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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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    I think the same! I love 800s by same reason. My wish is 800s can give accurate bass as that of 800 while keeping low end depth
    Have any1 here use both 800s and sr1 (new ibassso item)?
    If detail of shure kse1500 is rank to 10, so 800s get 9 points and sr1 got 8.5. Silky smooth but not sacrify for detail.
    Beside 800s, owning sr1 is much worthy for $500
  3. exdmd
    There is a dedicated thread on HF for the KSE1500. Also some good reviews on Amazon to read. TLDR perhaps slightly more detailed than HD800S but does not have the soundstage width and depth. At $2500 on Amazon I personally would put the money into a good pair of active studio monitors for those days I don't want to listen through my HD800S.
  4. Svatopluk
    The Utopia conveys dept, space and maybe separation better than the HD800S. However, when it comes to width, the HD800S is clearly superior. The disadvantage of the Utopia is it's price. For the same money, you could have a decent speaker setup with all the dept and space one could ever desire.
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  5. Svatopluk
    I purchased the HD800S about a year before the Utopia so I had plenty of time to evaluate it's performance before hearing the Utopia. I still have the HD800S. The fact that it can play along with the Utopia, definitely says a lot about it's character.
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  6. exdmd
    Thanks @Svatopluk for confirming how good the HD800S are for the money.
  7. Me x3
    Although very good, my HD800S can't match my first gen Tesla T1 in terms of ultimate transparency / microdetail retrieval.
    The 600 Ohm T1 is slightly harder to drive but that's not much of a problem these days.

    Next to the (very expensive) Focal Utopia, the Sennheiser HD800S surely offers tons of performance for the money, but in the grand scheme of things I don't find 'price/performance ratio' as one of its stronger points.
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  8. vlach
    Does T1 reach transparent and detail level of electrostatic?
  10. exdmd
    Thanks for the tip. I used to own a pair of Beyer DT880 and did not like the fit and comfort so I did not consider the 600 Ohm T1. I bought my HD800S first then had the transformer tap on my custom Kenzie Amp optimized for 300 Ohm phones.
  11. Me x3
    I think they are different technology with different character.
    Top flight electrostatics are all about fast transients, they shine in the temporal domain allowing a sound that presents itself as very clean and boasting superlative separation.

    That's not what the Tesla T1 does.

    The Tesla T1 has a driver that appears to be extremely sensitive and unrestricted so it can pick up the smallest nuances present in the recordings. That very last hint of texture and the smallest variations in loudness.
    The sound on the Tesla T1 is not as separated or tidy as some other top class headphones, but it has that distinctive sense of realism that's extremely hard to match.
    In can reveal a level of fine texture in regular recordings that even using some other quality headphones it can remain unnoticed.

    The AKG K812 on the other hand can provide fast transient response, much like electrostatic headphones, offering a sound that's very tidy and has very good separation in the temporal domain (different sounds in the recordings are very easy to spot and follow independently). That's why it can serve very well as a tool for the music industry, but it's not able to match the Tesla T1 in terms of picking up the smallest nuances and it's even a step behind the Sennheiser HD800/HD800S in this particular aspect.

    Me x3
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  12. Me x3
    The Tesla T1 is pretty much the same as DT880 Premium/Edition in terms of form factor and fit, but:

    - The headband on the Tesla T1 is softer in terms of cushioning and then it less prone to cause disconfort at the top of your head after hours of use.
    - Drivers are placed more forward and also angled, so there's just a tad more room for your ears.

    All in all, it provides superior comfort relative to DT880 Premium/Edition, but it's still very different in terms of form factor and fit relative to the Sennheiser HD800/S or AKG K812.
  13. Luke Thomas
    is sennheiser in the process of designing a headphone that is, so to speak an upgrade from the 800S
  14. Arniesb
    2019 will be 10 years when HD800 was released... They could be preparing something im sure.
  15. Luke Thomas
    the 800 s was the upgrade from the 800 2 yrs ago
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