1. 1974

    K Works Bravissimo mini-review.

    I just wanted to leave my impressions regarding this amazing little headphone amp after recently dropping in on fellow head-fier and Brilliant Zen Audio owner Mike Mossey. Mike has a partnership with K Works wizard Igor Kuznetsoff, who recently developed the pint sized powerhouse Bravissimo...
  2. Toxic Cables

    Toxic Cables Existing customer prize draw. HE-500 - EF-5 - Stand - Cable

    NOW CLOSED     So here it is, sorry for the delay in posting.   HiFiMAN HE-500 HiFiMAN EF-5 ROOM'S FS HEADPHONE STAND TOXIC CABLES BLACK WIDOW HE CABLE All new and unused  Total value £1,325   As some of you know, i always ike to give a little back to my customers few times a year...
  3. White Lotus

    HifiMan/Head-direct confusion (EF1 vs EF2 vs EF5)

    Alright, so I have a bit of a predicament.    I just purchased a second hand EF1, for $200:  (this is an image I found on the internet, mine is still in transit)       The EF5, however, is close to $500 brand new:         The EF2, on the Head-Direct website, is currently $170. It...
  4. Solitary1

    HIFIMAN EF-5 or ALO Pan-Am...help me!

    Both of them get  good reviews. And the difference with the price, I feel is comparable since the Pan-Am has a DAC. Don't really need the DAC. Will use the audio-gd NFB-11.32 or Maverick Audio Tubemagic D2. Since I also have the Maverick Audio A1 that use the same tubes that Pan-Am does that is...
  5. Br777

    TRADED: Hifiman EF-5 - everything but the amp section.

    Hi all, Quite a long time ago i tried to sell my EF-5 to someone and the USPS lost the amp section  so i am left with the power supply portion, the tube, the cord, and the tube protector.   I have everything but the amp   Asking $100  plus shipping, or trade offers - I will trade for...
  6. trex998

    Hifiman EF-5 hybrid amp *Mint*

    Up for sale is a HiFiMAN EF-5 hybrid amp. Comes stock with a Fullmusic 12AU7 tube. This is a great and very powerful amplifier, perfect with the HiFiMAN planar headphones, but certainly works with any headphones, especially those requiring a little more juice.The amp is in excellent physical...
  7. Austin Morrow

    Schiit Lyr + Schiit Bitfrost or Schiit Bitfrost & HiFiMan EF5 to Drive HiFiMan HE-6

    Alright, so I am looking to invest in a non very expensive setup to drive the HiFiMan HE-6 (or the HE-500, whichever comes first for me). I know the Lyr can drive the HE-6, but how well? What about the HiFiMan EF5?   Also, does anyone else have amp suggestions for the HE-6 under $1000? Thanks!
  8. unrlmth

    HiFiMan EF-5 Amp

    Looking for an EF-5 amp, let me know what have.   Thanks for looking!
  9. inter voice

    Hifiman EF-5 headphone amplifier mods and rolls

    Recently I have received a pair of HE-500 and Hifiman EF-5 headphone amplifier through a prize draw - lucky me .   On first hearing I can say they are well matched gears BUT I think if the performance of the EF-5 can be improved further I am sure there should be a jump in the overall SQ.  ...
  10. blankdisc

    FS: Hifiman EF5 (EF-5) Hybrid Headphone Amp with upgrade

    Hi, I am selling my Hifiman EF5 Hybrid Headphone amp with dual BurrBrown OPA627 opamp upgrade.   The amp is in very good condition. The blue LED power indicator light no longer works. It does NOT have any functional effects at all. I actually like it without the blue light. Less cheesy if...
  11. Nishy

    Hifiman EF-5 amp for sale, mint condition (Austria)

    In mint condition (barely used, purchased early 2012 directly from Hifiman), acclaimed HifiMan EF-5 Headphone Amp (2 piece, separate power and electronic units, with original Tube). Powers headphones nicely upto the energy hungry premier HE-6 headphones. Excellent warm sound, used about 100-150...
  12. Skymont

    K702 +e17 amp "daisy chain" quality question

    So I just got myself a K702, and id like to pair it with a nicer amp than my e17, only I dont know if ill need a new dac to go with it, I'm pretty sure the LO bypass only works with the E09k not the 3.5mm aux jack, so if I take my e17, and connect it to a better amp maybe around ~$1000+ (I plan...
  13. Thommohawk

    Thinking of this rig...what do you guys think?

