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Should I sell my WA6?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by spudharris, Jul 18, 2011.
  1. SpudHarris Contributor
    I've had a Woo Audio 6 for about 8-9 months and have spent a lot (I mean a lot!) on tubes to find a flavour that suited most of my full sized cans. I'm happy with it in that respect but the newest arrivals (HE-4 and HE-500) don't quite get enough grunt from it. I still have a set of 6FD7's to try and boost a bit but I'm not hopefull that I'll be happy losing the tone of the 6SN7 Bad Boys :frowning2:
    I know the EF-5 will power these phones but:
    What is the SQ like in comparrison? Will I be disapointed or will the EF-5 sound as good? Should I sell the Woo and pick up a EF-5?
    If anyone with experience in any of the above would care to chip in I'd be really appreciative.
    Thanks guys
  2. sillysally


    I would wait for the EF-6 to come out, Skylab and I will get a demo version of the EF-6 and do a write-up on the EF-6.
    As I have posted many times, I really liked my WA6SE but never could get the AQ for what I used it for, no matter how many tubes I rolled. And yes my HE-6's are a waist when paired with the WA6SE.
    I will be comparing my WA5LE and tubes when I get the EF-6, and nothing I have tried other than the WA5LE and tubes I use comes close using my HE-6's.
  3. SpudHarris Contributor
    Any idea when you will get that to review SS?
    I have spent 1/2 hour with the WA6 and HE-500's and have to say I could probably live with them but there is something snappier about the HE-4's that suits certain genres and the WA6 struggles to drive them with much authority.
    Thanks for the reply, I will certainly await the news regarding EF-6
  4. Icenine2
    I'd look at the Cavalli Liquid Fire as well.
  5. sillysally


    No word yet.
  6. 1974
    IMO the EF5 is an incredible sounding amp, and I haven't heard anything better for less than $2000. The EF6 will probably be better, and certainly a lot more expensive.
  7. Gradofan2

    To drive the HE-500's, I much prefer the EF-5 to my WA6 SEm - it sounds great with the HE-500's.  The bass and highs are much better controlled - I like everything about the sound with this combo.  And... right now, I don't have any compulsion to roll the tube (Full Music 12AU7), or the OPA225 opamp.  
    The EF-5 is a true value - and it has the power to drive the HE-500's, and then some.  So, if you don't want to wait for the EF-6... you can be confident in getting the EF-5.   

  8. SpudHarris Contributor
    Thanks guys (especially Gradofan2). I think I know what I'm doing now....
  9. Gradofan2
    I would just add... that mine is the newer CE version (EU compliance) with the Full Music tube, rather than the RCA tube - and I'm not sure the EF-5 is quite as good with all phones, as it is with the HE-500's. 
    It seems to drive my RS-1's pretty well... adding a bit to their soundstage.  But... it sounds a bit strident and harsh in the upper mids, lower highs with my MD5000's. 
    And... overall it may have just a "wee bit" hard sound in the upper mids, lower highs with brighter sources - not as much with my Marantz SA8001, which has just a bit warmer sound.
    It may warm up a bit with burn in - I've got only about an 1-2 hours on it.  Probably, premature to form any opinion, yet.  Though it does sound good with the HE-500's even now - powerful sound with lots of impact, PRAT, clarity, detail and soundstage.
  10. SpudHarris Contributor
    Thanks again....
    I have just reconed up what money I have tied up in my WA6 + exotic tubes and it's scary money. I don't think I'll ever be able to get a WA22 over here so I'm gonna put it all up for sale and just stick with my Fi-quest at present as this powers the HE-500 easily.
    I'm not sure I would ever be satisfied with the EF-5 after using such nice tubes with the WA6 so I think I'll shelve the idea for now and see what money I've got left over when the EF6 comes out.
    Thanks for the responses guys......

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