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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. exdmd
    I have been using a pair of HD800S for a year and the ear pads are still in good shape despite often being worn for 8 hours a day. Significant step up from the Elears they replaced and the light weight is very much appreciated. In my system they are lacking a bit of low bass (could be my tube amp) so I use a Loki to boost 20 Hz a tad. I can live with the HD800S for a long time. I basically built my system around them. I am starting to miss speakers though so a good pair of powered near field monitors are on my want list for next year.
  2. Amberlamps
    Since you like the 800S, maybe try the dekoni elite sheep leather earpads.

    So comfy and make the hd800s a much better fit and even though somefolk here don’t like, I think they are great, much better than the stock pads, plus they are roughly the same price as a new stock pair of pads from sennheiser.
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  3. llcook51
    Nothing beats the HD800S for comfort and detailed voicing.
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  4. Phronesis
    Some people rank the Utopia very high for detail, but I found that the gap in detail between the Utopia and Clear was a lot less than the gap between the HD800S and Clear. So, to my ears, by inference, the HD800S seems to beat the Utopia on detail, but I haven't compared them back to back.
  5. Ichos
    I am an HD800s owner used to be an HD800 owner.
    But following the hype about the clears i was able to find a loaner for two days.
    I listened a lot swapping between the clears and HD800s.
    I didn't like them and saved my pocket 1500€!!!
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  6. Nik74
    Having moved from 800 on to 800S, do you feel there is something you miss about the 800 ? And if there are improvements , in what areas do you notice them ?
  7. Arniesb
    Thats great for you, many people just buy blindly. i wish sennheiser when they release new flagship to add few db on mids, 3db to bass and it would be perfectly balanced headphone. Lucky for Sennheiser that its competitors have all kind of driver failures, build issues or bad tonality, otherwise sales would slow down a ton.
  8. Nik74
    I d love an 800SE with the midrange and tonality of 650 :)
  9. Me x3
    My former HD800 was very similar to my current HD800S.
    HD800S is just a tiny bit warmer overall and less steely in terms of tonality.
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  10. Ichos
    Couldn't agree more!
  11. Svatopluk
    I own both the HD800S and Utopia. The Utopia definitely beats the HD800S in detail, particularly when it comes to bass. I know I will probably get flamed saying that on this thread but that's the way my ears and brain process the two.

    DAC: Yggdrasil A2
    Amp: Ragnarok/V280
  12. Nik74
    I d hope so as it costs £2190 more, this sort of money should definitely buy you a better headphone :)
  13. Phronesis
    I may have to try the Utopia again. Maybe I’ll find that my perception has significantly changed since I last tried it (which in itself would be kind of troubling, but also interesting).
  14. llcook51
    That is my sense also regarding a comparison of the HD800 to HD800S. The HD800S' bass seems deeper and more enveloping; however, it is somewhat less detailed. Overall, my eras prefer the HD800S sound signature. It is more enjoyable across more genres of music.
  15. exdmd
    @Svatopluk how is the soundstage and imaging of the Utopia vs HD800S please? With my Tortuga preamp using HD800S soundstage extends beyond the ears, it is very wide, deep and even tall. Placement of instruments is precise even in the bass region. I am hearing fine details I missed before, going back and revisiting familiar tracks.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
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