    I would appreciate some thoughts on this rig I'm thinking of getting:   Beyerdynamic DT 880 or AKG Q701   Musical Fidelity V DAC II   Little Dot MK III   All these are around the £200 mark and easily purchased from Amazon I was wondering if you guys think this system would have...
  14. planx

    Calyx Coffee DAC vs Nuforce HDP?

    I currently have the Calyx Coffee DAC for my Laptop (I normally use my CD player for music, but despite certain circumstances, I have to resort to my PC often) and I was wondering if anyone has good experience with the Nuforce HDP. I originally bought the Calyx Coffee for it's useful Track Skip...
  15. chewy4

    Asgard too much for Nuforce NE-700X?

    I'm currently waiting for an Asgard amp to arrive for another pair of headphones, and I was wondering if it would be possible to run these off of it. I've heard you can damage headphones if you put too much power into them.   I know it's completely unnecessary, but I can't plug them into the...
  16. Jazzkammer

    Do I buy Beyerdynamic T1 or Hifiman HE500 as upgrade solution to my current HD650/K701 combo?

    Sorry for creating a new topic, but I did not see a recommendation thread on Summit-fi.   OK, here is my situation: Currently own:  AKG K701 + Sennheiser HD650.   Using my Onkyo reciever as headphone amp (and its headphone out is very capable, it can drive even the Hifiman HE6s).     I...
  17. georgelai57

    Amps for HD600, DT880(250), SR325iS, K550

    Hi guys, I bought a Sennheiser HD600 today on impulse, just after getting a Beyer DT880 250 ohms a week ago. This adds to my collection of Grado SR325iS, ATH-M50, ATH-AD700, AKG K550, etc. My music is predominantly rock, Blues, R&B and are usually from my iMac in Lossless and 320. I have an...
  18. angelsblood

    upgrade from nuforce icon hd

    hi guys. thinking of upgrading my nuforce icon hd to another dac and headphone amp, and this time a separate unit. thinking of the little dot dac_II and little dot MK IV combo. what do u guys think? is it a worthy upgrade? reason i wanted to upgrade to tube amp is because i like the warmer...
  19. manzana

    Is Hifiman EF5 a good upgrade from Asus STX ??

    I'm thinking to buy a desktop amp to improve the SQ of my STX. I have HE400, and it can sound better.  is STX > EF5 > HE400 a good idea?? or I should buy a new DAC too.   can you recomend any other amp for that?   Thanks!
  20. Archerious

    Best amp for $500 and below?

    old thread
  21. jfindon

    Amp and DAC for HE-400s

    I've been getting some help in the official HE-400 thread, but more opinions are always good.  I have a new pair of HE-400s that I'm using with my LD MK1+ and HM-601 right now, but I and willing to spend $400 total on both an amp and DAC.  So far I've been recommended the LD 1+ as an amp but...
  22. Q701

    What are the "official" amps for the q701/k702/k701?

    When Sennheiser displayed the HD 800, there was either a Lehmann Audio or Violectric amplifier driving the headphones. With the introduction of their new in-house amplifier I believe they use that now (though I have never seen it). I have never seen an AKG display so what do they use to power...
  23. F

    Question about amps in general (sorry, might be dumb)

      Is it safer to unplug headphones before turning an amp on and off?  I thought I read somewhere about power surges during on-off that might damage headphones.  This might be just with certain amps, though. Thanks! btw, I have a Hifiman EF-5.