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Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifiguy528, Dec 19, 2010.
  1. pdameno66
    Quite different......
    S are (don't know why) easier to' drive with powerful bass but little less detail and hairness.....
    With my Bacillus Tilla I like more the HD800 but with the microZOTL 2 and the Bryston I think the 800S are the right choice.
  2. judomaniak
    Hey Finke how you liking the Elears thru the Moon amp. is it the one with the built in dac. i have the elears  and now need to upgrade my amp section. sure look good togetther
  3. finke

    I love the sound of my Elears paired with the 340i. I am streaming Tidal from a MacBook to the es9018k2m saber32 DAC integrated into the amp. In my opinion the sound is warm, full, and dynamic, but also neutral; I am able to listen to them for hours with no listening fatigue. Simaudio makes a couple of headphone amps ranging from the $1500 230HAD to the $4500 430HA, The latter being used by Tyll at inner fidelity as his reference headphone amp.
  4. koolas

    Haven't posted long time. I took really nice pics recently. Here there are :)


  5. JomiMendes
    Aren't your highs capped on the equalizer? It looks like the setting "High Out" is defined to only let go the highs range until 10k, and you seem to be putting 20k on it's maximum capacity. That isn't going to work properly.
  6. traehekat

    Just received the Auralic Aries and set it up this evening (excuse the iPhone photo). I am really loving everything about it, especially the Lightning DS iPad app. Waiting on the Yggdrasil and Zana Deux Super...

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  7. koolas
    @JomiMendes: This is analogue EQ. It doesn't remove any frequencies. I got higher frequencies attenuated to get more natural balance. On Alpha Dogs I can still hear 18kHz, so I don't complain.
  8. Audioholic123
  9. Windsor
    Nice drumkit man - I've always been partial to DW !! 
  10. jaywillin
    can't believe i missed this shot 
    AWESOME joseph 
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  11. nordkapp
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  12. martinrajdl
    Damn, that's one well-organized setup. Really like the way you managed the USB hub and hard drive down there. Is that rack custom made or bought from somewhere? 
  13. nordkapp
    Haha. Thanks. I like order. Yes, the rack is custom. I made it about 6 years ago now. It's solid maple and walnut. All the joints are mortise and loose tenon.
  14. Badas
    Some of this gear looks so much fun. I'm very Jelly. :gs1000smile:
  15. martinrajdl
    Wow, very nice work. I hope to end up one day with somewhat similar setup and a nice chair next to it. At least for now, I will have to stick with my traditional table setup :D. Anyway, very nice work on that rack. 
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