1. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  2. Jeffy141

    Hifiman HE-4 : What sound card or ampli for PC?

    Hello everyone, I have a noob question. I have the opportunity to buy the Hifiman HE-4 for a good price. It is mainly for gaming on PC and listening to music while gaming. They say on the website that you need a powerful ampli to make it work...
  3. D

    In search of my ideal pair of cans - help, anyone? He-4, DT990, HD 650, etc.

    Hey guys,   Im new to this website and glad I found it. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and hopefully give me great advices. Im looking for new headphones and an amp to match them on my PC. Ive been using my HDJ 1000s for the past 5 years and they were my first good ones...
  4. jerg

    = Hifiman “Fuzzor” Mod = (Driver backwave felt damping modification)

    Hifiman “Fuzzor” Mod v1.0                                            Prelude       This modification, which applies directly to HE500, HE5LE, HE4, and HE6 drivers (but derivative mods can be done on other HFMs as well as planar magnetic drivers in general), evolved from a number...
  5. Thujone

    HE-400 vs. HE-500 vs. HE-4 Comparison

    About:   Being a huge fan of EDM, I purchased the HE-400 back in May and immediately found myself on a roller coaster ride. Being fairly sensitive to treble, I probably should have read into the HE-400 more than I did since the sibilance came as a great surprise. These are the headphones...
  6. Nankai

    HE-Adapter: Using a speaker amp to drive HE-6, HE-5LE and HE-4 headphones

    http://www.head-direct.com/product_detail.php?p=104   Using a speaker amplifier to drive HE-6, HE-5LE and HE-4 headphones. Input: Speaker Connector output: 4 pin XLR Resistors in parallel: 10 Ohm Resistors in series: 25 Ohm Size: 16.5 cm * 12.2 cm * 7.5 cm or 6.5 inch * 4.8 inch * 2.9...
  7. aural bliss

    Hifiman: HE-300 or HE-4

    the HE-4 is about $150 more than the HE-300.  does the performance justify the price difference?  debating between these two.   also, the he-4 is 38ohm while he-300 is 50ohm: is the he-4 easier to drive than the he-300?
  8. soymilkftw

    Asgard and HE-4 - noob

    First and foremost, i'm a noob.  I paired these two up recently and noticed I really have to crank up the knob to get it to where I normally listen on my SR80i.  I know the HE-4 are harder to drive and require an amp.  I was under the impression that the Asgard was beefy enough to drive it...
  9. Koroush

    HiFiMan HE300 & HiFiMAN HE4 which is better?

    Hi I'm looking at the HE300's and the HE4's and I would be using them with a Fiio E9 & E7 but I would like to know if the HE4's could be powered by the amp and dac? As I hear they are very high power cans...I think the HE500 are too pricey for me so it is between these 2 any help would be...
  10. eltocliousus

    HE-4s with a FiiO E10, worth it?

    I'm interested in getting some HE-4s however my only ampifier is a FiiO E10, should I bother getting the HE-4s or will the FiiO E10 limit them to a point where it wouldn't be worth it over a $200-300 dynamic headphone? Thanks!
  11. HwangMiHee

    HE-400 vs HE-4

    Hello guys What are your opinions about Hifiman's HE-400 and  HE-4? I am not a bass head. But I do listen to trance mainly. (Ironicly I like trance without punchy bass) Would a E9/E7 combo be able to drive the HE-4? At head direct there is 50 dollars difference in price. And I was...
  12. hks777

    Hifiman He-4 balanced??

    hello   have any of you tried Hifiman He-4 balanced ?   what do you think of the sound ?   is it worth the exstra money? (in cables and dac/amp).     (sorry about my english)
  13. labratoire

    HiFiMAN HE-4 vs. Hifiman HE-400

    Hi,   This is my first post here and I'm very happy to join to such a great community.   I want to buy a pair of headphone and upgrade from my AKG K240S. Hifiman HE-400 grabs my attention but when I went to head-direct I found out that it has another model that is only 449 $. Can anyone...
  14. kchapdaily

    closed equivalent of he-4

    hey guys.    school work has been real heavy lately, and i havent been able to spend much time with my he-4's. not a big fan of long nights in the lab without the hifimans. is there a closed can in a similar price/quality range with a slight v curve? i prefer over ear, and amping isnt an...
  15. AdamFrandsen

    Best headphones for opera within sub $400 price range with sub $350 amp/dac combo

    I have finally realized that it will take time before I can afford the system I have been researching and really dream of  - so I need to find a good compromise until I start making the big bucks ;-)    I have looked at:   HD598 Q701 HE-400 HE-4 K550 DT880 DT990   What...
  16. asc1198

    Most comfortable headphones?

    I am wondering what the most comfortable headphones under $300 are. I currently own studios and would like something more comfortable than them. Preferably leather or pleather ear cups and they must be around/over ear. Thanks!
  17. munchzilla

    In search of the perfect headphone (for me, that is)

    hi!   I am as the title says, looking for the "perfect" headphone for me. been reading a lot but I think the opinions are too different to make any sense of it right now. making this thread in hope of it being a bit easier to understand. I've been listening to (and owning) a lot of...
  18. labratoire

    HiFiMAN HE-4 vs. HIFIMAN HE-400

    Hi,   This is my first post here and I'm very happy to join to such a great community.   I want to buy a pair of headphone and upgrade from my AKG K240S. Hifiman HE-400 grabs my attention but when I went to head-direct I found out that it has another model that is 449 $. Can anyone tell...
  19. DarkWolf

    HE-4 vs. HE-5LE

    I have been reading and reading, and I think my head is going to explode even sooner than my wallet if I don't find some direct comparisons soon. The HE-500 and obviously, the HE-6 are just too much for me to be thinking about right now. On the used market, I can get either HE-4 or 5LE right...
  20. jamesoh

    Whats a good headphone with a lot of bass but still balanced?

    Im looking for headphones with good bass, but I still want good balance. I want the mids and highs clear but still with a lot of bass. I was thinking about something like hi-fi man he-4 or 5LE   Any comments or suggestions?
  21. allyl

    HE-300, HE-4, or HD650

    Which is the best for female vocals and (asian) pop? I'd be running these off of an audio-GD NFB-12
  22. jeezus

    my new gaming audio for xbox, what's yours?

    just ordered all this today and i can't wait!!! :)     -samson SR850 -astro mixamp -dealextreme mini mic     what do you guys use?     PS. is there some kind of external EQ thing that i could plug between the mixamp and headphones? if so a link would be cool.
  23. greenrolaids

    He-4 with a Receiver ?

    I know that the He-4's are pretty tough to drive and i read some where someone recommended running them off a receiver that puts out about 70wpc with an adapter cable.   I have a nice denon 100wpc receiver, would this be a good/adequate pair until i can afford a better headphone amp?  ...
  24. 0rangutan

    From DT880's to Orthos

    Hi all,   I am really keen to try out some orthodynamic headphones, but am not sure which would make the best starting point for my preferences.   Of the many conventional headphones that I have owned, I am most keen on the sound signature of the Beyer DT880, more so than Senn HD650's...
  25. SpudHarris

    Should I sell my WA6?

    I've had a Woo Audio 6 for about 8-9 months and have spent a lot (I mean a lot!) on tubes to find a flavour that suited most of my full sized cans. I'm happy with it in that respect but the newest arrivals (HE-4 and HE-500) don't quite get enough grunt from it. I still have a set of 6FD7's to...