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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Kneel2Galvatron

    It's closer to the 650s. They are cleaner with a punchier and more transparent sound . Little details in the music are popping out. Instruments and vocals sound a little better to me. I'm not blown away but still satisfied. It will appeal to anyone who likes the house sound but wants something with more energy. If you want neutral go with 600s. 650s are laid back up top. 660s are more dynamic. $500 is a little steep and some people may want to wait if they already own a 650. I will be keeping them.

    Anyone interested in a headphone under 1k should demo them.
  2. Kneel2Galvatron
    Absolutely worth the price difference if you don't already have a pair of 600 series head phones imo. Debatable if you already own a 650. I can see a lot of people holding onto both. The resale value is so low right now for the 650s.
  3. Schwibbles
    The 660S is still technically better than the HD600 in many ways. The sound signature is closer to that of the HD650. I prefer the HD600 signature.

    The 650 and 660S definitely have more midbass than the HD600; they're warmer sounding than the HD600 which sounds more neutral to me. All three roll off towards the sub bass though.
    I can't say about the following though; the HD600 and HD650 have a huge following. I think the 660S will be a popular upgrade from the HD650. I personally don't think it's worth twice an HD600 since I really like mine. I would wait til the price comes down a little.
  4. Pedro Oliveira
    I am thinking of waiting a bit.... than.,., i was set to get the hd650 but then the 660 was anounced. I have the hd600 and despite liking their highs and mids for metal and nodern rock there seems to be a ti g peak that messes a bit with my hearing after a while. So basically i wanted a headphone that could keep the energy and power of the hd600 mids and highs but while avoiding and adding a tiny bit fuller bass and overall fuller sound since i am also a prog and trance fan.... the h660 seems to be it.... seems to have the fjkler bass of the hd650 whire retaining and i i proving the highs and mids of the hd600.... but even still, 500 euros is a lot of money....

    What about the hd700? Being that they cost 479euros and the hd660s 499 wich is the best deal right now? Are the signatures very diffefent?

    Anyone wanna try rage against the machine or royal blood on their hd660s's by the way....? Would like to know how powerfull guitars sound on the hd660s vs the hd600.... :) being neutral at first i thought they would sound a bit to flaf on the 600 but actual l they sound pretty fun and powerfull still. This changes a bit on trance or house though where a bit fuller amd deeper bass wouldnt hurt....
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
  5. Kneel2Galvatron
    Based on that, I would recommend the 660s. I paid $450 in the usa. Look out for coupons on Sennheiser's website.
  6. Schwibbles
    I did tryout the first half of Take the Power Back on the HD660S and was very happy with how they sounded. Guitars had enough weight. Because the 660 has the added bass of the 650, guitars sound fuller on the 660 than the 600.

    If you like the HD600, I would not recommend the HD700. It's a very polarizing headphone. It has a U-shaped signature with a peak in the treble that creates tons of sibilance for lots of people (including me). The midrange is more recessed than the HD6xx series headphones as well. I'd suggest trying them before buying. Or you could buy them used for cheap and resell for little loss if you really wanted to try them. If you don't have an HD6xx series headphone already, I'd suggest just going straight to the HD660S.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
  7. Deftone
    I like the new title on the box “Sennheiser HD660S - The Legend Continues” come on guys let’s get the thread name changed to that. :grin:
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  8. drwlf
    Isn't every single new Sennheiser model a continuation of a 'legend'? :p
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  9. pietcux
    Did any of you guys, that now owns the HD660S, try the headphone in balanced mode? I do it from my DAP Sony WM1A. When comparing to the DT1990 I switch to the unbalanced standard cable, when comparing to the HD650 I use both cans from the new 4.4 mm balanced cable.
    Compared to the DT1990 unbalanced, to me the HD660S is better defined in the bass area , even a little more subbass is there at least to me. On the DT1990 trumpets are louder, which is not good, it might be troublesome for sensitive ears. The details like fingers snapping our fingers sliding on guitar strings are better audible and I like that a lot. Take "Walz for Debby" all the background noise from the people at the bar clicking glasses and talking muted are opening up more than on the DT1990. The beautiful DT1990 is a fabulous can for it's own, but I like the HD660S a lot more. Btw, after releasing outstanding design of the DT1990, I cannot belive that they released the, to me, plain ugly Amiron.
    The HD650 has to me no chance against the HD660S, Everything just sounds plain improved even when running the HD650 balanced, the HD660S has the better defined and less overpronounced bass, the better details, yes no more veil, and finally not on the cost of fatuigue ebven after hours of listening.
    A no brainer to me.
  10. Luminance
    With which pads do you use your DT1990? I think it's worth noting.
  11. Pedro Oliveira
    Now that you talk about it.... No one hás posted pics from the box.... Anyone wants to share unboxing pics? :)

    It will be a first.... There are no pics of the box online yet.... At least i havê not found any...
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
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  12. EternalChampion
    I'm interested for the "less overpronounced" bass you mentioned.

    Does it produce less "bricky" mid-bass than the HD600/650? The bad thing (to my own ears of course) with these HD6-- series headphones is the overly powerful mid-bass punch as well as the drum strikes which literally kill the visceral, chesty pleasure that I very often look for into my music...
  13. Tuneslover
    I agree unboxing pictures would be interesting. I would also like to see the balanced cable that comes with the HD660. Thanks.
  14. DoctaCosmos
    Dear Pedro, I hope after all 10,673 questions you end up buying the 660s lol. Just messin with ya Personally I think there are much better headphones for your tastes as all you’ve talked about is EDM.
    There are 2 types of people that buy hd6x0 line.
    1st are people hearing about how good they are. They buy them, like them because they’re hifi,usually keep because they’re cheap enough to and try different things or sell them to find something different.
    2nd type of people are actually people #1 that sold theirs originally and came back to them after owning various other headphones, learning more about what makes a good headphone and realize how good this line is at doing certain things in a natural way like the 600 and it’s instrument reproduction and the 650 for its cozy ness.
    Most people who leave this line to find a better EDM headphone don’t come back.
    To me, EDM or trance isn’t so much about natural timbre or soundstage. To me the best qualities are COMPLETE isolation, complete darkness of room, completely black background with tons of depth so the little details and microdynamics never manage to be anything more than a dream...never a headphone simply playing music. This isn’t the hd6x0 line imo.
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  15. chimney189
    Would the Fostex TH-X00 fit that bill?
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