a little bit more than Senns HD700 (soundstage of HD700 off course destroys SE535) and I prefer HD700 over HD598 by a very large margin (my personal opinion). Strong points of SE535: clarity is superb, mids are really awesome (vocals like in jazz or EDM like vocal trance are delicious), bass is very good and they can take some extreme EQ settings to sound very bassy and clear at the same time. Weak points - treble rolls off. However I am pretty sure that SE535 will probably have much better treble than Alpha&Delta AD01. For a long time SE535 was my reference point for clarity and vocal presentation.
    SE535 pairs very well with FiiO X5II but the EQ on the FiiO is just barely functional so you will have some problems EQing up the bass (If you need to). An AMP with bass boost will make a very noticeable improvement.
    Hope it helps.
  12. Groumpf
    Thank you very much Mr Makarov, it does actually help me a lot.
    It gives me a good idea of the SE535 characteristics, which is really helpful since I haven't found any way to try these here.
    You said it might seem a bit light on bass to me, how would you compare SE535's low end, with HD598/HD700, Momentum, and K701/K550 (if you ever tried them)?
    You've probably heard the comparison since it was offen made on this forum, Alpha&Delta AD01 are close to Yamaha EPH-100 regarding low-end. It's a balance I find nice (especially on my train commute), as long as the highs and mids stay detailed.
    I used to own pairs a pair of AKG Q701 and K550 MKII, but I eventually sold them. I found them too dry and "boring" over time.
    I've also gotten rid of my Momentum 2 because I found mids and upper mids quite "grainy" and un-natural.
    I find Meze 99 classics great (close to the Momentum in many aspects... but better), even though I would appreciate a bit more detail.

    Another point: would you say the SE535 are still "up to date"? This topic isn't really alive, maybe there are other better choices for my tastes?
  13. Mr Makarov
    About SE535´s low end. I really like it. It is a quality bass for sure. However, there is not very much sub-bass and if you think they´re somewhat anemic or very bass light then you would be wrong. The bass is good, authoritative and clean. I much prefer the SE535´s bass to the Momentum´s bass (which is a little boomy and bloated in comparison). Back to the FiiO X5II: by direct comparison, HD700 sounds somewhat dry compared to more weighty presentation of SE535. From X5 alone I always prefer SE535 instead of HD700 and HD598. Also there´s more bass quantity on Shure´s. I listen to bass-heavy music a lot and SE535 served me well, however I sometimes wanted even more bass so I EQ´d them to somewhat bass-cannon levels. Heard K701 once and they´re anemic and boring compared to SE535. One HP comes to mind that is somewhat similar to SE535 - HifiMan HE-400i. Bass is good quality (still SE535 has more of it), mids are forward and very clean and treble is alive but sounstage is focused/small. Clarity, instrument separation and imaging are great but it is all presented in a small stage giving a personal/intimate experience.
    SE535 are way better than EPH-100 in my opinion and for commuting Shure IEMs are especially good because they isolate extremely well so you can listen to your music at low levels and still won´t be bothered by outside noise at all. I personally never found them boring (they were my most enjoyable IEMs for two+ years) and have used them for 4-6 hours a day without any problems. One thing I like a lot about them is that they´re very EQ-friendly so you can tweak the sound to your liking. One reason why I enjoy them a lot is because of that forward, natural/real and detailed mid-range they reproduce - it is very seductive. They sound very natural (Like SE425 but with bass).
    About being "up to date" I am afraid I don´t really know (haven´t heard many recent 400-500 USD IEMs). What is a fact - the are very good IEMs and they still are very competitive.
    Hope it helps.
  14. Groumpf
    Thanks Mr Makarov!
    I couldn't have hoped for a better answer.
  15. MickeyVee
    I just got the Campfire Audio Lyra II. So what does that have to do with the SE535? .. we'll just for giggles I flipped the CA cable over to the SE535s and Holy CR@P, it takes the SE535's to a new level of extension across the spectrum. Truly impressive! So I ordered a CA cable for the SE535s. If I felt the SE535 were lacking in some way before, I'm not now. I may be pretty much at my end game with the Shures. Source = AK300.
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